Are CEO salaries out of control? | FT Moral Money

Are CEO salaries out of control? | FT Moral Money
Last year, the median pay for the UK’s FTSE 100 CEOs was 80 times the median salary of their employees. As Patrick Temple-West reports, in the US the gulf is even greater, with S&P 500 CEOs earning on average 245 times more. The massive disparity has prompted criticism from many investors, with even billionaire Carl Icahn describing such wage gaps as “unconscionable”.

times are tough for many households with
soaring inflation following the huge
economic disruption triggered by the
covet 19 pandemic the personal finances
of leading chief executives on the other
hand are looking very healthy indeed
executive pay packages have been surging
on both sides of the atlantic
in the uk total remuneration for the
heads of ftse 100 companies increased by
a third last year with a median of 4.1
million pounds
one study found that the typical uk
chief executive now has an income more
than 80 times that of their median
employee but that’s nothing compared
with the us where the same ratio reached
245 to 1 last year
median pay for s p 500 company ceos hit
14.5 million last year up 17 from 2020.
some made far more like expedia’s peter
curran who earned 296 million for the
year and amazon’s andy jassy who earned
212 million or 6 400 times the pay of
the median amazon employee investors
have been pushing back against these
soaring pay awards amazon’s bonus grants
to jassy and other executives got just
56 percent support from shareholders at
its annual meeting this year down from
normal levels above 97
for big u.s companies in general support
rates for executive pay packages over
the past year have been markedly lower
than in previous years some influential
investors have been particularly
outspoken on this issue the head of
norway’s sovereign wealth fund the
world’s largest investment fund recently
told the ft quote we are seeing
corporate greed reaching a level that we
haven’t seen before
the church of england’s pension board
has said the executive pay system is
even the billionaire corporator carl
icon has joined the cause with a
campaign against retailer kroger over
the widening gap between its executive
and worker pay
corporate bosses may want to enjoy these
bulging pay packages while they still



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