AMD’s God Tier Gaming Laptop

AMD’s God Tier Gaming Laptop
My review of the Alienware M17 R5 with AMD 6850M XT and 6900HX. This is the most powerful gaming laptop with AMD Advantage.

This here is amd’s new god tier gaming
laptop it’s running their new 6850m
XT which is their new top of the line
GPU and it’s paired with their 6900 HX
which was their Top Line CPU and it’s
the AMD Advantage right all ND package
and this thing
this thing’s crazy so they announced
this in January I was looking forward to
it comes in I’m like okay gotta test it
out this thing performs significantly
better than I thought it would so this
is on par with a 3080 TI but it comes in
at like five to six hundred bucks
cheaper I don’t know the exact pricing
on this yet but all the information that
I’ve got there so far in general devices
with this chip that 6850m XT will run
four to six hundred dollars cheaper than
competing 3080 TI products and it
delivers fantastic performance the m17
R5 has the highest 3dmark fire strike
score of any laptop I’ve ever had in the
studio now in games it also crushes some
titles will still favor nvidia’s
hardware and some titles also favor the
higher clock speed of Intel CPUs and
also resolution played a role in
performance but in general for around
500 less this is a true competitor to
what Nvidia is offering right now it
does fall behind in terms of Ray Trace
Graphics Nvidia still has the lead in
that in terms of performance and image
quality and also when it comes to
content creation I was finding that in
Adobe Premiere renders were slower on
this machine compared to an Intel Nvidia
system and I think it really just boils
down to those Intel chips having many
more cores also energy consumption of
this new GPU is on par with the 3080 ti
so it’ll hit 175 Watts on the top end at
least on this system but the thermal
load of this whole product is a lot
lighter than an Intel equipped system
like Intel chips run a lot more wattage
produce more heat
AMD a lot less and because of that
there’s way less thermal stress on this
system internally the m17 R5 has been
improved over the R4 in terms of its
ability to remove heat it’s got a
significantly bigger Vapor chamber I
think this is like three and a half
times larger than the one on the R4 it’s
got bigger fans and better airflow
compared to the previous version see the
thing is every time I’ve ever reviewed
an M series product from Alienware it’s
always been like powerful components
good performance but it’s hot it’s just
always been a thing with Alienware
products that ran Intel chips this time
around even with 175 watt GPU the
temperature and fan noise is very
acceptable it’s just the Energy
Efficiency of AMD chips now the battery
life on this device is one of its best
features so normally with 17-inch
devices even if they have big batteries
this one has a big battery 97 Watt hours
normally with 17-inch devices they don’t
have great battery life it’s just the
nature of large laptops with large
screens but this device will hit almost
eight hours of light use it’s very good
for a device this size and this is
running the 4K panel if you have a 1080p
panel it’s gonna be even longer it truly
is something special now the 4K panel
here is really nice but it’s not new
this is the same 4K panel that we’ve
seen from Alienware before so it’s
bright it’s color accurate fast refresh
but it is still a 16×9 aspect ratio not
the taller 16x10s the keyboard options
include this mechanical keyboard it does
that like
metallic ring which I personally don’t
mind but it has a fantastic feel to it
I’ve done a video on it before so I’m
not going to go into too much detail but
if you like mechanical keyboards on
laptops this is one of the better ones
out there the rest of the device hasn’t
changed much it still has that Alienware
aesthetic to it and it has that RGB
light up ring on the tail end of it now
there is one thing I noticed that I was
I wasn’t sure if I was going to mention
this in the video but I feel like the
responsible thing is I should so in all
of the gaming that I tested I didn’t
notice any stutters because this is
relatively early on in the launch of it
I was cautiously looking for it but
there was one game that did and it’s
OverWatch for whatever reason it didn’t
matter what resolution I was playing in
I was seeing a good amount of stutter in
most of my gameplay now imagine it’s
driver related so I’d expect it to be
fixed over time it’s just that it is
something I noticed in my testing but my
overall thoughts on this product the
6850m XT is a excellent performer
and excellent performer it’s just way
better than I thought it would be and
it’s not just the fact that it’s a
powerful GPU it’s the CPU like the AMD
Advantage thing going on is very real
here right you can have access to Smart
Access Memory you have Smart shift going
on uh and because the AMD CPU is lower
wattage it allows that system to just
crank the GPU use and just maintain good
thermals it’s really cool but more
interesting to me is just the future of
where these systems can go if you notice
this system is the M Series this isn’t
they’re top of the line like x-series
product and you’re still able to get
amazing performance on this good cooling
but not alienware’s best cooling right
can you imagine this Hardware stuck in
the X chassis like I don’t know if alien
was ever going to do it maybe Intel’s
got too much of a hold on them but if
you could put this hardware and put it
into really well cooled systems this
would be amazing like truly amazing but
you can already see what it’s doing in a
good chassis like this okay there you
have it AMD Advantage m17 R5



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