Gravitas: Shinzo Abe’s killer claims cult link behind murder

Gravitas: Shinzo Abe’s killer claims cult link behind murder
The mystery around Shinzo Abe’s assassination is getting more intense. His killer #TetsuyaYamagami says Abe’s links to a religious cult motivated his actions. Which cult is he talking about? How was Abe linked to it? Palki Sharma reports.

Our next story is from japan three days
since shinzo abe’s assassination his
party has achieved a landslide victory
it has secured 76 seats in japan’s upper
house the victory is impressive but it’s
been overshadowed by abe’s assassination
now certain revelations have been made
by his killer
his name is tetsuya yamagami a 41 year
old former navy man he claims his
actions were not politically motivated
but were driven by personal reasons he
says he killed abi because of his secret
links to a religious cult that made his
mother go bankrupt which cult is he
talking about what is this story here’s
a report
this is tetsuwa yamagami
the killer of shinzo abbey
on the 8th of july this 41 year old
former navy man murdered japan’s former
he then attempted to flee the scene but
was detained by security officials
three days on he is still being twisted
on what motivated him
so far yamagami has denied any political
motives he says he did not hold a grudge
towards abe neither did he disagree with
his style of politics
why then did he kill him
apparently because of abe’s links to a
religious cult
this is a religious movement from south
korea it was founded in 1954 by son mung
moon a preacher
who claimed to be a messiah
this church has branches globally they
serve an array of purposes but in japan
it was famous for providing a voter base
to the country’s conservative ruling
party that is shinzo abe’s liberal
democratic party
so what does this have to do with arby’s
killer yamagami says this cult ruined
his mother’s life he says his mother was
a member of the unification church and
apparently made huge donations to the
group the donations reportedly made her
go bankrupt this disintegrated the
killer’s family and led him to kill
shinzo abe
this version is yet to be verified but
the church’s japan head has confirmed
that the killer’s mother was indeed one
of their followers
at the same time the church refused to
comment on her donations
his mother is a member of our church and
has been attending church events about
once a month
regarding tetsuya yamagami’s motivation
for his crime and the reported issue of
donations by his mother we will refrain
from commenting on this due to the
ongoing police investigation
was shinzo abe linked to this church
his party officials say he wasn’t
japanese media reports claim otherwise
they say abi often appeared at the
church’s events the last appearance was
on the 12th of september 2021
the church also had ties with abi’s
japan’s former prime minister shintaro
he apparently depended on the church for
his election campaigns
that’s not all the church was linked to
abi’s grandfather to japan’s former
prime minister nobusuke kishi
reports say the church’s first
headquarters in japan was set up on land
owned by kishi
shinzo abe inherited these dyes from his
that said none of this justifies aby’s
he was a pre-eminent statesman deeply
dedicated to his country
did his personal association to a
religious group lead to his killing
the investigation is still on bureau
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