Touring a $16,750,000 Los Angeles Penthouse with Amazing Views

Touring a $16,750,000 Los Angeles Penthouse with Amazing Views

Property Description: ” The Wilshire House; Timelessly designed by internationally acclaimed Bauhaus architect Victor Gruen is Los Angeles’ preeminent full service luxury high-rise building. Situated in its coveted location on the Wilshire Corridor, residents are mere minutes away from world class dining, shopping and entertainment in Beverly Hills, Century City, Bel Air and Westwood. Penthouse 19 occupies nearly an entire floor and is the 42-month culmination of two penthouses reimagined as one spectacular contemporary home creating the largest unit in the building!

This gracious 5-bed, 7-bath sanctuary offers breathtaking views of the city from the snow-capped mountains in the east to regattas on the ocean and Catalina Island. PH 19 has been constructed as a “safe house’ for utmost privacy and security. World class finishes were utilized throughout including custom Italian closets, Stark Carpets, old growth Bavarian wood floors and Lalique faucets. An entertainer’s dream with a private elevator, 3,000 bottle wine cellar, oversized living room and formal dining room, both with fireplaces providing a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere. Balconies and terraces surround the entire penthouse offering perfect indoor/outdoor living. This modern architectural building is further enhanced by a north/south tennis court, swimming pool, fitness center overlooking the pool terrace, private trainer facility, his and hers spas, airy spacious banquet room with catering kitchen, an intimate library/card room, valet parking and many additional amenities and assets. Live among the elite in this prestigious one of a kind, once in a generation offering!”

Property Address: Los Angeles, California
Specs: 5 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms
7,000 Sq ft interior space
Listing Price: $16,750,000
Listed by: Rayni Williams (DRE # 01496786), Branden Williams (DRE# 01774287)
Property Link:…


– What’s up, everybody?
It’s Enes here, and welcome to another video.
Today, we’re checking out this stunning penthouse located
on the 19th floor of the Wilshire House here
in Los Angeles, California.
Unit gets phenomenal views of the city,
and it features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms,
7,000 square feet of interior space,
and it is currently on the market for $16,750,000.
As always, we will leave more information
about this listing in the description of this video,
so make sure to check that out.
And I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents,
Rayni Williams and Branden Williams,
for allowing us to tour their amazing listing.
And now, let’s begin.
(soothing chill music)
We’re gonna start our tour here.
Two elevators come up to your private landing.
You have limestone walls throughout.
Buddha that sets the tone as you walk
into this incredible penthouse.
And we have two fire doors here,
which are also ballistic that can close up this section
and protect this unit from any kind of emergency or fire,
so I wanted to point that out.
Now, let’s start our tour here.
This hallway takes us to the primary bedroom suite
that we’re gonna see later in the tour.
And now, I wanna come this way.
We got an awesome wine cellar here.
But first, let’s go through here
and talk about the family room.
This space is all open, facing the north and the east.
Gets phenomenal views and you have multiple seating areas,
dining areas.
It’s a pretty awesome space.
I wanna start here.
You have your dining table that sits four,
chandelier above.
Beautiful, comfortable carpet on the floors.
Underneath that, we have hardwood floors
that I will talk about later.
And you have some open shelving here.
Beautiful mahogany woodwork, LED lighting,
and walls are perfect for you to feature your art.
Right next to that,
we have the main seating area.
Glass coffee table right in the center, comfortable seating.
Of course, we have the fireplace to cozy up the space framed
with marble and looks great.
Now, let’s go to the other side.
Another seating area, four chairs,
coffee table in the center,
and views throughout are just incredible.
Dal, what do you think?
– [Dal] Oh, it’s beautiful.
You know,
I always love shooting these high-rise penthouses
with my fear of heights, but… (chuckles)
– I mean, this is so incredible, right?
And by the way, we have Dal behind the camera today.
It’s just amazing.
In fact, let’s take everybody outside
to the wraparound balcony,
and this is another great feature
of this incredible penthouse.
You can access the outdoors from every single room,
and you just get these breathtaking views.
We’re facing the north right now.
We have Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills,
Bel Air right in front of us.
On the east, we have the city. It’s just incredible.
Santa Monica mountain range. This is absolutely phenomenal.
Now, let’s go back inside so we can continue our tour.
Again, this is your secondary seating area
within this space, views are great.
And around the corner,
we have a wet bar to complement the family room.
You have your sink, 24-inch Miele dishwasher,
beautiful cabinetry, real nano glass countertops.
And on the backsplash, we have this crystal quartz.
They call it cristallo.
That looks absolutely gorgeous, back-lit,
complements the bar.
And above, we have these upper cabinets
with this polished chrome finish, glass fronts.
Everything here looks great
and complements the family room.
Now, let’s take everybody back to the hallway
so we can continue our tour.
Little bit of information about this building.
There are only 65 units.
Some of the owners own multiple units.
And on top of that, some of the units are combined,
which means there are only a handful of owners
in this incredible building.
It’s full service.
You have your security, valet, incredible amenities.
It’s just awesome to live in a building like this
where they take care of everything for you.
Now, let’s continue our tour with the wine cellar.
It can hold up to 3,000 bottles.
Beautiful mahogany woodwork, LED lighting,
and on top of that, Dal, let’s get a close-up,
we have the hinges here
because this is actually a door that swings open this way.
And right behind it, we have this storage area,
which can easily be converted into a secret room.
So I wanted to point that out.
Now, let’s continue our tour.
Back to the hallway,
we have these beautiful white oak hardwood floors,
white plank.
They’re 11 3/4 of an inch wide, 3/4 of an inch thick.
And underneath it, you have the sound insulation,
you have the cork subfloor.
So these floors are super comfortable,
and they insulate the space phenomenally.
Now, on this hallway, we have some built-ins.
Dal, let’s get another close-up.
I mean, look how beautiful this cabinetry
and this display is.
Isn’t this phenomenal?
– [Dal] Yeah, it’s incredible.
– I mean, it looks perfect with the LED lighting,
back wall, the reflection.
So I wanted to point that out.
And continuing our tour,
we have this door opening up to the first guest suite
that we have.
Bed setup here.
You have your built-in closet.
Wallpaper to warm up the space.
Sliding glass doors open up to the wrap-around balcony.
You have your TV.
And of course, this door here opens up
to a full bathroom dedicated to this room.
Walk-in shower, vanity setup, everything you need.
Now, let’s go back to the hallway.
There’s one more detail here I wanna point out.
There’s actually a door here that seals off this hallway,
so you can kinda keep the family room
a little bit more private.
I wanted to point that out.
Really nice detail.
And continuing our tour here,
this hallway leads us to the kitchen.
Beautiful cabinetry with the gloss finish.
We have the island in the center.
Real nano glass countertops all around.
We have the waterfall edge here, pin lights above.
And this section is your pantry space.
You have your oven here, steam oven.
And this is the first section of your base cabinets.
We have the Miele eight-burner gas stove.
Commercial vent above.
This smoked reflective backsplash tile looks really good.
Gives a ton of character to the space.
And on top, we have this polished stainless steel section,
which looks super contemporary
and reflects the light throughout.
Now, continuing here, additional cabinetry.
You have a built-in breakfast nook
that’s super cute and cozy.
You’re facing the east, phenomenal views.
And coming here, rest of your cabinetry,
your coffee bar section, microwave.
And this is the second section of your base cabinets.
We have the first dishwasher here.
Second dishwasher on this side.
Big sink, faucet, water filtration.
Upper cabinets go all the way to the ceiling.
And lastly, you have your paneled fridge and freezer here.
Great-sized kitchen for this penthouse.
Now, let’s continue our tour.
We have this pocket door opening up to the left-hand side
of the landing.
Light fixtures above. You have easy access to your elevator.
But now, I wanna take everybody this way.
Pocket doors open up to the formal dining room area.
Beautiful solid wood table right in the center.
Gorgeous chandelier above. Spacious room.
You have custom furniture throughout.
Wallpaper cozies up the space.
And we have a corner gas fireplace here clad
with this black silk quartzite that looks great.
We’re now facing the south
and views are absolutely phenomenal.
We’re on the 19th floor right now.
Our elevation is phenomenal,
and we can see all the way to the Pacific Ocean.
Wrap-around balcony, outdoor access, this is phenomenal.
Now, I wanna mention a couple more things
about this unit and the building.
This penthouse consists of two units,
and there are only three units on this level.
That’s why it’s the biggest penthouse in the building.
It took the owners 42 months to remodel the space.
And they also mentioned it to me
that there’s three-foot gap between each floors.
That way, you have great sound insulation,
and that space between the units
or between the floors allows you to run your utilities.
And when you remodel, you can get way more creative.
And if you think about it,
this building consists of 22 stories.
22 times three, that’s 66-foot worth of space.
I don’t wanna say wasted, but given as a utility space,
they could have easily put six more stories
of units in this amazing building.
But that just shows you the type of architecture
and the type of thought that went
into designing this building.
And that’s why it’s one of the best buildings
on the Wilshire Corridor.
Now, that’s it for the formal dining room area.
We have the pocket doors here opening up to the office.
This room faces the north and the east.
Again, wrap-around balcony, super spacious.
You have the chandelier above, desk setup,
beautiful furniture.
Just a nice, cozy room.
And on top of that,
since you have the formal dining room area here,
you can actually center this table,
make it your secondary dining area,
and you can accommodate way more people here
within this space.
So I wanted to mention that.
Now, let’s continue our tour.
Back to the hallway, again,
we have the landing on our right-hand side.
And we have few more guest bedrooms
that we’re gonna see on this wing.
I’m gonna start with this one.
This room is currently staged as a cozy seating area
and an office setup.
We have a beautiful table here, some built-ins,
plush carpet on the floors, comfortable seating section,
and sliding glass doors open up
to a balcony facing the north.
Now, let’s continue our tour.
By the way,
you can easily convert this room into a bedroom,
and you can actually open up this section here,
place a door,
and that leads you to a bathroom
that’s actually located right next door.
Now, coming back to the hallway,
we have all these built-in cabinets.
Door on my right opens up to a powder room.
We have the vanity setup here with immediate details,
looks great.
Again, quartz crystal countertops back-lit, looks gorgeous.
So much character.
Polished fixtures.
This wallpaper gives so much character to the space,
wall sconces, beautiful powder room.
Now, coming here,
we have this door opening up to another guest suite.
We have the bathroom on our left-hand side.
But first, let’s talk about the bedroom itself.
Two single beds facing the north.
Again, sliding glass doors open up.
You get so much natural light coming in.
You have your automatic shades,
curtains nicely dressing the room.
Desk setup here, TV, built-in cabinetry,
and this room has more of the darker tones.
And I love how each one of the rooms
and spaces have their own character and design elements.
Now, let’s check out the bathroom, starts here.
Floating vanity design, glass countertops,
wall-to-wall mirror, walk-in shower behind me,
and I really like the design here.
They have this section that holds your faucet, your handle,
and your handheld, and they just left it as a column,
so the shower feels a little bit more open.
You have the corner glass here, looks great.
Now, going back to the hallway,
we have few utility areas here.
This is the first one.
We have a sink, ton of cabinetry, uppers,
and this is a dry-cleaning machine, which is great.
Steams and dry-cleans your clothes and nice amenity to have.
Now, coming back to the hallway,
we have this door opening up to the main laundry room.
Two washers, two dryers, ton of cabinetry,
and it actually connects to the room that we just toured,
so you have a nice, easy access here.
Now, getting out,
this door opens up to another guest suite.
This is the biggest guest bedroom we have
in this penthouse.
You have the built-in closet, built-in desk, king size bed.
Nice dresser here, facing south.
And again, darker tones, automatic shades,
beautiful hardwood floors.
Nice, cozy room.
Comes with its own bathroom.
It starts here.
Floating vanity, TOTO toilet, built-in tub setup,
beautiful porcelain tile that goes all the way
to the ceiling.
Really nice bathroom.
Now, lastly, we have one more room left on this wing.
Starts here.
It’s a cozy screening room.
L-shaped couch, TV on this side, lighter tones on the walls.
And I really like this curtain back wall,
and we have two paintings that are ceiling-mount,
and it just nicely dresses up the space.
Built-in speakers, everything you need here.
Now, that’s it for this wing.
I wanna take everybody back to the landing,
so we can continue our tour on the other side.
First room I wanna check out is
the powder room located here.
Let’s go have a quick look.
You have this entry section here, mirror,
ceiling-mount light fixtures.
This is where you look at yourself,
look at your makeup before you go out again.
Coming in, this is where we have the bathroom itself.
Beautiful marble vanity design here, hidden drain.
The veins and the details
of this marble looks absolutely gorgeous.
You have these sections that are quartz,
so it just creates a beautiful contrast.
You have a mahogany shelf on the bottom
for your towels, mirror,
wallpaper, toilet setup, just a gorgeous powder room.
Now, let’s go back to the hallway,
so we can check out the primary bedroom.
We have all these closets on the hallway here.
Cove lighting above.
And before you step into the primary bedroom
or the first bathroom and closet setup here,
you have a Buddha statue with a subtle LED lighting
that sets the mood before you go into your primary bedroom.
Now, I wanna start here with the first closet
and bathroom setup.
Ton of cabinetry.
I really like these handles.
Dal, can we get a close-up?
You can actually point ’em each direction.
All the way to the ceiling.
Chandeliers above.
You have a nice makeup area here.
Cristallo countertops.
Your first mirror, second mirror on my right.
Again, very spacious walk-in closet.
Now, going this way, again, more cabinetry.
Darker tones transition into lighter tones here.
I love the ceiling lights here. Very powerful.
This is a really bright bathroom,
and you have the vanity setup here.
Glass cabinetry, nano glass countertops.
Beautiful mirror design with the wall sconces.
These are also medicine cabinets.
We have the water closet here with a TOTO toilet.
And let’s go have a look to this gorgeous walk-in shower.
You have the freestanding tub.
We have porcelain slabs that have been bookmatched,
looks great.
I personally thought these were marble slabs,
but they’re actually porcelain,
which is better because porcelain is way more durable
than marble.
Again, freestanding tub, Dornbracht fixtures,
rainhead above, just a beautiful bathroom.
Now, I wanna take everybody back to the entry
of the primary bedroom suite,
so we can check out the bedroom setup itself.
Super spacious, facing the north.
Ton of natural light coming in, breathtaking views.
You have the king size bed here, wallpaper on the walls.
You have bleached wool carpet that is so soft
and so comfortable underneath your feet.
You have the seating area here, very cozy room.
And I really like the approach here
where the owners made this penthouse feel like a home rather
than just an apartment on the 19th floor.
It feels very comfortable.
Now, let’s continue our tour.
You have a wrap-around balcony.
This door opens up to the second closet
and the second bathroom.
This one has more of the darker tones.
Again, everything is nicely paneled,
so you have this clean look.
Island in the center with leather countertops,
chandelier above,
and you have this glass wardrobe set up here
where you can showcase your clothes.
Definitely spacious, and you have ton of storage.
Now, coming here,
we have this section open up
to your second primary bathroom.
Again, we have the glass tiles on the floors,
freestanding tub here facing the views,
Dornbracht fixtures, water closet.
And this section takes you to your walk-in shower.
Porcelain slabs that have been bookmatched,
rainhead above, very spacious, very light and bright.
And lastly, you have your vanity setup here.
Glass countertops, porcelain back wall,
mirror setup with wall sconces.
Beautiful bathroom and an amazing penthouse located
on the 19th floor.
(laid-back music)
All right, everyone, that’s it for the tour.
I hope you all enjoyed this video.
Stunning penthouse, amazing views.
And as always, you can find more information
about this listing in the description of this video,
so make sure to check that out.
I also wanna give big thanks to the listing agents,
Rayni Williams and Branden Williams,
for allowing us to tour their amazing listing.
And lastly, if you enjoyed the video,
just make sure to give us a like, subscribe,
and we’ll see you guys next week.

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