The Future Of Liberty, Medicine, Free Speech – Robert Kiyosaki

The Future Of Liberty, Medicine, Free Speech – Robert Kiyosaki

The spread of information and misinformation, like the virus itself, is fast and unpredictable. Many people are confused about what is real and what is not. Today’s guests describe how early treatment, in spite of their success, was not welcomed by public health officials. The news of their promising results was dismissed as soon as it was reported.

Dr. Peter McCullough MD says, “The censorship was early and in the open.” Dr. McCullough explains how in early 2020, Henry Ford Hospital had a public gag order put on the doctors to not speak about advancements with treatment for COVID-19.

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guests John Leake, and Dr. Peter McCullough MD discuss their book “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex” which is a story of doctors who developed a safe and effective early treatment for COVID-19 and their battle with the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex that suppressed it.

(exciting rock music) – [Announcer] This is “The Rich Dad Radio Show.” The good news and bad news about money.
Here’s Robert Kiyosaki. – Hello, hello, hello, Robert Kiyosaki of “The Rich Dad Radio Show,” the good news and bad news about money.
And today we have a very, very, well, you know, two great guests today, I mean, controversial as hell.
So please pay attention. I’m gonna let them walk the tightrope, not me, because you know, “The Rich Dad Radio Show”
has been taken down ’cause we’ve had such controversial characters as Eric Trump, who is a good friend of mine,
but they just don’t like the name Trump. I mean, where did this censorship come from? Where did that come from?
What happened to our freedom of speech? So that’s why. Our guests today are the authors of the book
“The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death
While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.”
Like I called Fauci the Fascist, and I got taken down for that one too.
And do you know what I mean? What happened? Why can’t we speak up? I think that’s the bigger issue.
It’s not that what we’re saying is controversial, it’s that we’re being censored is controversial
which is what the First Amendment, the freedom of speech. So our guests today are Dr. Peter McCullough,
he’s an internal cardiologist, and epidemiologist, who’s been the leader of medical response to COVID-19.
A very brave man. And John Leake, author of the book “Entering Hades: The Double Life of a Serial Killer,”
and “Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery.”
“Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery,” got it.
So, welcome to the program, so you guys can take the lead here. And then they’re also on George Gammon’s
“Rebel Capitalist” program, I suggest people listen to that. Because the more you listen to something, the more it sinks in.
‘Cause you know, most of us, it goes in one ear and out the other when we go back to work. So welcome to the program, gentlemen.
– [Dr. McCullough] Thanks for having me. – [John] Thanks, Rich. – So Dr. McCullough, you’re the guy in the hot seat now.
What have you been saying that has been so controversial to so many people, but people love you because of it?
What have you said that kind of pissed people off? – I’ve said that high-risk patients
who contract COVID-19 largely are senior citizens, that they should be treated before the hospital
to give them every chance of avoiding hospitalization and death. And I said from the very beginning
we ought to try to give our best effort, that we have a duty to treat, that doctors have a Hippocratic oath
that they must uphold. And I can tell you, with every fiber of my body,
I think it’s unethical, it’s immoral, and from a clinical perspective,
it’s illegal to decline treatment to patients. – Why did they step on you for that?
– No one’s ever directly stepped on me or confronted me about it. Never. No one’s ever come up to me,
looked me in the eye, no one’s even sent me a hard email. So I can tell you,
those who are denying patients treatment, either through policy, government actions,
health systems, doctors, they know they’re wrong and they are in a position of cowardice.
– And what is your personal opinion of Dr. Fauci? – No, I don’t have a personal opinion.
All the government staffers, they work for me and you, they’re our employees,
and you know, I’ve been disappointed with incompetence. We haven’t had doctors in charge
who are senior academicians, senior clinicians. We should have had a team of doctors
working on preventing the spread of the virus. I mean, people actually dealing with patients. We should have had a team on early treatment,
a team on hospital treatment, and then a team on vaccines. We just didn’t see teamwork.
So it’s hard to render an opinion on a staffer. You know? These types of people who haven’t seen patients,
they don’t have the competencies of doctors who have medical authority. It’s been disappointing to watch.
– So we hear, you know, and I mean, this is the lamest thing in the outside WHO, World Health Organization and all that,
and we hear rumors about Fauci and Wuhan and bats and all this stuff. What do you know about all of that?
– Well, I think I’ll turn it over to John for that. – John, please, this is John Leake, author of the book “Entering Hades.”
What do you know, John? – Well, I appreciate you mentioning my prior magnum opus
about an international serial killer. I just want to emphasize Dr. McCullough and I
have just brought out a book, “The Courage to Face COVID-19,”
and we’ve just come out with it, hope everybody will take a look at it. Well, so, there is a clear history in all of this
and one could probably write a dozen books about this, but what we have seen in recent years
is this what we call a bio-pharmaceutical complex. I think the sort of forbidden fruit was eaten
in the year 2003 with SARS, this coronavirus purportedly emerging from China,
spread to a few countries, luckily it fizzled out on its own. But the emergence of SARS in the year 2003
generated an immense interest in coronaviruses
as a disease vector. I think historically they were thought of as mild,
there are a number of common colds that are caused by coronaviruses. But with SARS in 2003,
what we call the bio-pharmaceutical complex became very interested in this family of viruses.
And so, you see France and China form a cooperative agreement to build a BSL-4 lab in Wuhan, China,
that kicks off pretty quickly. And so, there is the beginning of the story
and we see this gain of function research on bat coronaviruses.
And then at the same time that we see all of this activity in Wuhan
amplifying the transmissibility of a bat coronavirus to humans,
we have all of this interest in messenger RNA vaccine technology.
And it’s the same players that are looking at both. I mean, Stephane Bancel,
the CEO of BioMérieux, which built the Wuhan lab, he then became rather abruptly the CEO of Moderna
in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which was in the business of developing mRNA vaccines.
So what you see, I could talk all day about this, what you see is the bio-pharmaceutical complex
maneuvering to position itself for this thing that then finally does emerge
in the year 2020. – Are you saying that it was done to make more money?
– I think to give a little prefatory on that, you have an army of human beings in this world
who studied life sciences and a lot of them don’t make that much money at it,
you know, they get jobs as academic fellows, maybe they work for a pharmaceutical company,
you know, maybe you’re a CEO of a pharmaceutical company like BioMérieux,
but it’s a hard industry. I mean, it’s hard to develop new drugs and new therapies.
I mean, they require years of testing and clinical trials. And so, you have this army of people
with an immense amount of training but they’re looking for the big story,
you know, the big deal. And I think that’s the basis of all of this.
It’s like an emerging disease pandemic,
you know, will provide us with, you know, the fireworks we’ve been working for for years.
I mean, these mRNA vaccines were in research and development for a decade.
The theoretical work even longer than that. So now we have our big chance.
Let’s go for it. – Makes sense. Yeah. That’s like I was, you know, my whole subject is Wall Street, and the fed,
and the treasury and how they manipulate the environment.
You know, the fed doesn’t print money. They manipulate propaganda.
– [John] Right. – And so, when I was listening to you on George Gammon’s “Rebel Capitalist” show, you said it’s all propaganda.
And you know, you hit a nerve with me there because when I was in Vietnam, I would see the actual battles
and our press would not report what happened. You know, that’s when you go south
on your faith in humanity and America and all that stuff
is when you see people using the news for self-interest. Propaganda.
– [John] Yes. – So again, our guests today are Dr. Peter McCullough, I mean, your reputation goes way ahead of you.
You know, I mean, you’re like a very brave man. So the two of your book is “The Courage to Face COVID-19.”
Great title. And John Leake is author of the book “Entering Hades.” And we’re talking about what is really going on
as best we can. So my question is
are you saying that COVID is manufactured? – No, I’m not saying that.
I think the best place to look for the whole origins
and all the cited documents is Peter Breggin’s book “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey,”
I wrote the introduction for it. But if you want to see the evidence trail that Moderna was working with the Chinese
long before COVID ever came out of the lab, if you want to see the connections between the National Institutes of Health
and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Ralph Barrack, and the Eco Health Alliance, and Gavi and CEPI,
Gates Foundation, the Chinese, it’s all there. It’s all in the open.
The preponderance of the evidence suggests that the virus was intentionally manipulated
to become more infectious and cause human disease. The preponderance of the evidence
was that the vaccines were in the works long before the virus ever hit US shores.
– And another thing too is that when you see this guy Robert Kennedy going up against Bill Gates and all this,
from your profession and from your viewpoint, what do you think of what Robert Kennedy is talking about
with Gates, and they call it extermination, or population control?
What, is it that sinister, or is this just more propaganda?
– Well, I think that first of all, we’re great admirers of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book
“The Real Anthony Fauci,” it’s a great work of scholarship. (Robert chuckles)
You know, we have endeavored in our book to really tell the story in a narrative fashion
of SARS-CoV-2 arriving in the United States, well, first arriving in Milan,
and then it arrived in France, and then it made its way to the United States. We tell the story starting at the beginning
of how doctors like Dr. Peter McCullough and his colleagues, how they actually fulfilled their Hippocratic oath.
They scrambled to research and to discover and to observe how to treat this thing
to prevent hospitalization and death, and how their work on behalf of their patients
and on behalf of the world was systematically suppressed, censored, impeded,
and then their ongoing efforts to seek and to advocate treatment resulted in Dr. McCullough and his colleagues
being stripped of their academic and medical careers.
To clarify, if I can speak on behalf of Dr. McCullough,
no one has confronted him in person. You know, or said, “I wanna debate you,”
or, you know, “I take issue with your saying, you know, let’s have a debate in the auditorium
at Southern Methodist University, or the University of Texas.” No one has done that.
What has happened, and I’ll let him speak to the specifics, he’s just been systematically stripped
by way of certified mail. – Yeah, it’s what we call censorship.
And you do a great job on George Gammond’s “Rebel Capitalist” show going into the censorship,
there’s a freedom of speech here. – Yes. Which was, to me,
the most astonishing feature of American life,
I guess, how long has this been developing? As long as I can…
I don’t know, five, six, seven, eight years, I don’t know. This long march through the institutions
using by way of censorship seems to have really accelerated in recent years.
And I just would have never thought this possible. I studied English history and political history,
I remember John Milton’s famous speech before the British Parliament in 1644
defending free speech, and I just thought this is so thoroughly entrenched
in our political and social practice we’ll never see censorship.
– But you also cover this very, very well on, I’m plugging this one, go to George Gammond’s “Rebel Capitalist” show
with the two of you on it, and you talk about how even Galileo’s saying, wait a minute, you know, this is not the way it is.
The Earth does not orbit around the, you know, whatever he said, I forget now. – Well, I think the norm, you know,
if you view humans as anthropologically rather than having a developed social
and political and legal life as emerges in Europe in the last 300 years,
I mean, our tendency is, I think going all the way back, to have something like an authority,
in the old days it was probably something like a priesthood or a shaman class, guys who could explain the cosmos
and explain, you know, what the gods want us to do, and how we should conduct ourselves.
So there’s been a long tendency throughout human history and prehistory, I presume,
to say here is the orthodox view of the world and he who diverges from orthodoxy will be punished.
So that’s the human adventure, but we get into the 17th century
and as our consciousness and our understanding develops, we have a distinct movement against censorship.
So I see this as a reversion, we’re reverting back to an earlier, more primitive
state of affairs. – Okay, we need to take a break right now, but when we come back, we’ll be talking, you know,
where my suspicions came up, you know, is Dr. McCullough’s is when they started censoring doctors.
You know, I didn’t know who you were at the time, but there were doctors speaking out against COVID
and whatever they were talking about, but they get knocked out, they lose their jobs. And then my friends who work for,
I won’t mention, the hospital chain here, they were forced to take the vaccine and they didn’t want to take it.
And you see, those are freedom issues more than medical issues.
And so, that’s really what concerns me right now. So when we come back, we’ll be going more into that, and then what is happening.
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– Welcome back, Robert Kiyosaki of “The Rich Dad Radio Show,” fantastic program today. We have Dr. Peter McCullough,
he’s an internal cardiologist and epidemiologist who has been a leader in medical response to COVID-19
and John Leake, author of the book “Entering Hades,” but I would say he’s more the dark side of history.
I mean, he sees what really went beyond. You know, history is two words, his story.
And then he talks about propaganda and as a marine in Vietnam,
I didn’t like what our own press, the stars and stripes, our own media was saying about
what was really going on in Vietnam. It was a lie. And I think it was a lie to get the American public
to hate us, who were on the ground fighting. You know, so I’ve never trusted the press.
And then just recently with this COVID-19, I smelled a rat right away, and I had COVID, it wasn’t that bad,
and my doctor prescribed hydroxychloroquine and some vitamin D, some sun, so I just took hydroxychloroquine
and went for walks around the park, and I was fine. And then I keep testing now, I have antibodies and all this stuff and all that.
So the question I have now is the issue of propaganda, censorship, you know, and then I got really suspicious
when these doctors were censored or knocked down. I got really suspicious when my friend who’s a doctor
says, “I’m being forced to take this vaccine or I lose my job,” I’m going, “There’s something else going on here.”
And then what about mass medicine? You know, this is like Walmart shoppers, everybody gets to take the same pill.
That’s really what I’m disturbed about. So Dr. McCullough, oh, and by the way,
the book is “The Courage to Face COVID-19,” please read the book. I haven’t read it yet but I’m waiting and I can’t wait to get into it
’cause I read “The Real Dr. Fauci” by Robert Kennedy. It’s disturbing.
I mean, we have lost our freedom. We are being censored, we’ve been manipulated, we have propaganda inside our country.
So with that, Dr. Peter McCullough, what do you say about the censorship of doctors
and these vaccines and all this other stuff, what do you know from your side of the…? – The censorship was early and it was in the open.
I’ll never forget early in 2020 Henry Ford, a major hospital in Detroit,
I previously was a program director there, they had a public gag order put on the doctors
to not speak about advancements with COVID about new treatments.


They had actually done the largest
high-quality in-patient study of hydroxychloroquine given early, they consented thousands of patients,
they chronicled everything that happened, it was clear hydroxychloroquine was effective.
A gag order was put on them, a gag order. Since when do we have gag orders on doctors?
Gag ordered to speak about heart attacks, or cancer care. Since when is medical information officially censored
by the hospital? And why did the hospital want to censor this advancement?
They should have been celebrating. And do you notice from this point forward, not a single hospital has celebrated
any advancement in COVID-19. No advancement, no new IV drug that they’re celebrating,
no new protocol, there’s no center of excellence for treating COVID-19.
There’s not a single ounce of bravado to treat COVID-19. Americans must ask themselves, wait a minute,
there are hospitals always are the best in cancer care and cardiology care, why suddenly are there no advancements in COVID?
None. And the hospitals don’t breathe a word about a new protocol,
a new medication, nothing. – This is all beyond me, but the other question is mass medicine,
or one pill for all. You know, like we all wear different size shoes and pants and shirts
and dresses and all this stuff. Is there such a thing as one pill for all? One vaccine for all?
– Americans must be suspicious because Moderna has 100 micrograms of messenger RNA per shot,
Pfizer’s got 30 micrograms of messenger RNA, and Johnson and Johnson has adenoviral DNA
and so is AstroZeneca. Why wasn’t it presented that
a vaccine may be a better fit for one particular patient or another?
It was just told, “Take a vaccine, take any vaccine.” There never was any personalization.
I can tell you for all vaccines and all medicines, not everybody can take them.
It’s obvious, that’s the reason why doctors make choices with patients, it’s called shared decision-making
and we don’t blanket the entire population with one set of vaccines.
So for instance, for pneumococcal pneumonia, it’s just the seniors. For shingles, it would be the seniors.
For polio, it would be the children. We never actually give everybody the same product
because we’re gonna have side effects and complications, and boy, have we seen those. – The other thing that I would like to add to that
is at the beginning of this thing, it was the SARS-CoV-2 virus was presented to the public
as being an unassailable pathogen that presented a lethal risk to the entire population,
without making any allowances for what clearly was a risk stratified illness.
Only a certain, and really, the scale of our population is so enormous now,
hundreds of millions of people, but so even a small percentage of the human population,
even if it’s a small percentage, because of the sheer numbers, it’s still a lot of people who get into trouble
and who need to be treated. But this thing was presented as a viral illness
that presented the same threat level to everybody. Everybody needed to stay at home,
everybody needed to isolate, to be terrified out of, you know, out of their wits.
And what I learned in reading and talking with Dr. McCullough is that
with a viral illness like this, different people respond to it differently. Some people seem to have almost innate immunity to it.
They just really don’t get sick with it. Other people will find themselves
becoming mortally ill with it. And one of the things we talk about in our book is quickly Dr. McCullough recognized
that defining the problem, like, let’s define the problem. Who is this a risk to?
How do we identify them? How do we obtain, like, census data
on who these people are? And then how do we treat them? But the way it was presented to the public was
well, it’s just like a foreign army and everyone should be terrified and shelter in place and that’s all you need to know.
– That’s the whole point I’m getting at. Not only is our freedom and speech and censorship and all that at risk here,
they’ve weaponized global fear. – [John] Correct. – And people are so terrified.
I’m sitting in my home in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s hot as hell, you know, I live in a huge circle
where there’s nobody around, you know, it’s a pretty nice neighborhood and these people are walking around with masks on.
Like, who are you gonna infect? The lawn? You know what I mean? Give me a break here. But they’re so afraid.
They’re so afraid. That’s on top of the loss of freedom of speech and censorship, which is criminal.
Can’t believe it, that is Marxism, that’s totalitarianism. Why are they doing this?
That’s the question. Any comments on why they wanna do this, doctor? – There’s no doubt that the strongest instrument
of weaponization is the vaccine. The vaccine has been absolutely weaponized.
You know, family members, I had some patients, they were senior citizens, they already had COVID,
they weren’t gonna take the vaccine ’cause it’s too late to take the vaccine once you’ve had COVID, they were told by their children
they can’t see their grandchildren unless they take the vaccine. Well, you know what,
the grandparents held their ground, they said, “We already had COVID, it’s too late, we’re not taking the vaccine.” So the parents went ahead and vaccinated the children
and then they told the grandparents, “Listen, if anything happens to these kids, it’s your fault.”
– [Robert] Oh, god. – So you can imagine the psychological weaponization of the vaccine. People have been told they can’t travel,
they can’t see family members, they can’t leave their country. Canadians can’t even get on a plane
unless they take the vaccine. And the government officials have said
the vaccine doesn’t stop COVID, it doesn’t stop transmission, doesn’t make it milder.
The vaccine basically doesn’t work, an official government communication, they indicate that the vaccine doesn’t work,
but yet it’s been weaponized to get a needle in every arm every six months.
People are losing work opportunities, school opportunities, travel. Our economy is now going into a tailspin,
interest rates are skyrocketing, supply chain is constrained, gas prices just hit a record high today.
I can tell you the weaponization of the vaccine will go down in history as a colossal,
a colossal collusion and a destructive force in societies all over the world. – Well, I think you for your courage in speaking out.
That’s the most important thing, I’d say, today, the courage to speak out and fight back. And we’ll be right back.
(cheerful rock music)
Welcome back, Robert Kiyosaki of “The Rich Dad Radio Show.” We have Dr. Peter McCullough, he’s an internal cardiologist and an epidemiologist
who has been a leader in medical response to COVID-19, and John Leake, author of the book “Entering Hades.”
So John Leake, you’re the history of the dark side here. You know, you talked about how Galileo says,
no, no the world doesn’t rotate around the Earth,
that was what? Blasphemy, wasn’t it? – Well, this is what I was talking about, Galileo ran afoul of the holy office of the Inquisition
and they said, you know, look, you can’t make this representation of the cosmos.
And he said well, but it’s true. So you know, you’re asking me to obscure something
that’s true. And you know, we see this throughout science. I mean, science is a method,
is a systematic, rigorous way of observing and measuring nature.
It really came about around the time of Galileo, maybe 100 years before him.
If we get into the history of science starting around the time of Galileo,
we see throughout history there are these moments in which
the authorities will censor a doctor. The question is when will the doctor be vindicated?
We talk about stories like this in our book. There was a professor of medicine in Vienna
named Ignaz Semmelweis. There was a very talented doctor in London
at the exact time named John Snow. Semmelweis was begging and pleading the medical profession
to start hand-washing before you examine, for example, pregnant women.
He realized, he didn’t understand exactly the mechanism, but that some form of pathogenic material
is being transferred to pregnant women in the medical setting.
– Yeah. – Correct. So we must start washing our hands. He encountered 20 years of violent refusal
and rejection and censorship and censored. And then John Snow,
Dr. John Snow in London, he kept saying, look, cholera is caused by a waterborne something,
but it’s in the water, it’s dirty water, it’s sewage getting into the water.
You have to believe me on this. And he just begs and pleads the medical authorities of London
to shut down these contaminated wells. Same thing. You don’t know what you’re talking about
cholera’s caused by a miasma in the air. You know, 30 years later,
Snow is vindicated by Robert Koch in Germany, who isolated the cholera bacterium.
So Dr. McCullough will be vindicated. It’s already happening.
The problem is that the people who have pursued this agenda so aggressively
and so vehemently, you know, now we’re talking about a coverup.
I mean, they’ve stripped him, they tried to censor him, but now I think the motive is, you know,
we don’t want to be revealed as being criminally wrong on this.
– Right. You know, we could go on forever. I just don’t understand why.
What’s the benefit in the whole thing? – Well, let me just tell you real quick a good place to start is this absolute
fanatical, monopolistic, fascination and insistence
that all public health be reduced to a vaccine, to the development of these modern
genetic transfer technologies. That was the game.
– This is disturbing, as you can imagine. I just don’t know what else to say.
I went to the US Merchant Marine Academy and that school would not exist if a guy named Columbus said,
“Maybe the Earth isn’t flat.” – [John] Right. – Do you know what I mean? And we’ve always had to go against things.
So we’re gonna be finishing up, but I want to thank both of you for your courage. And let me ask a final question,
your book is called “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death
While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.”
What will people gain from your book? What’s in it for them? – People will gain an understanding through a narrative.
You know, what we talked about today is a very complex reality and I think they’ll understand through a story
and it really happened, it was me and doctors in my circles, how we figured out how to treat COVID.
You know, how I treated my dad when he got COVID. I had to face a decision, was I gonna follow the government narrative
and let the virus slaughter my dad? Or was I gonna do something about it? And everything that happened,
how the White House reached out to me, the US Senate, how we tried to break the news to America
that we need to use the available drugs at hand whether they’re emergency use authorized
or generic medicines to get people through the illness and stop this freight train of hospitalizations and deaths.
It’s not controversial to use emergency use authorized drugs.
I mean, the monoclonal antibodies should not be controversial. They are not controversial.
They can’t be controversial. What’s wrong is the fact that they’re being blocked to Americans every day,
systematically pulled off the market, supply chains being disrupted.
This is very purposeful actions to prevent treatment to Americans
and what John and I point out is that it’s a crime. It’s a crime. Americans have been victims of a crime that’s being,
the perpetrators are a very vast and powerful syndicate and it does involve our government agencies.
– So gentlemen, I want to thank you for your courage. And like I said, the book is “The Courage to Face COVID-19,”
but really it’s the courage to face our, whoever they are. I mean, I don’t know why they want to do this,
why they want to alter our DNA, what’s in it for them. But today, ladies and gentlemen,
I’ll look to these two guys here as role models for us. We all need more courage. So thank you for what you guys have done
and thank you for your book. (cheerful rock music)


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