I Built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

I Built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

– I’ve recreated Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
in real life.
And one of these 10 people is gonna walk away
with this chocolate factory.
(all cheering)
– [Jimmy] In we go.
(all oohing and awing)
– [Chris] Wow.
– [Chandler] Yo.
– Welcome to my wonderful creation.
– Oh my gosh, it is Candy Land in here.
Look at the river!
– It’s a chocolate door.
(chomping sound)
Oh he’s taking a bite out of our door.
– That’s good.
– [Jimmy] These 10 contestants are all here
because they found a golden ticket
when they bought one of our Feastable Bars.
For our first challenge, we’re gonna play hide and seek.
You have a thousand seconds go hide.
(all talking)
– One, two, three, four.
– [Contestant] Oh okay, we gotta go hide.
Let’s go. Let’s go!
– Oh, look at this Coca-Cola handle, oh my gosh.
– Oh, yo dude.
It’s a marshmallow area, what the heck is this?
(all counting)
– 201, 202, 5
– What about these?
I don’t know if I can fit in here, see ya!
(lid clangs)
– Hey, the factory’s awesome.
– This doesn’t feel real at all, feels like I’m dreaming.
– Yo, what in the, what even is this area?
(dramatic music)
– Thousand, let’s go!
If I were to hide anywhere in
Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory,
I’d probably hide in the chocolate river.
I don’t feel like checking it, so if they did they win.
It’s one of our side rooms in the chocolate factory.
– [Chandler] Cake.
– [Jimmy] No, no.
– [Chandler] I can’t have any?
– Obviously you can’t have a chocolate factory
without offices to manage it.
No one in here.
Let’s go this way.
– [Logan] Mm. Surely, nobody’s hiding in here.
– [Chris] I don’t see anybody.
– [Logan] Nobody’s in here either.
– And this is the Wollamhsram Room.
– [Tareq] What are you saying right now?
– That’s marshmallow backwards.
– [Tareq] Oh, okay.
– Yeah, duh.
– Jimmy, oh, we were just calling you Jimmy.
We found this really awesome hiding spot.
– Oh no.
– Oh no.
– [Jimmy] And it’s the guy dressed up cool.
– [Chris] It’s the cowboy.
– No.
– All right, this way, watch out for the giant candy cane.
You’ve seen the movie before, right?
– I have.
– All right then you know you must get in the boat,
– In the boat.
– Don’t ask me how but we put a chocolate river
with a chocolate waterfall in the middle of this warehouse.
(all saying bye)
(gun Shots)
– [Contestant] Bye Jimmy
– Part, the waterfall.
– I thought this was gonna stop, oh no.
(both yelling)
– The waterfall was supposed to part,
but I guess that messed up.
Our next challenge is on the side of the Chocolate Factory.
I call it the Candy Wall of Death.
Sounds a lot scarier than it is.
Yes welcome!
– My gosh – – Oh what the?
– So tall.
– Welcome to the rock wall.
(gong crashes)
– I gave Chris a gong.
The last person up the candy wall is eliminated.
Contestants, are you ready?
(all shouting)
– Go!
– [Chris] Go, go, go, go.
– Okay.
Oh we already have someone fall.
Oh bro, that guy is getting up there quick.
– Woo.
Are you all right, sir?
– Appreciate it.
– Let’s go get up there.
– How does he know how to climb candy?
– Ah! – – What’d you say?
– Ah! – – Okay!
– For the Chocolate Factory!
– [Chris] This ain’t no normal prize,
this is a whole factory.
(gong crashes)
– Ring the button, ring the button.
(bell rings)
– [Chris] Okay.
– [Contestant] Yes sir!
– [Female Contestant] Oh, I cannot.
– Remember, our chocolate factory is on the line.
Actually the chocolate factory you’re climbing.
You gotta press the red button.
[bells ringing]
– Step on it. Step on something else with your leg.
– Don’t let a Reese’s Pieces cost you a chocolate factory.
– [Contestant] I can’t.
[all shouting]
– [Jimmy] You can keep going.
– (all shouting)
– These two were unable to make it to the top.
So the only logical thing to do is rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
– Oh I got it.
– Well, congratulations.
Let’s head over to the chocolate river.
Here’s an umbrella in case the waterfall malfunctions again.
– [Everyone] Bye!
– [Chris] Who would’ve thought a river made of chocolate
is not very practical?
– And now that she’s gone, pair up into groups of two.
Is everyone happy with their partners?
– [Everyone] Yeah.
– All right, Next challenge.
And now we have the two greatest eaters in the world.
Get out the way.
– [Chris] Excuse me.
– Matt Stonie and Joey Chestnut.
(all cheering)
And they’re gonna demonstrate the next challenge.
Bring out the chocolate, not this chocolate.
This is our chocolate bars that you can order online.
And we have two brand new Feastables bars:
milk chocolate and sea salt.
Can you show us how to speed eat this?
– Absolutely.
– Yeah.
– Hey, all you guys should take notes.
(crunching sounds)
– [Chris] That’s insane.
(slurping sounds)
– I feel like I’m gonna throw up just watching them.
(uptempo music)
– I think you all get the gist,
last team to eat the chocolate bars, obviously eliminated.
Begin the contest.
– [Contestant] Go for it.
– The challenge has officially started.
Two people will lose.
– You guys literally saw what you have to do.
Shove it in your mouth and then shove water in your mouth.
– Chew and swallow, chew and swallow.
Water’s your best friend. Keep it going.
– Keep it going in your mouth.
– I think they’ve made the most progress so far.
– I’m lactose intolerant.
(squeaky laughter)
– That’s dark chocolate, not milk chocolate.
So you’re good.
– I’m good. – Yeah!
– [Logan] There’s a chocolate factory on the line.
– I’ve been trying really hard to lose weight.
This is like counterproductive.
– It’s getting hot.
– You doing okay? – Mm-hm
– Bro, you’re sweating, can someone gimme a napkin?
(dramatic music)

– They are officially our first winners.
– Yeah – – Yeah we did it!
– You technically haven’t won until you swallow that.
(swallowing hard)
– We got our first winners over there.
– It doesn’t matter who wins.
It just matters who loses.
– Come on you got this
– That team was in last place.
Now they’re gonna come back and beat you guys.
– You got plenty of time.
Just focus on getting it down, mouth open.
Hey, we got it!
– Yes!
– Those two guys are getting close.
It’s kind of now or never for you guys.
– They are about ready to finish.
You guys have to go fast right now.
– Slam it back
– Right now!
– Chris, are they are they
– They’re chewing, they’re chewing their last piece.
– Swallow it, swallow it and you can win.
– First one to clear, we gotta see open mouth, open mouth.
– All right, his mouth’s empty, its down to him.
– Get it out, get it out.
Yeah. Got it.
– His mouth’s empty, so done.
– Oh yeah!
– So close!
– The chocolate’s amazing.
But at a portion, oh my God.
– To the chocolate river.
– What’s it like being in the chocolate river
after eating a pound of chocolate?
– I don’t know.
– Make sure you watch the end of the video because I have a
special surprise guest that will blow your mind.
And now the final six contestants are outside.
And can you guys take your blindfolds off
and look to the right?
This is the one’s largest bottle of Coke.
Chandler, can you hold my cane?
– Yes.
(claps hands)
– [Jimmy] And there we go, editing is cool.
– How’d I get up here?
– If you land the world’s largest Mento
in the world’s largest bottle of Coke, you win.
Don’t forget this building,
everything you know is on the line.
– This is half a million dollars.
– Well, I mean, if not more.
– Uh. – – Oh
– In, in the bottle.
– Yes. In the bottle.
– No, no, no, no, in!
– Let’s see how many times we can get Chandler to say that.
Don’t forget if you make this that could determine
whether or not you want a chocolate factory.
– First try.
– I think that was the worst one yet.
– And while they’re throwing these,
I need to tell you guys about Honey.
– Come on wise guy.
– Uh
– You didn’t even hit the bottle.
– I know all of you have tried our chocolate bars,
but how many of you have used Honey?
– I have – – I’ve actually love it.
– Oh really, all six of you?
– [Contestant] Oh yeah.
– Good, Honey is a free browser add on that
you can install on basically all your devices
and what it does is, oh my gosh,
you’re getting really close.
I need to hurry up.
When you check out online,
it automatically scans the internet for coupon codes
and applies them for you, and if you’ll look down there,
you’ll see a TV that I bought,
which Honey save me $447 on.
If you miss this shot, I’ll let you keep that $3,000 TV.
– You’ll let me keep it?
– Yeah.
– [Logan] Oh.
– All right, that’s all yours.
Thank you Honey.
And Honey will not only help you save money on TVs,
but your favorite websites.
When you buy shoes, electronics, even chocolate bars.
Honey can be there to save you money.
It’s free and easy to install.
Just go to joinhoney.com/mrbeast
or click the link in description
and start saving money right now.
[Dramatic Music]
– [Everyone] Oh!
– In and out!
– [Chandler] This is it, this is the one.
– [Everyone] Yeah!
– Let’s go!
(all cheering)
– It flew so high.
– Whoever wins the Chocolate Factory,
you might have a, a little stain on the side.
Since he was the one that made the shot,
he gets to pick who’s eliminated,
look at these five people right here.
– Oh, this is hard.
– I mean, it could be you if you want.
– No, I think I’ll pass on that,
(all laughing)
Eric, I’m sorry.
(crowd groans)
– I don’t know I’m, please forgive me man.
– Well, you know what that means, chocolate river.
This is a smaller version of the Mentos you were throwing.
And if you look right here, here is a solid gold Mentos.
Here you go, you can sell it when you leave the factory.
– You better win this now.
– I’m sorry, man, I’m sorry.
– If you’re wondering where that goes.
I don’t even know, next challenge.
Now we’re in a room covered with marshmallows.
Dive on the floor.
(Logan grunts)
Did that hurt?
– No, not at all.
– And in front of each of the contest,
I don’t trust you with the flamethrower.
Can you stand just a little more that way.
And in front of each contestants,
it’s a little peppermint carousel, can you all stand on it?
The challenge has officially begun.
Whoever falls off first loses.
– Do you feel bad about what you did?
– I feel awful.
– All right, just step off it.
– No, I won’t do it.
– You can do it
– No.
– Don’t push.
– Currently they’re not spinning.
So let’s move this here.
Now they’re spinning just a little bit, how is it everybody?
– Pretty fine
– Pretty good?
– Good so far. – So far so good.
– Whoa.
– I think he was making fun of it.
You want me to ramp it up?
– I dare you.
– All right, we’re ramping it up.
Now they’re spinning faster.
They all kinda look like MPCs, you know,
in the character selection where they spin.
You know what I mean?
If you step here, step right while you’re doing it,
it’ll help you with the sickness.
Like ’cause you don’t have to spin,
you can just step in place.
– Don’t trust Jimmy. I don’t trust that.
– That seems scary. Oh, oh.
(everyone yelling)
– What do you do now?
(everyone yelling)
– Why did that hit me in the head?
– Even though he got out,
I wanna show you guys the faster speeds ’cause
I spent a lot of money on this.
– [Jimmy] Look at him over there.
– Ah!
– I can’t feel my toes.
– To the river.
Before you step in the boat,
I need you to assign them a number.
One through four to each of them, who is number one?
– Dallin. – – One?
– Okay, so who’s number two?
– Justin.
– Number three?
– Brian
– Are you just going in order of the layout?
– I really am.
– Oh, that’s cheap.
All right, fine, get in the boat.
– One last sweet treat for the road, my guy.
– Ah, thank you.
Watch you fall in.
– That could determine who loses a chocolate factory.
Let’s show you why that’s relevant.
There’s four toilets behind me.
Three are real, ones made of a cake.
Whichever person picks the cake one is eliminated.
– So if they’re right they’re wrong?
– No, they have to be right about the wrong one.
– [Jimmy] I’m not joking.
One of those toilets is literally made of cake
and whoever picks the cake toilet
loses the chocolate factory.
We’re gonna start things off with number one over here.
Take your blindfold off, you have five seconds.
Five, four, three, two
– Two.
– Alight.
So you’re picking toilet number two.
Stand in front of it and face this way.
Now we have number two, are you ready?
– Yep.
– Take the blindfold off.
Five, four, three,
– [Contestant] One.
– Okay, go for it.
Alight, that leaves only toilet three and four left.
Five, four, three, two
– Three
– Okay, you pick toilet number three.
So I hate to break the news to you,
but there’s only one toilet left.
So you can just go walk in front of it.
Three of these toilets are real.
One is made of cake, can you guys sit down?
(intense music)
– Oh. – – Oh yeah.
– Everyone his toilet was the one made of cake.
– [Contestant] No, man.
– Oh my God the cane.
– The cane is no more.
I don’t know if you guys have ever made a toilet out a cake,
but this took forever. So please subscribe.
– Can you flush that?
[Everyone Laughs]
– You know the deal, on the bridge.
– Better you than me dude.
– [Jimmy] Oh my God.
– Sorry, but you had to go at some point,
if I was gonna win.
– Have fun in Arizona, I’ll see you soon down there.
– {Jimmy} Oh my gosh.
– Oh, I don’t know if this is wholesome or not.
– Hey, don’t worry Jimmy.
Being a boat captain’s a piece of cake.
(strong base)
– And we have one final challenge left
that will decide which one of you walks away
with this chocolate factory.
We have these three contestants.
And what better person to decide which one of you wins
a chocolate factory than,
come on in, Gordon Ramsey, turn around.
– Oh my gosh. – – No way.
– How’s it going man?
And as you’re probably guessing,
the final challenge is a cooking challenge
and they have 45 minutes to make a dessert
for Gordon Ramsey to judge.
He’ll be judging on looks and taste,
(clicking timer)
– Yes – – Okay.
– Don’t forget a chocolate factory’s on the line.
I don’t normally do these cooking shows, what do we do now?
– So this is tough on them, by the way,
for the finale, they have 45 minutes to cook.
That’s that’s,
– [Jimmy] That’s not a lot of time?
– That’s not a lot of time.
– Oh I just made up a random number.
– Right, goodness how are we doing?
– I have no idea. I’m just,
– You have no idea?
– I’m looking at ingredients and I’m trying
to figure out what everything is.
– So you’ve never done this recipe before?
– I don’t know how to cook, I’m just going for it.
(Jimmy laughing)
– What are you working on?
– I need to make a cheesecake, which I just found.
Probably shouldn’t put that on the stove.
(both giggling)
– I’m starting off with a funfetti cake.
– How much chocolate you putting in there?
– I’m gonna keep the chocolate outta the funfetti cake.
It’s gonna come in at a later moment.
– A later moment?
We haven’t got much time. We’ve only got 45 minutes.
– A little stressed out right now.
– Are you okay?
– I’m good. I’m good.
– He makes everything so much more intense, I love it.
– What’s the dessert?
Look at me, you’ve done nothing yet.
– There’s, there’s a few different ones. So I’m gonna,
– A few different ones?
– Yes.
– You have 45 minutes.
Can you work and talk at the same time?
– I was about to say the same thing.
– I probably should.
(all chattering)
– Honestly, I don’t even know what to do.
Gordon just kind of took over and it’s really entertaining.
– Just over 20 minutes, halfway guys,
halfway to a amazing chocolate factory.
– When I win this chocolate factory,
do you wanna buy it off of me?
(both laughing)
– I’m gonna see what you make first.
– Oh my gosh the cockiness.
He decides whether or not you win the chocolate factory.
– Oh I know, I’m aware.
– Hey psst.
– Yes.
– Turn the gas on.
– I probably should.
– Yeah, oh my God.
– Did you know how to make brownies before this?
– Uh I have, but not with no instructions.
– Here we go.
– Lets go champ.
– Gotta get this in here.
(people laughing)
(torch firing)
– You’re burning the mat.
The mat is burning.
– Oh shoot, you’re right!
Just a light flame, that’s like eight inches long.
– So we’re, we’re good with fire extinguishers.
– And I don’t think marshmallows whisk like that.
– I don’t know.
We’re we’re gonna find out though.
– Oh my god.
– Don’t come over here, Gordon.
– What have you done there?
– I don’t know.
– It looks like you cooked it, ate it,
then threw it back up.
– Oh man.
– I think Gordon’s about to have a seizure.
– Two minutes.
– Hey, you want me to blow torch this for you?
– Uh no, not yet.
– All right, how about now?
– Not yet.
– Stop harassing the contestants.
– What Gordon’s gonna want is you to make it sound
like you put in a lot of effort.
So if you start using adjectives that chefs like hearing,
I put the nerds rope here because it really
contradicts the chocolate really lets you.
– Shut it down, 15 seconds to go.
– Three
(crashing dishes)
– Oh my gosh.
– Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
Come on Christian.
Five, four, three,
two, one.
And stop, hands in the air.
– [Jimmy] Done.
Gordon will now begin judging all three dishes.
He’s gonna give him a score one outta 10
on looks and a score one outta 10,
based on how it tastes.
Person with the highest score
at the end wins the chocolate factory.
– Justin, describe the dish.
– This is Rocky Road on a cone.
I melted the marshmallows on top.
I had a marshmallow at the bottom ’cause I didn’t know
what to do at the bottom, so.
(all laughing)
– I don’t what looks worse.
The one at the bottom or the one on top.
(all laughing)
So visually it looks a little bit pedestrian.
– I’ll take that.
– It looks like you’ve dropped it.
I’m gonna give that a five out of 10, right?
How do we, does this come with instructions?
– Yeah, one honest bite.
(spits out bite)
– Oh, well.
(explosive sound)
(loud laughing)
– Five.
– Five. So 10 total.
– 10 total.
– All right. It’s a 10 of 20.
– It looks like a bum’s got off there, what happened there?
– No it looked great before and then the last minute he
somehow managed to ruin his whole creation.
– On top I have a whipped cream.
That’s actually melted.
It’s not there anymore.
And then I’ve got caramelized bananas sitting
on top of coconut covered, chocolate covered marshmallows.
– Have you ever heard the word stop?
(Jimmy laughing)
Less is More? – I was thinking the same thing.
– Yes.
– Yeah, so visually it looks a mess.
Three outta 10,
Taste wise, what’s the liquid?
Why is it gone all liq.. What do you do?
– The syrup flooded out and then it was, it was too much.
– It’s good?
– No, it’s not, I know, It’s not.
– What did you put in there?
I’m gonna give that a five.
– All right, you have no way of winning, so.
– Thank you guys, it was a lot of fun.
It was really nice to meet you.
– Likewise, likewise.
– You know, just for that, we’re gonna give him $10,000
for coming out.
(people clapping)
– Thank you so much.
– All right, but you lost, I’ll see you later.
– Bye guys.
– All right, so I’ve created a funfetti cake,
chocolate river from the Willy Wonka Factory with the boat
in the middle that goes on through the waterfall.
Had to add a lot of color.
There’s a lot of color in the factory.
– Visually. I think this looks the best.
– I like the story.
So visually it’s it’s a strong it’s it’s a seven.
– You only had 10.
It’s already close and he hasn’t ate it yet.
– Sponge the funfetti is always better,
light fluffy, but I’m nervous.
– Yeah? – Uh oh.
– What do you think?
I can’t tell if he’s about to be the worst cake ever
or like, oh, it was decent.
– Right there.
– Oh my gosh.
– Is a seven out 10, congratulations.
– Yes.
(all celebrating)
– That’s it, Congratulations.
– Congratulations,
– Here’s the deed. – Give me this!
– He just won this Chocolate Factory.
– It’s all mine!
– To celebrate our launch of milk chocolate and sea salt,
we went out, we bought 10 Teslas, loads of cash,
and all these prizes you see on the screen.
And prizes aside, unlike Hershey’s,
these bars only have four to five ingredients
and just genuinely taste good.
Go to feastables.com right now and order some chocolate.
Only problem is the chocolate river is deteriorating.
All the candy is going bad.
There’s probably a million flies in there
and it costs a lot of money to upkeep,
so I’ll be right back.
Right here is half a million dollars in cash.
Will you sell me your chocolate factory for
half a million dollars?
‘Cause if not, it’s probably gonna cost you
over a hundred grand a year to maintain.
– I’ve never seen so much money in my life.
Will you buy this off of me?
– Yes.
– For half a million dollars?
– Oh, of course right here.
– This is mine.
– If you hand me this, you can put this money in your car.
– I officially hand it to you.
– Okay.
– Yes! – – Well, there you go!
– This is mine, oh my god!
♪ Mr. Beast, oh ♪



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