The meaning of money and financial independence / HER – Women in Asia (Season 2) | DW Documentary

The meaning of money and financial independence / HER – Women in Asia (Season 2) | DW Documentary
More and more women are becoming financially independent. What does money mean to them? How do they earn their money? And how do they spend it? What setbacks have they experienced? Three women from three Asian countries tell us about their relationship to money, such as, Filipina actress and philanthropist Angel Locsin. Tutiana Jusat from Malaysia works in the male-dominated world of Islamic banking. And Shikha Mittal from India helps educate women in savings, insurance and investment methods.

HER portrays the lives of women from all spheres of Asian societies, featuring protagonists from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. In each episode, three women give their perspectives on universal, existential and crucial topics such as careers in male dominated professions, motherhood, money and self-expression.

Well money is the means of getting
things that you want and also what you
islam from the start
the fundamental rights to live
are commanded by the financial power
i grew up in a very traditional marvari
i was never
about money in school and
parents were also never sharing their
financial struggles the hardships that
they have to go through every single day
about money
i’m shikha mita from delhi india i’m 38
years old and i’m a social entrepreneur
when i was growing up you would find me
dancing on the road or in the park or
anywhere but i was dancing
but when i uh sort of started thinking
of dancing as a career and shared this
whole idea with my father he said okay
so what if you were to raise two kids
and you don’t have your husband with you
would you be able to raise your kids
uh with the same
uh resources that i and your mother were
able to
give to you and your siblings
and that’s when i quit dancing and i
joined corporate world
i entered the finance institute because
i wanted money i watched wall street the
movie and that inspired me that you know
this is the way to make money
and that’s what i wanted to do
i’m eridanito tiana jisat
i’m an investment manager and i’m from
kuala lumpur malaysia
i grew up having a comfortable life
i knew that as i become an adult i want
to have my own money and have the same
kind of life
the jobs that i
i was offered were from islamic finance
and at that at that point it was
something new um
it was something exciting
and so i when i did it
even though you know i don’t wear a
scarf and you know i’m
not i wouldn’t call myself as being
devoted muslim
i was born in santa maria
we’re not from a well of family actually
but we’re okay we live in a community
which is very
close to each other
my name is insha doksin from the
philippines i’m 36 years old i’m a
film and television actress
there are certain things that are
forbidden in islamic banking such as
usury which is interest making money on
and using interest
also there’s a prohibition on gambling
on speculation
so you’ll be investing in
ethical businesses
to me you don’t need to be wearing a
headscarf and to be you know showing
your your pious attitude you know to be
successful in islamic banking it’s only
banking is for everyone it’s not just
for muslims
in the corporate world i had to face
sexual harassment
i actually shifted almost 14 jobs
in seven years
i think it broke me but one fine day i
just quit because
i couldn’t survive in the corporate
world and i really really wanted to
attach myself to the arts world
and that gave birth to brc
we’re the first company to use street
and take it to the corporate world
inside their offices raising awareness
on sensitive topics like prevention of
sexual harassment financial literacy
i wanted to make sure that the
experiences that i have gone through
shouldn’t be
anybody else’s experience
i think everybody in india who’s
patriarchal thinks that a woman should
never be given financial freedom because
the moment she has the financial freedom
everybody knows that she will have the
i’m comfortable but i’m not you know
filthy rich
finance can be very very stressful so
you need to mentally prepare yourself
as a woman in islamic banking yeah we do
have to go the extra mile
i’ve had a few encounters of um
um especially in the middle east you
know where there’s not many um women who
are heading up departments let alone
heading up treasuries
so you know if we went for a meeting
they would automatically assume that you
know i’m the secretary accompanying the
so for women
want to make it in
finance or even islamic finance have
that self-confidence play on your
have a can-do attitude be assertive
because it is competitive and it is
male-dominated there will be
and you know prepare yourself if you’re
not prepared and you know you’ll stumble
i don’t see myself as an alpha female
because i think
you need to be a team player to succeed
in in running a team
to get to where i am yes i would say i
had to be that alpha female to actually
take the job and do it
i really don’t want to talk about
the charities
i’m a strong advocate for women and
children’s rights
i was able to give back
to the community
ever since
in 2020 i decided to launch be your own
lakshmi full-fledgedly as a financial
literacy course and it is
very proudly sharing india’s first
financial literacy course specifically
for women over 500 women have already
taken up this course and are financially
literate and have started their
financial planning
my hope is that you see more women in
india to be as much in control of their
life as i am and the hope for myself is
that i’m the agent
for all these people
if i can be part of this journey in
their life
i’m going to have a beautiful transit
from this world



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