Surviving below poverty line in France

Surviving below poverty line in France
In #France, 19% of 18-29 years olds have standard of living below the poverty line, Cleo is one of them, check out her story!

We are dogs.
When we’re unemployed or depending on the Social Welfare, we are social cases.
This is what I hear the most,
If you’re asking for social helps, you’re a social case.
I am Cléo,
I have 27 years old and I’m currently living on the Active Solidarity Income.
I live out of almost €500 per month.
When I don’t work,
I live most of the time under under the poverty line.
Welcome to the Vortex, our flatshare
We’re three living here.
So welcome in my room
Second hand, too Look
I can’t change it even though it’s close to death
But it holds it together bravely, because it’s a poor’s computer
He supports us
I fled my parents’ house at 17
I had to break up with them
So I found myself in A juvenile hall of residence
It happened that I slept in the street, but it really was some few nights
When I couldn’t find housing or between two squats
When the Solidarity Income arrived, I really felt relieved.
It’s a magot for me to have
Insured €500 per month.
In the end, I realized that
€500, it’s not that much And it flies fast.
That was the previous year;
Wasn’t amazing either.
€2896 of gross income for a year, it’s really not that much.
I also am surprised.
Indeed, it’s a complicated year,
With the Covid and everything.
So I had less jobs than usual
And the Solidarity Income implies you expect nothing from the tax services.
So obviously, I didn’t just live out of €2000
Almost €3000 on a year
I had the Solidarity Income That saved my butt because
You can guess that with that amount,
It’s short.
We’re heading to Lidl, it’s where
We do our grocery shopping, especially the big ones.
That’s all we have around our home.
Otherwise, it’s super U mmini markets, which are super expensive.
Even the other stores,
First of, it’s far, and in the end are rather expensive.
I spend €50 to €70 for two weeks, We’re three.
So with little extras,
There, we can go get a 6-pack of beers to the Super U.
It happens.
Can you tell me what you’re calculating right now?
Everything I take,
To reach almost €50, i need to know what I take.
I’m at €4.98, knowing that we’re in the pleasures aisle,
I should have started by the pasta,
But it’s gonna be alright.
I think it’s alright. I know the prices at Lidl,
And what I can do.
Vegetables are the most expensive.
A calculator is mandatory while grocery shopping.
I got out with €50.94 of grocery shopping
With three big bags of grocery shopping and small pleasures.
Not much
When we’re out of money, we’re really struggling.
Even by giving up the rest of our spendings, it’s not enough to eat.
We have food packages here in Rennes, three associations do that.
There’s also this thing where they gather the remnants of the market.
I used to go there Every week.
I was going to get the remnants.
It was useful to get fruits and vegetables.
It’s becoming more complicated.
There is less choice.
There are a lot of people, and a long waiting line.
And I’m kind of done with this way too.
I want to feel normal when I pay my grocery shopping.
I prioritize shopping at Lidl.
As much as we can afford it.
We’re in Thirst Street.
It’s still early and empty for now.
It’s a street with only bars and some kebabs
For those exiting the bars.
It happens sometimes, when I feel stuck,
I call the mates.
Can you pay my evening tonight?
We pay back, sometimes with cash,
Usually, we pay back by repaying
A night another day. Frankly, one of
The worse thing with poverty, it’s that we have this persistent feeling
To have no dignity, And to be forced to stay
Sad, without occupations nor plans.
You can’t travel.
So yeah, this allows me to go out a bit.
It’s useful to change its mindset, To breathe a bit,
To toast with a crowd,
It’s important.
I’m a temp in building.
My missions can be less than a week,
Or last two months.
So my income’s never regular.
If I work a month out of three, and earn a bit more,
Like €50, €100 more than usual,
I can’t access the Solidarity Income for the rest of the trimester.
So I found myself, if I don’t have other missions in the two other months,
I have nothing for two months in the end.
That is true poverty.
You’re in danger, all the time.
You can be homeless because you suddenly can’t pay the rent.
You afraid to starve.
Anything can unsettle you, a machine that breaks,
The oven, a computer, the phone.
It’s a never ending stress.
To replace the thing or fix it, You have to wait.
The other feeling, it’s the ambitions.
You don’t have some anymore.
Now, my craziest ambition
is trying to save to buy a truck.
Because I can never have a flat with my status.
Next year, I’m going to my grandfather’s
To save money on rent and food also.
This way, I can buy the truck by working.
I put a bit of soy-sauce,
A bit of sesame sauce.
The rent here, was a bit less than €800 per month.
We’re reaching 780 but it’s a bit more with the charges.
So, how do you do to…
Depends on the period.
These times, it’s not going well.
I find myself in a situation
Where it’s becoming urgent
To have income because
It starts to be complicated to pay rent.
Some months, I have to make some choices.
I go to grocery shopping to buy food,
And if I can pay the rent a bit later because I have
Extra money in the month, I pay rent a bit later.
Just sometimes it can lead me to conflictual relationships
With the landlord, it’s difficult.
Some months, I can’t pay
These last months, There was a sequence of months
Where I didn’t pay, I just shopped and didn’t pay.
Otherwise, I try to give €150 or €200 out of my Solidarity Income.
When I get a proper income or a solid mission,
I try to make it up and give a bit more than expected.
I feel a bit guilty not paying sometimes but…
But it’s okay.
No one blames me and I Know that we bring
what we can.
Wether they want it or not, we are part of society.
Generally, under poverty line,
We don’t go out, we hide, We don’t speak and it’s our fault.
No one is allowed to insult us. No one is allowed to despise us.
No one is allowed to tell us 154 00:07:40,080 –> 00:07:43,040 that we’re forbidden from asking
Vital minimum and even a bit more,
To ask to do something else than survive.


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