Inside Rolls Royce – Documentary

Inside Rolls Royce Documentary

A privileged peek into the exclusive world of British heritage car brand Rolls-Royce. The cameras follow the team at the Goodwood factory as they manufacture their most expensive bespoke car to date.

As one of the oldest and most famous brands in the world Rolls-Royce have
been providing luxury motorcars to the uber-rich for over a century everything about the
vehicle it it just shouts out luxury it’s a shelter success well you really
have all choice to money you automatic thing always got have a few bar its
opulence because you dare to drive a car like that that’s nice to drive somewhere
and people are going to welcome you like you own the place
but to keep the world’s wealthy happy with their wheels it takes a special kind of dedication to develop an eye for
the water drops I mean this is a very precious car must be like a diamond in a
year when rolls-royce are building their most expensive car ever we meet the people willing to go to extraordinary
lengths for motoring perfection it’s not easy to be number one thing you have to
be a little bit OCD I think in total that the whole job has 446 diamonds in it almost 25 carats
everything that’s been done here will be done again everything
tucked away on the Goodwood estate in West Sussex is the current home of rolls-royce motor cars front of house
manager at rolls-royce is ensuring I presented a fitting experience for all
our custom and visitors to mould Royce I check everything from tree lengths to
grass lengths the grass at moment is looking a little thicker than it normally is but that’s because we’ve had
to wait for it to grow back after the extremely cruel summer that we’ve had this year first things people see when
they walk into reception is our one of our quotes from one of our founder Sir Henry Royce which is take the best that
exists and make it better as you can see we have our rolls-royce visitors book we
also have on VIP signing in book which is where our VIPs celebrities high-profile customers or guests will
actually sign as well to have a look at it isn’t unfortunately now it’s
obviously contains their signatures a wonderful collection booked for AF an autograph hunter but unfortunately yeah
it remains their confidential rolls-royce was founded in 1906 by
motoring enthusiasts Charles rolls and Henry Royce their aim to build the
perfect motorcar perfection basically price obsession in
every single detail if you see that the tension of detail and the immaculate
quality of every single material the whole car the wheels all the chrome works even those details here there’s so
many things I could talk about the quality of the seeds through riding comfort the reliability of the engine is
just fantastic as head of marketing mark me Laos job is to make sure the world
loves rolls-royce as much as he does first when you come to the car you touch a full solid metal door handle and then
you open it it’s just a it’s just a special occasion most of the people ask
where’s the umbrella because everyone knows there’s an umbrella hidden in every rolls-royce he in that car it’s
just in the front wing it’s very effortless providing luxury in
unexpected ways is something rolls-royce have always tried to do [Music]
well it rarely is something to get the government but gadgetry alone is not enough to keep their customers inspired
each year Rolls Royce build a one-off collection car to help invigorate their
appeal one of the things we do for examples to look into the past we did a
car last year which is quite interesting it’s a the cards called The Aviator and the aviator was inspired physically by
Charles and Charles he was a pioneer viateur then we thought what might be
the car he would drive in that century so this is where we worked together with our designers to come up with really
crazy ideas for example the wood interior was inspired by the repeal of
that of a classic aeroplane this kind even like in a jet fighter clock
this year to mark the tenth anniversary of their new factory rolls-royce are
building the most expensive car they’ve ever made [Music]
we’re now heading to maybe the most exciting most extraordinary collection
Cup we’ve ever done it’s called two celestial and it’s basically celebration and it’s inspired by the night over
Goodwood on the 1st of January 2003 when we’ve handed over the first phantom to
our first customer and this cars very specially because it carries lots of really extraordinary pieces of of
craftsmanship over the next four weeks the one-off Celestia will be built around Rolls Royces vision of the night
sky they’ve designed a paint that contains glass flakes to give greater
depth and a roof that lights up with over 500 stars but what pushes the
celestial into a whole new price range is the interior decorations what makes
up the pinnacle of luxury is that we put diamonds in the car so basically the
whole rear compartment is surrounded by little diamonds but not to show off the wealth of the potential owner of the car
it’s more like the most natural translation of a star into reality
making a diamond decorated car our reality requires highly specialized craftsmanship so rolls-royce have
employed one of the UK’s leading Goldsmith’s this is a very exclusive project I’ve never known this to be done
before in any Mexico Richard Fox’s workshop has the task of setting over 400 diamonds into the
celestial interior this is one of the
door cappings and we’re going to insert
the diamonds into there drill holes we’re using beautiful diamonds of very
high quality we’re certainly involved in the tens of thousands of pounds without doubt and
then of course you’ve got all the 18 carat white gold so this project is not
for at the man on the street shall we say
each brilliant cut diamond is fitted into an 18 karat white gold tube and positioned at exactly the same height I
don’t think people realize the amount of time that’s spent on the project such as this somewhere in the region of about
350 hours which is an extraordinary length of time
cars like the celestial are designed to encourage buyers to customize their own
car the idea of a collection car is quite important for us because this is a way how we can actually stimulate demand
it’s been inspirational for people to do their own bespoke ass to create their own interpretation of Rose Royce the
starting price for a new Rolls Royce is two hundred thousand pounds but the majority of customers spend at least
another fifty thousand pounds on bespoke extras okay so this is a ostrich skin some
samples of the crocodile skin rabbit pelts if we don’t investigate these
things or somebody asks for them at a later date then we’ll get caught out all
up film this is mahogany this is nice all of us this is bleach – Santos Paulo sander all
of this here is gonna turn them to interior parts for the car this will be the top of your doors this will be your
own push buttons it would be a telephone or it would be all the hard parts of the calendar you can touch which aren’t
covering whele to meet the customers desire for uniqueness the workshops are
under constant pressure to come up with new ideas this is a special color we
developed the pigment used in this was real gold would be horrendously expensive to do it I think probably
north of 50,000 pounds to do a car in this type of color [Music]
the average rolls-royce customer already owned seven or eight other cars yeah
entrepreneur Paul Bailey has 62 my birthday’s coming up I wanted to
treat myself to something really special and the rolls-royce ray is the top of
anyone’s birthday list sure Paul has ordered a large amount of extras to
guarantee his latest car stands out from the crowd the base price of the Wraith East
235,000 and so I’ve spent about 120 grand on options the paint here is a very
expensive option with cortex Salina red we had to name it so I named it after my wife which was a brownie point for me
the chrome wheels are expensive option we’ve obviously got this very brilliant
silver on the roof so we’ve got a great contrast and then we’ve gone with night vision Lane Departure head-up display
I’m very comfortable that if I park this against another ray I’m not gonna have somebody else thinking they’ve got a
nicer one than I’ve got [Music]
having spent six months working on the celestials diamond-studded panels Richard Fox has brought them in for
inspection one of the people in charge of quality control on this job is
woodshop manager John McWilliam my role is to make sure that the product is up
to scratch completely perfect there will be no compromise no no little
concessions [Music]
the first panel is given the all-clear the second panel is the one that will
contain the clock and will be the most visible to the customer I don’t expect
to notice anything on the part nothing should draw my attention if it draws my attention something wrong with
that imperfections have been found
that’s not good enough for our customers after intense scrutiny the panel is
rejected it was noted that so one – the
diamonds in fact effective about four or five diamonds maybe six that were either
too low or too high these adjustments just how big are they tenths of a
millimeter they’re really really minut you’re talking about probably the
thickness of a sheet of paper there is no mechanism and ear for
inferior parts gonna talk it has to be like I know that this carp can build in
England and I know it it’s a it’s all been made by hand part of our heritage
this is part of us this this is somewhat unique people all over the world love
love rose horses and I gotta be honest I want
the history this movement carries is the British you know made for the English
gentleman he was made for royalty he was made for the Queen so there’s so much
history behind this if it wasn’t for the Britishness of the vehicle the vehicle
would not be half of what it is today this one is what sells the vehicle this
most British of companies was bought ten years ago by German owned BMW but the
new custodians know that the world wants the rolls-royce brand to remain quintessentially British signing letters
and embroidering a letter to every customer we have whenever you buy a new
car you get a letter from me and the letter is done in a perfect British way
basically we are a British brand and for that reason even if I being a German
would fry two German customers I would never change my language I would never write them in my German mother tongue
that would look a little bit strange because their fortress was and the F border truly British car and that’s
exactly the reason why they love the car so they get a proper English letter from
me saying dear mr. Schmidt
of the three and a half thousand rolls-royce made in Britain each year
90% are sold abroad the biggest buyers
are China and the US closely followed by the Middle East apple obesity is very
rich there are more motorsport here in Abu Dhabi than any other city in the
world all the Emiratis here today they like the cops some of the people they
like the cars more than like their wives
khadeem al heli is the bespoke manager of Rolls Royces Abu Dhabi dealership
this is the biggest rolls-royce dealership in the world I show you
something very interesting this is part of my target to to fill my office with
trophies 2012 global dealer of the year
best bespoke performance salesperson 2009 also best in the world in 2010 we
achieving after sells also number one in the world best bespoke dealer worldwide
global dealer in sales volume best performing sales and regional dealership
a team’s success lies in tapping into the middle-eastern imagination creating
themes his customers can’t resist elf lela lela Kasatka delayed 1001 night
story of each night a story it is the big issue customer buying their story
khadeem latest thing is based on the country’s pearl diving past I am working
on project called Goss Hawass means diver a lot of families mister survived
from diving before Abu Dhabi became oil rich men would risk their lives diving
for pearls on the seabed I like this concept because this is appreciation for
the grandfathers and what they did in their past
having received the green light the pearl diver concept has gone into production at the Goodwood Factory
they’ve used turquoise colouring to represent the Arabian Sea
and decorated the interior with seashell leather and mother-of-pearl
[Music] khadeem came up with the idea nine months ago and as just one more week
until the cars will be shipped out to the Middle East it’s like the mother who
was waiting for the delivery to see how her little a new baby it’s a it is the
same what’s with the you know sometimes
I sometimes I talk more than 40 minutes discuss with customer on the phone you
know to put this on my head for 40 minutes I will I cannot sleep at night if I spend hours talking on the
telephone so I use this to reduce the stress on my head I talk to this
another bespoke car in production is the one-off celestial Rolls Royces most expensive collection car ever
based on the standard phantom model rolls-royce want the celestial to evoke
a sense of the night sky 576 tiny fiber
optics will be woven into the roof interior creating unique star lights
headliner as he is sitting in the car you will see a replica of the night sky
over Goodwood on the 1st of January 2003 when our first customer got their first
car so we got our data from the South Downs observatory so we knew that the information that we were going to be
working with was accurate so if Patrick Moore was sitting in the back of the car then obviously he would
know what he was looking at but you can believe us when we say diff we’ve picked we’ve put all the stars in the right
places so a lot of painstaking hours [Music]
another of the celestials starry features has also been mounting up the man-hours I think that needs to be
lifted just very very slightly doesn’t it it’s just a tad tad too low in
comparison to the others over 400 diamonds have been handset into four of
the car’s interior panels one of the panels has been rejected by Rolls Royces quality control team and Goldsmith
Richard Fox has been ironing out the minut imperfections maybe about six or
seven stones that either needed recalibrating up or recalibrating down
which we’ve just been doing over the past day or so no doubt I’ll be grilled again by eight or ten of the the
specialist staff there but I’m pretty confident that we’ve done very well with this part
though hopeful rolls-royce will have little to complain about a last-minute inspection of the workshop as caused
richard concern we noticed a very very small crack in the from one of the holes
leading out into the lacquer but it’s of nobody’s particular fault there was a minut crack game between the
stone and this one here which you can’t really see with the human eye it’s not
acceptable it’s clearly visible to us I don’t know the camera can see it it’s very very faint but it’s quite severe
does this mean it means this part in this condition
there’s no good it means weakness again
everything that’s been done here will be done again so we will have to remove all
the Shania’s with the diamonds in them and then we’ll have to recalibrate them
back into the new component [Applause]
that was really quite deflating there’s nothing worse than something happens
it’s out of your control the crack is very very small but nevertheless that’s
just not good enough rolls-royce and so back to the drawing board heavily
bespoke cars like the celestial help rolls-royce showcased the extravagant options available to customers
one such extra is the rolls-royce picnic hamper what does this exactly for
materials you have the upholstery level from the car on the inside which has got this inaccurate sort of reflection as I
say the inky quality and then you’ve got the more robust hard-wearing saddle leather on the exterior keeping with a
night sky theme the hampers plates are decorated with constellations hand-painted in platinum variation the
picnic hamper the base price I’ll have to run about 20,000 pounds most of the
people just want to have it as an accessory which come for the car you can use it from a functionality and from the
quality it’s definitely something you can do but it’s more to complete the raw scores last time so do you think some
people weren’t actually ever use it yeah that’s very likely
at the Abu Dhabi dealership – bespoke rolls-royce have arrived from England
and are about to meet their maker [Music]
have you seen the girls yeah and Irasema grams are you looking cool to it yes I
was thinking all night how the car looks [Music]
after nine months of waiting rolls-royce dealer Kadeem can finally see his pearl
diver themed cars in the flesh
[Music] but seeing why they tell baby

super it’s just perfect
I cannot describe it it’s just perfect it’s beyond my expectation will you be
sorry to see them go you know I will be very happy to see them on the road do
you think they’ll be hard to sell no they will fly these cars are money in
the bank
you have to be a perfectionist you have to be somebody who adores luxury so if
you have the money and you have the dream and you want to buy it and you want to reward yourself then there’s
nothing better than a Rolls Royce
I’m a car lover so each car has its own mood if I’m in the mood of driving fast
I would drive the Ferrari if I’m in the mood of enjoying my time listen to good music sing resource myself spend some
times with myself I would take the rules everyone will stop the turn and
everybody wants to say who’s in it everybody thinks is gonna be silent care or somebody raela is a very nice gesture
and their old voice unfortunately we don’t use it over here it doesn’t rain
much it’s always sunny most of the for
much of their 110 year history rolls-royce have been associated with a regal and privileged customer but the
future lies in new money [Music]
hoping to attract a younger market rolls-royce are launching a new sporty-er model called the wraith the
dangerous if you do not adapt to a changing world and it could be seen as outdated old fashioned this is where
we’re riding in your chapter it gives the whole brand new face Wraith the surface it’s nice
British with working being a more detailed description of ghosts darker
ghosts more menacing
to help spread the word of the new menacing Wraith rolls-royce of chosen Vienna for the international press
launch journalists are being flown in from around the world to be given a 24-hour
taste of the rolls-royce lifestyle Vienna’s premier venue the Palais Coburn
has been hired for two weeks exclusively for rolls-royce guests
behind me normally it’s the reception there and it’s the first time in history as we’ve we’ve we be rebuilt this is
good this reception desk it’s gone and Rolls Royce build a new rose walls world
over there and some lounge is and over there we have the Wraith bar with a
beautiful picture of the sign of the raid normally we’re playing a bit traditional music never played deep
house deep deep house it’s it’s it’s a kind of chill music it’s it’s not to
have a it’s really very relaxed it’s really nice you know you start shaking
sparing no expense rolls-royce have shipped in 20 of their new race hoping
to give the best possible impression great care is taken even with the parking
we like to get them so that they’re in a perfect line so if you look down the center line of the car or look down the
bill mirrors you look down alongside then they look as one thing you have to
be a little bit OCD
I think that looks pretty good the journalists will follow a carefully
planned Alpine route in the mountains outside of Vienna if you’d like to start
it up if you just put your foot on the brake and press the stop start button we’ve got a really really nice mix of
people here it’s probably goes a little bit beyond the normal car launch nineteen ninety five so uh good fun
indeed I’m here to cover from a female perspective the car that woman can’t drive Rolls Royce it’s not a man only
rolls-royce’s most expensive collection car ever the celestial is nearing the end of the
assembly line for over eight months
Goldsmith Richard Fox has been working on the diamond studded interiors
emotionally I think it’s been quite a long task and I think we’ve we’ve had to
bite the lip several times but it’s it’s a very very difficult area to work in it
so it’s something that’s not being done before this particular panel has already
been rejected twice I think Richards
nervous anything will not happy with suffice imperfection you name it it goes
back was that again morning morning that’s about to cost you
over that
I think that’s foot that’s Diggle looks
good I’m very relieved hey no no it’s
every you’ve learned a lot we are so just a huge amount yeah excellent thank
you well I think extremely relieved and
we’ve got through John so what more can I say look forward to seeing it in the car
in Vienna journalists are returning from their test-drive in the new race today
sir good taste motoring you love a cop yeah wonderful one rolls-royce is a carefully selected location and Alpine
route seemed to be paying off private just perfect engine very silent very
powerful great day I’m so glad I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself the fashion
glam car it’s a statement car that every woman would dream to to drive
keen to give the journalists the complete customer experience rolls-royce are treating their guests to a lavish
dinner prepared by the hotel’s two-star Michelin chef we cooking
tonight at five courses in the first and salmon and duck liver lobster venison
banana barbecue veggie for dinner will be served in the hotel votes which have
been transformed into a moonlit woodland sea [Music]
when it comes down from the from the lobby area you’re not expecting something like this it is like s you are
in a theater as you in a in a movie and here really in the middle of it the mas
here and the trees they were shipped over from England over a fortnight Rolls
Royce will treat 250 journalists to the customer experience then wait for the
reviews to follow coming here and
drinking lovely champagne and being in a beautiful place is not going to get us good reviews of course it’s it’s very
nice for us to be able to entertain our journalists in a beautiful setting but you can’t throw champagne and the
journalists next in exchange for good reviews you know these are guys that are very serious about what they do and if that cars not right they’re not going to
write good pieces in four days time the
diamond decorated celestial will be flown to the Middle East where it will be unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show
so so the interior head of marketing mark Millau is about to get his first
glance at the finished car what we do with every car which goes on a Motor Show is that we just checked the prep
the preparation of the car isn’t well done other features are correct you no need to see that this is you know our
business card what we shall understand is what the people perceive when they see Rose Royce inside the car so the
button just in there so you see the stars come to life you are in all your
if in the middle of the orbit you know you’re out of space here you you’ve
achieved a very target notes to just wait to show the world what we’ve they
are concept first introduced it’s just it’s just amazing
this car definitely goes probability and I promise you even an how to buy and you
will see and experience lots of people who get the goosebumps if they have the chance to enter this car
hundreds of thousands will be drawn to Earls Court to see the whole range of 1961 models from the rolls-royce phantom
5 going for about ten thousand seven hundred whose competition among luxury car makers has always been fierce and
rolls-royce do their best to keep heads turning at every Motor Show [Music]
the United Arab Emirates as one of the fastest-growing luxury car markets in
the world so rolls-royce have flown their diamond decorated celestial four-and-a-half
thousand miles to be their centerpiece at the Dubai Motor Show I remember a
celeste when he was just the first sketches and I’ll basically painted on the napkin it’s the final chapter for
story the CEO will be presenting the car to the world’s media in the morning and
the stage management has to be floors where’s he coming from wait you know to
him you’ll answer him he could no my mind my only my only worry is it’ll
weigh it in a ways to quite a long way you just want to make sure that he’s worked from his sort of first starting
position it’s not too long we don’t want it to seem sort of awkward didn’t we don’t want to awkward silences he walks
over so we’ll continue to rehearse and just just find the best place for him to
start and sort of finish from okay so that’s obviously too long doesn’t work so what we could do what we could do
fine tuning at this stage it’s a bit like a theater group or something it’s you notes it’s the last fine tuning
before opening night so the dress rehearsal so to speak I think it’s important not to to be very hard to use
this as an opportunity to launch the diamonds essentially and I think if you
have like proper light on it if you get some sparkle here so as soon as he’s on the door and then it comes alive just
making some magic while trying to
outshine the competition of the Motor Show rolls-royce are also given the new wraith model a special middle-eastern
launch they’ve organized an exclusive test drive on Abu Dhabi’s Formula One
race track this is the ultimate place to show off the race and this is the
perfect market for the Yamaha award-winning dealer khadeem has
carefully selected clients he knows will be tempted by the new sporty model we
want to see if people who already has got a rose Oasis not just have other
cars that they already know maybe they have one two three four surgeries as you know we’re doing normal Road speech
today so keep any of the stability systems on this is not just for your safety it’s also for our insurance I’m
expecting to sell the race today
and the car is too
[Music] the high earners targeted for the event
include members of Abu Dhabi’s social elite Alma TV presents it and B TV
zombies today I love that camera I
really want to try and go for it like to
buy it definitely receive whenever
you’re ready whenever you’re ready shall we go signal
we want to share the pleasure we want him to enjoy the lifestyle we want him
to become customer forever [Music]
of course after driving is I really wanna go on one morning before the
payoff for Rolls Royce is not only to sell the race and also to get it going viral
they make picture means they like the car they are going to go back home and
show the images to the families and he will become our marketing seller what
would you do with all the pictures I’ve gotten Instagram I told them that I want
the car immediately as soon as possible I’m in love I think hustle say our
allocation will be the response to the test-drive has been so good khadeem can’t keep up with delays she
won the race but I cannot supply we’re short of supply promised me you should
promise me now honey we’ll get him
sit down
with just a few minutes until the Dubai Motor Show opens mark is trying to get the cleaners up to his high standard of
inspection so there we go here then
always check again I know you don’t do now justice I mean this is a very precious power must be like a diamond
you need to develop life or the water drops car enthusiasts journalists and
even Dubai royalty gather for a glimpse of the latest creations from the motoring world first kind of a crescendo
now you know it all comes together Costas giving a speech there’s also a little bit surprised in that speech
there’s yeah I think a nice message you know to the people here attending the
press conference today there are rumors that the celestial may have a buyer I
say is Thurston Muller at wish [Music]
[Applause] good afternoon ladies and gentlemen here
at my side is one of the finest examples of bespoke design we have ever created
it’s the celestial Bentham hundreds of
individual embedded diamonds hand embedded into the wood pieces this is
the most expensive piece for grouse royce ever created in history ladies and
gentlemen I can also confirm I was contacted by one of our very best customers from another part of the world
he immediately asked to buy it the new owner also generously allowed us to keep
it and to display it to members of the media here today in Dubai
the celestial has been sold to a mystery buyer but rolls-royce’s strict code of
client confidentiality means they are giving little away do you know what country it’s going to it’s going to Asia
that’s Asian continent no but ask
roughly what the final price [Music] sorry but we are talking prices with
Ross Ross do you think it was over a million pounds this something you need to ask someone
else probably over a million pounds I mean you can guess as long as you want
you my lips are closed I can tell you
really unique of its kind actually maybe diamonds more for ladies
prepare what cars don’t my car I have
Swarovski crystals and my initials on the back of the car and inside as well
but the eye here is like we all die
[Music] there’s a long way to get to work
not probably less than half a mile you live half a mile for work but you still
take the car yeah I’ve got to keep letting to work otherwise there’s would be out of a job you know the good thing about the Rolls
Royce is that nobody will ever borrow it from you because it is something that is
really personal they know that it’s your car my relationship with this car is that I
don’t drive it too much because I want to feel special when I’m driving it so I take it only out in a special moment and
you really got it because really earned it the lottery was two lucky dips it’s
strange because some I’m in the forty five point five million on one line and I think it was six pounds 75 on the
second line it makes me fall I don’t know a part of something there I would
never have been a part of if it wasn’t for the fact I’m sat in a walls voice and I’m driving my walls voice and with
another look behind the scenes of luxury brands on Sunday night the million pound necklace inside boodles at eight o’clock
and if you want to be able to afford this stuff you might just learn something from how to be a billionaire
it’s on 4od right now it’s as sound as one of those new 12-sided pounds that’s
right topical continuity box tix ar-10 casters gown down next

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