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What happened with me and Apple | Jon Rettinger –  1.6M subscribers

I’ve been reviewing tech on YouTube for over a decade now, and a lot has happened since those early days on YouTube. Today I’m sharing the story that few know – here’s the story of why I no longer attend Apple keynotes or get access to review devices.

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toothpaste it’s been four years i think
it’s probably time to tell the story i
don’t know how much damage i can do at
this point are you sure
not really this makes me really more
nervous to like actually share
the story um
but i think it’s i think we would handle
it like
we’ll see what happens oh
secret police heard us
they say the phones aren’t listening
i’ll put on speakers you can hear oh hey
hey good morning
hi uh so
uh your ears must have been ringing um
it’s been four years i think i like to
tell the story about
why i got blacklisted you guys are
okay with that now right
it’s something we
wouldn’t advise
i mean four years is a long time i think
i think i’m going to do it
oh you break breaking break you’re
breaking up
let’s do it
perfect so the story that i want to
share uh
is how i got blacklisted from
apple pr
uh this happened back in 2018. so it’s
been about four years since all this
went down i’ve insinuated and i’ve
shared it privately uh even told a story
on a podcast or two but i’ve never
sat down
and actually said
what happened why it happened and how it
actually turned out
in the long run to be a good thing
although it took four years for me to
that it was a good thing so just for
context this is me i just go to apple
dance i was sitting second row
behind al gore next to
uh lorraine jobs i had the opportunity
to see all these amazing products be
announced and it was
awesome and it helped shape the early
of my career i was never one that got
early apple review units it just i was
able to go to events but i wasn’t i
guess on the list or however they
structured that uh for getting reviewed
early i was always rushing and
struggling to get the phones on launch
day to share that in the early days
there was always sort of me and mark
watson trying to figure out who can get
the phones first and he always beat me
by two hours because the dude was in st
louis in two hours ahead of me and those
are some of my
best moments um but in
apple completely stopped talking to me
stopped replying to any emails and i
thought it was a better part of valor to
kind of bury it but now
it makes a really good story
so i don’t think much of a secret to say
that apple pr is
they’re very cautious first of all who
they work with they’re very cautious the
message that people share uh who they
work with they’re very cautious of the
products everything i think most people
uh know that so
let’s go back to the iphone 10s
and 10r
announcements so
again 2018 september-ish
apple is announcing the iphone tennis
and like most modern years most people
knew it was going to come from the phone
there were dummy units that had come out
had the opportunity to get those dumb
units beforehand it was actually the
first time i’d ever had
dummy phones before so we pre-filmed
some stuff and in the thumbnails and in
the video i was holding
the dummy units out
uh and
video went up we got those videos up
nuts fast i mean i think we got those
videos up even before apple put their
keynote up it was awesome our whole
systems worked perfectly so next day i
get a phone call uh from cupertino and
it is a representative from apple pr
uh advising me strongly to take the
so obviously i asked why
they said it looks you’re making it look
like you have the phones and you’re
making it look like apple gave you those
devices beforehand and that’s not the
you need to take that video down
if you want to have a relationship with
moving forward
and i guess in a way like holding him in
a thumbnail did kind of look like we had
the phones but the video was just
talking about the announcement it wasn’t
like i have a phone let me show you um
but it was the first time i had seen
come in strong and try to dictate the
of my content so since i’m on the topic
of talking about issues
i have with apple it’s a nice segue for
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now we’ll see oftentimes with sponsors
try to ask we could change how things
are worded or how things look can you
expect that because it’s sponsored but
this was my video on my channel with
apple not being involved officially uh
at all
um and it quite frankly caught me off
and i made a decision that i i now
regret um but trying to see what i
thought was a big picture and again this
is back
in technobuffalo days when i had the
website and apple was really important
of what we were doing so i acquiesced i
i took the video down and i believe it’s
one of the few videos that i’ve ever
taken down
i regret it now but i did it uh i
emailed apple
you know set up we can save the
relationship but you know it’s it’s been
taken down per your request
and i didn’t hear anything um after that
at all when that one was announced the
10r uh was also announced and i had that
phone i was testing it i was reviewing
and this is part of the story that you
guys probably don’t know but if you go
back and watch that 10 hour review if
you can see it in my eyes and my face
but that was one of the hardest times
for me i’d ever had
was having just a ton of issues i was
the most stressed i have ever been in my
professional career and i remember
having to go in and film that 10 hour
review and i remember that feeling of
just feeling
really really bad um
but what was also really bad was my
with the 10r so when it came out i
bought one and it just it wasn’t working
well i had a ton of crashes uh i had
boot loop issues it just it wasn’t the
usual experience that i expected uh from
an iphone um so i went and bought
another 10r i thought maybe it was just
the phone that i had so to see if they
could be duplicated and it was better
but i was still
having issues so i actually emailed
apple i tried to be a good sport let
them know hey
i’m having issues
with these two 10r’s that i bought uh i
want to let you know they got back to me
and thank you for letting us know can we
track your phone they got to give them
my imei or icc id some way they’re able
to come in and sort of see the
error logs in the phone they say can you
give us
you know some time to try to
troubleshoot i said sure but i have to
get a wrap get a review up you know
again techno buffalo days we got to get
a written review we had to get the video
review up and live so i did that and i
waited about five days to hear anything
back i followed up didn’t hear anything
back followed up for i believe about
three days straight didn’t anything back
eventually i had to get the video up and
again these are phones that i bought
they didn’t send me uh these devices so
i shared my opinions on the 10r
and they were not
video goes up
say about 12 o’clock video goes up
maybe around 2 o’clock phone rings
cupertino uh area code um i answer it
same apple rep and again i’ve been doing
this for a long time and still in my now
like 15 years of doing youtube videos
i’ve never been spoken to like i was
spoken to on the phone i was scolded
like a child
how dare you not give us a chance to
resolve these issues how dare you
put up a video you didn’t give us a
chance to fix these problems you didn’t
i miss a whole litany of uh
don’t say accusations but i was being
schooled like i talked to my children um
i was like
flabbergasted take the video down um
obviously i chose not to take the video
down despite me not being very proud of
that video because of how i felt at the
time what i said about the phone
was very true and it was
my experience
uh with the iphone 10r
so we had the interaction with apple i
emailed the reps and the pr people that
i knew there
so listen
sorry we had a disagreement hope we
continue to work together
uh never heard anything back
never heard anything ever again uh from
apple uh never had invitations uh i’ve
had devices beforehand um but at that
moment that i was apparently blacklisted
from apple and if this sounds like i’m
salty i’m not invited to events anymore
i’m honestly not our videos have
actually been more successful
not being at events being able to get
our videos up quicker and being able to
do hands-on with our own phones not
having to be constrained
by what apple pr wants us to say or
needs to say or worried about saving
relationship that’s not what the story
is about it was more of just sharing
just crazy experience of working
with apple and apple trying to dictate
the contents of the video
now i have worked with
mostly every major tech brand in the
past 15 years and i have never
experienced that level of
oversight from apr departments
before uh and usually if we’ve had
issues sometimes they don’t agree with
the review and that’s fine usually we
can talk we can iron things out and
ultimately sound your relationship uh
but to have a company essentially say it
is our way
or no way with something that was a
really new experience and i heard
stories from colleagues about how
apple’s pr can be
tough and hard to work with and
you have to kind of walk the line of
wanting to share your genuine thoughts
but also not pissing them off and it was
really that interaction that um
made me realize how strong
that was and this has sort of been a
story maybe i should write a book one
day about all the crazy stuff that’s
happened over my you know decade and a
half of doing this uh
but the apple pr side is something i get
all the time like why aren’t you out of
benz why don’t you have devices at
launch and
now i can just reference this video and
be like that’s the reason they don’t
want to talk to me anymore again it’s
ultimately worked out better um
for for the channel for the business and
for me um to have sort of full freedom
over what i say and when i say it but
it’s a story that i wanted to share
and no other point than just to to share
the story it’s not to bash apple i still
obviously use and wear apple products i
like apple as a company i think they’re
pushing the tech envelope very very far
forward i think as apple goes the rest
of tech industry tends to follow and
have a successful apple you know
successful you know whole industry so i
don’t harbor any ill feelings towards
apple whatsoever it was just this story
and now four years later i can kind of
laugh about it i just thought it was
time to
to share it i got a lot of stories from
the years that are making me uh remember
and smile and sometimes cringe and
i just wanted to share them with you
guys because i do get this question
quite a bit especially when it comes to
new iphone launches so
that’s my story about how i got
blacklisted from
apple pr maybe it’s not as salacious as
some people had expected but it was
a very interesting story a fun aside to
that story so ultimately after that 10
hour review was when i decided to to
sell technobuffalo
and then i went to claremont and i
filmed this video with john morrison uh
talking about his experience at the
tanner because i thought maybe somebody
else had a different experience
his was very positive so i thought maybe
it was just my devices
but it was sort of at that moment when i
started realizing that i had to make a
change that i had to sort of focus on
video refocus on video and sort of
refocus on doing the things that i love
and that was ultimately
making content i started filming
actually uh with him uh and austin up in
claremont that totally changed kind of
my life and career it’s just a fun chain
of events and how things happened if it
wasn’t for apple probably wouldn’t have
gone up there probably wouldn’t have
shot up there i probably wouldn’t be in
this studio where we’re at right now i’m
kind of wondering how life would have
shaken out so if there’s a moral
even at really bad times you do not have
a crystal ball to see what’s going to
happen in the future so
anyway that’s my story that’s happened
with apple i’m sure there’s going to be
a bunch of
crazy comments uh down below uh about
this but just wanted to share it and
give you a little glimpse of what goes
on behind the scenes


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