Why Dubai is The Craziest City in The World!

Why Dubai is The Craziest City in The World!


– It’s been a crazy five days.
(car engine revs)
My, God.
The experience we get…
$15 million right here, between these two cars.
The stuff we shoot, amazing, amazing.
I mean, I feel like I’m on this like, hype right now.
(car engine revs)
What’s up, guys? Welcome back to Dubai.
I mean, look at this place.
I’m jet boarding right now, the views are fantastic
and this is the second part of our trip, full of action.
Hope you guys enjoyed part one.
And I hope you guys enjoy this one too
and I’ll catch you guys at the end,
once this video’s done, all right.
– Welcome to Sweden.
– This is crazy.
Flashy, I love the contrast.
(upbeat music)
(boat zooms)
Oh, my God. (Enes laughs)
This is just the beginning.
– Absolutely insane.
(upbeat music)
– Oh, man, don’t get the camera wet.
(woman screams)
– [Enes] Today is just incredible,
I’m kind of, out of words.
This is the Swedish Palace,
where they inverted a Viking ship on top, as the roof.
We’re on this private beach.
Mikey, can we turn around?
That was from the back,
I’m trying to get a view roll for us.
Dell, you don’t need to run, this is a vlog.
Dell, you can actually get in.
Give us a, give us a water review.
It’s cold? – Perfect temperature.
– Really?
– I wanna go for a swim right now.
– Okay and this morning,
we’ve got a pretty, exciting boat ride, let’s just say that.
This could easily be like ASAP Rocky’s,
like a concert outfit, like he’ll rock this.
(upbeat music)
(boat zooms)
– Oh, man, don’t get the camera wet.
(woman screams)
We feel right at home. – Yeah.
– [Enes] It’s great.
– I worked out, that camera is dripping wet.
– [Dell] They’re weatherproof.
– Oh, here we go.
(upbeat music)
– So, welcome to Sweden. – Oh, thank you.
– [Woman] Welcome to the jungle.
– Is this the entrance?
I’m going to take this route,
let’s see what happens. (trees shuffle)
Nope, we’ve got lost.
The guys are already becoming jungle boys.
– This way?
– [Enes] This place looks unreal.
The whole development here is just like,
truly mind boggling.
We’re currently having our lunch break.
I am speechless and I really mean this, like the views.
You look this way, you have the island
and then you have the pool
and it’s just like, it’s mind boggling.
(upbeat music)
– [Mikey] We just finished shooting this Swedish Palace,
I’ll call it.
We’re going to get back on the boat,
leave the World Islands and head back to Dubai.
– End of the day.
Now, can you see Dubai skyline on the back?
I guess we’re going to see more now on our boat ride.
(upbeat music)
Dell, what is this dude? What is this background?
It’s just like out of everything you could’ve framed,
this is, is, is it all good?
– [Dell] It’s flowers, it’s nice.
Don’t, don’t worry about it.
– Flowers?
– [Dell] Jason, what do you expect for dinner?
– So, Jason has been with us for a while.
He’s been working with us as an intern
and on this trip we had a chance to bring him with us.
And Jason loves cars, just like I do, he loves cars.
So, it was really nice to surprise him
with the Ferrari and take him for a ride.
– [Dell] Merry Christmas, Jason.
– The heck is going on?
What the, what?
– That’s our car. – Get in.
– No way.
This is the surprise.
– Jason, look above you.
– Oh, it’s convertible, Dubai life.
Let’s hear it.
(car engine revs) Oh, my God.
(car engine revs)
(men laugh)
– So far, Dubai trip is pretty nice, huh?
– Pretty, pretty nice.
Mikey was like, “Just come to the lobby right now”.
– Yeah. – Like, I was packing it up.
I was like, “What’s going on?”
– [Enes] Isn’t it crazy
that a YouTube channel got us to this thing?
People give us Ferraris to drive.
– In Dubai. – In Dubai.
– It’s crazy to me that every trip,
we seem to be doing bigger things,
getting better opportunities.
And it was just unreal,
the fact that we were driving a Ferrari in Dubai,
had Jason right next to me
and I’m really appreciative of all of our viewers,
who watches our content.
And because of you guys, we get to do those awesome things.
– [Jason] What do you think of this?
– I want one.
What, what do you think? I want one.
It’s sick, it’s sick.
(upbeat music)
So get this, earlier today we toured
the world’s most exclusive car dealership.
You guys saw the cars, insane.
We took our Ferrari, now to the marina
and then we just came on board to this yacht
that has docked near the World Island.
We’re going to check out those two Foilers right there.
These are just insane.
I know you guys are going to love this particular episode.
Look at our view.
This place, we’ve been saying this,
it’s like a real-life meadow.
Like, how do they put up all these sky-rise,
I mean, high-rises.
It’s going to be a really, really exciting day.
Just enjoying our time.
We actually had a chance to meet Alois and the team
behind these foil boats.
And getting to hear their vision
and some of the technical engineering
that went into these boats was fascinating.
– And what you’ll see, what you experience,
is how comfortable the boat actually is,
because you don’t feel the waves.
So, you don’t get seasick anymore
and you use half of the fuel.
– I think you reached out to us
about like four or five months ago?
– Yeah, when I saw your Wally video, I loved it.
And when you talked a bit about your background of sailing,
I knew I had to bring you onto the Foiler.
– I knew coming in,
Foiler was going to be an amazing experience,
but I really wasn’t ready for what was about to come.
– [Alois] You guys ready?
Hold on properly, yeah?
– [Enes] All right.
(zooming) What?
Oh, my God.
Okay, wait, wait.
Restart, that’s insane.
That turns sharper than a car. – Yeah.
– He did not show this to us.
– You ready? – Hit it.
(Dell laughs)
– And also I felt a little bit bad because it was me,
Mikey and Dell who were getting the experience
and Jason was kind of left out.
He was on another little Zodiac,
shooting us from the outside.
So, we stopped, we picked Jason up.
– Hold on, we’re going to take a little turn.
– Whoa, Jesus Christ. (zooming)
– Isn’t that crazy? – How is that possible?
I feel the G-force. – Yeah.
– I still don’t like the framing that much, though.
(upbeat music)
Second shoot of the trip, Palm Jumeirah,
I mean, look at the views here.
This is, this is just insane.
That’s the Atlantis Hotel, that’s the Atlantis development,
the residential development.
The scale here is insane
and everything you’re seeing right now, it’s all man-made.
These canals, these homes, it’s pretty insane.
It’s been an awesome day.
We’re shooting this property.
Mikey’s riding on a four hour sleep,
I’m riding on a comfortable five and a halfish.
Look how enthusiastic this man looks.
– I got two hours of sleep.
– [Enes] Oh, how many hours did I say?
– Four. – No, I said two.
– [Dell] You said four and five.
– Okay, I’m really, really sorry.
I’m really, really sorry, he only got two hours.
(soft music)
So… (soft music)
This is part of the pauses,
I, I want to call this a pause channel,
we go through a lot of these pauses, but anyways,
it’s going pretty well.
We’re just enjoying your sunset right now a little bit.
We’ve got a good music on the back, vibing.
(soft music)
(car engine revs)
F8, Spider.
It’s been awesome having this car with us
for the last seven, eight days.
(car engine revs)
First Motors, this place amazing.
They’ve been incredible to us, we’re so grateful.
Shout out to them.
I hope you guys enjoyed some of our moments
of just speeding through the highways.
(car zooms)
– How fast did you go?
– I don’t know.
– Every, single car in here is the cleanest car
I’ve ever seen.
There’s not a single piece of dust, a single fingerprint.
– The place smells better than us.
Definitely coming back to Dubai, like definitely.
Since the first day we arrived in Dubai,
Alpago Properties, Alpago Group,
has been taking care of us so well.
They allowed us to shoot their properties,
they gave us a Ferrari to drive around
and shoot content with.
And on top of that,
their surprises actually didn’t end there.
(group mumbles)
– Bro, that’s a gift.
– You guys are crazy. – From the whole team.
– You guys are crazy men, are you kidding me?
– [Man] Enes, welcome to Dubai.
(group laughs)
I feel like I’m part of the TikTok right now.
Are you, I cannot take this, this is insane.
– Bro, he gave it to me yesterday
and said, “Make sure you give it to Enes”.
– Dude, oh, my God.
Jesus Christ, I’m out of like breath.
(Enes sighs)
This is insane.
Thank you so much, I mean, I’m out of words right now.
They’re crazy. (group laughs)
They’re crazy, dude.
Oh, my God.
It’s crazy to me that all this started
three and a half years ago,
with me and Mikey shooting with a GoPro.
And here we are now traveling all around the world,
shooting amazing assets, yachts, homes
and we get to share it with our team.
And even more importantly, we get to meet amazing people.
Alpago Properties, again took care of us so well
and we were really fortunate
to work side by side with them,
shoot their amazing properties, cars.
And I’m sure our relationship will continue from here
and then, we get to work with them in the future.
– Make sure to subscribe.
We constantly shoot content,
we never stop working, pretty much.
So, towards the end of the trip,
I wanted to take the guys out
for a really relaxed, nice lunch.
And of course me being from Turkey,
I had to take them to a Turkish restaurant.
– I’m a big steak guy, I like fat cats, I like juicy steaks.
It’s Tender, it’s salty.
There’s no resistance when I bite through it,
it’s delicious.
Soupy, oh my God, it’s wet.
It’s like a fajitas in there.
– [Enes] Also, while we were in Dubai Mall,
we went and checked out Burj Khalifa.
This building is just insane.
They built it in five years,
I don’t even know how they did that.
And we were trying to find the entrance and I’m not joking,
we were lost for like 45 minutes
trying to find the entrance,
because the base of the building is so big
and it was a little bit complex too.
Luckily, we had a friend from L.A.
who’s also a real estate agent in Dubai
and she was kind enough to pick us up
from the entry and take us to one of the units upstairs.
This building is pretty high up, I guess.
Is that a project? – Yeah.
– I was going to say, what is that?
– That’s Jumeirah Bank.
– [Enes] Just like, showing what’s like, humanly possible.
Dubai is without a doubt,
one of the most fascinating cities in the world
and seeing it in person, experiencing it in person
was something I’ve never done before.
It’s just really exciting to be there.
And I’m sure in the future, we’ll do amazing stuff in Dubai.
(upbeat music)
That’s it for our Dubai trip.
Hope you guys enjoy the vlogs.
We want to do more of them if you guys like to watch them.
So, let us know in the comment section below,
like, subscribe and yeah, so much fun.
– We cannot shoot?
– Actually, you can.
(soft music)

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