Apple finally got revenge | New MacBook Air M1

Apple finally got revenge | New MacBook Air M1

This is a MacBook Air M1 it’s an
interesting color I would call this more
of a salmon than like a rose gold or
anything this is the old style chassis
you got the wedge you got two ports on
the side here I think you got nothing
over here aside from a headphone jack
yep and it’s the same old MacBook Air we
all know and perhaps love what I have in
brand new
M2 MacBook Air for whatever reason we
still have it in a shipping box so I’m
just gonna get this out of here what how
does this even work oh okay
oh yeah it’s one of these fancy Apple
shipping boxes it is
a big L most MacBooks you just see the
front of it but the MacBook Air they’ve
always shown the side profiles to show
how thin it is and I guess in this case
they’ve chosen it open to show that it’s
even thinner because it has to be
thinner than the last gen every time
except I don’t think it is this time on
the back of the box we can see that we
have a base model spec I believe this is
eight gigs of unified memory with a 256
gig SSD so this is going to be slow by
comparison to the 512 or higher SSD 8
core CPU and 8 core GPU so I think the
higher spec version has a 10 core GPU if
I’m not mistaken and that’s about all
you got on the back of the box
just like with the MacBook Pro I don’t
think you’ll find M2 listed anywhere on
the back of this box
Apple stop okay here let’s do a
a peel of sorts
yeah there we go man I said there was
something in the air there’s also grass
in the air I’m allergic to grass so if
I’m a little loopy or that’s why here we
go this is the oh this is the the new
like midnight black is that what it’s
called Midnight that is black like for
comparison that’s space gray if you like
black laptops you’re gonna love this
they are very similar in terms of size
that’s interesting the feet I think help
give it more height it rests the same
height so the the lids are about the
same height off of the desk but uh the
area is thinner along with our two
Thunderbolt 4 ports we have magsafe
which is something you don’t get on the
M2 Pro you can actually get better
expansion out of the M2 air simply
because you don’t have to plug in a
charger or a power delivery capable dock
which is a nice feature and on the other
side we just have that headphone jack
which I think is high impedance I’m not
entirely sure and I mean that’s really
all there is to the MacBooks exterior
like oh there there’s a little bit of
Engraving there you can see for the uh I
guess the model and serial number one of
the things that makes the new Air stand
out from the old air is the old Air had
that wedge shape whereas the new one is
entirely flat let’s take a look at the
and I know it’s going to power on yeah
oh but it looks so good like this
colorway look at it there is a touch ID
sensor for your fingerprint the keys
themselves I think they’re the same Keys
you would find on this 14 inch pro
they feel pretty much the same if you
would like to learn how to use
voiceovers stop
well wait for this to set up let’s get
into the rest of the box here because I
kind of Dove right in on the laptop so
we’ve got this here charger this is a 30
watt charger probably make this smaller
with the correct gallium nitride
Arrangement this is mag safe it’s
supposed to not tangle as much with what
with the braiding and all but it kind of
angled on me it’s kind of amazing how
shallow the current gen magsafe is
that is
a perfect match and of course it’s
magsafe so
why does it do dark mode out of the box
it knows what model this is it should
know what color it is too there we go
now it matches I think the air is a
little bit brighter it could just be
that the screen is actually just bigger
which is a huge advantage to the MacBook
Air compared to the MacBook Pro the the
bezel sorry I got sidetracked with the
universal control feature well what was
I saying um Benadryl the MacBook Air has
a 13.6 inch screen whereas the MacBook
Pro has a 13.3 inch screen there’s much
less bezel around the edges you do have
the notch but you get this extra screen
real estate up here for free plus you
don’t have the menu bar in that viewable
area on the pro on the air 2560 by 1600
on this guy 2560 by 1664 on this guy
those extra 64 pixels are the menu bar
at the top Pros display is srgb whereas
this one is DCI P3 do you see that
stuttering on the MacBook Pro yeah
you’re right this looks like yeah yeah
this looks really bad it’s not running
in 60 FPS god what the hell is wrong
with this thing for a minute I was
convinced that the MacBook Air had 120
hertz panel the reason being the MacBook
Pro is stuttering and I have no idea why
now this battery is not fully charged
it’s at like 25 there’s nothing going on
in activity monitor they both have the
brightness setup right now I don’t know
kind of ridiculous for an Apple device
you never get that
the UFO test still thinks that it’s 60
hertz over here too but it is it is
definitely 60 hertz over here supposedly
these have the same color spaces given
the the billion color uh claim but the
xdr obviously is xdr this is just a flat
okay let’s get the uh M1 MacBook Air
opened up here I mean we have to test
the speakers of course
it’s actually really good
interesting it seems like it’s more
balanced it’s pretty good 400 nits 500
nits of course you’re still not getting
that HDR I wonder what dbrand is going
to do with the new MacBooks thanks to
dbrand for sponsoring this video they
sent over some special skins that
they’re only going to be oh limit
limited time oh my God is this actually
a product
book 2022 M2 oh my God it’s Greg book
you asked for this we don’t know why
while watching WWDC we had two questions
for Apple what the hell are you doing
with these Transitions and how can we
profit off them typical dbrand they can
only answer one of these questions and
it’s by turning Craig into an M2 MacBook
I’m I’m not surprised I’m sorry dbrand
you told me to be surprised I’m not
surprised this is
is normal for you now if you guys are
crazy like the people at dbrand go to craigbook and buy this I
or don’t you can buy other dbrand skins
that are less ugly but apparently they
want you to buy this one so buy this one
just do it okay I guess next we’ll do a
webcam test I believe this is using a
720p whereas this is a 1080p FaceTime
camera comparing the webcam between
these two it looks like the 1080p
FaceTime camera is an upgrade over the
720p but it’s not as big an upgrade as
you might think it is the image
processing is very similar on both
um wait
okay yeah we’re looking at different
walls Benadryl it’s surprising how good
the signal processing is on the Apple
silicon platform it’s just really good
this is the elephant in the room when it
comes to the new Macbook Air this
MacBook Air M1 has a 256 gig SSD this
MacBook Air M2 has a 256 gig SSD what
Apple did was they switched from having
a multi-chip to having a single chip SSD
for the same capacity at 256 gigs and
you can see already that our performance
is not super amazing we’ve got 3387
megabytes per second read sequential on
the M1 pretty much exactly half that a
little bit more than half that on the M2
these speeds are still very high now it
looks like the random reads I think
that’s Q depth one is pretty close
that’s a good sign for General usability
and that’s probably why Apple felt that
it was okay to do this actually it looks
like the M2 is a little bit faster than
the M1 in terms of random rights and
that might make a little bit of sense
that storage controller might actually
be a little more capable if you’re going
to buy a MacBook Air I would suggest
buying the upper end model versus the
base model because the upper end model I
think comes with a 512 gig SSD which
would be faster and it comes with those
extra GPU cores which are definitely
faster and the better charger just
upgrading the storage alone is a 200
upgrade on the Us website that makes it
a no-brainer to get the higher end model
straight up like why would you buy the
base model Creative Cloud alone
we’ll take a big chunk of that as will
xcode as will Final Cut and that all
adds up I I would prefer the extra room
afforded by a 512 gig SSD personally you
can also get a one terabyte or two
terabyte SSD as well instead of just the
512 I would probably upgrade the memory
personally eight gigs is not a lot 16
should be standard okay let’s grab
the M2 Pro as well
three two one
obviously we know that the M2 equipped
Pro is slower than the M1 Pro equipped
MacBook Pro it should be faster than the
M1 equipped MacBook Air as it was then
the N1 equipped MacBook Pro honestly I
don’t know why they couldn’t fit a fan
into the MacBook Air like a tiny little
fan I guess they just didn’t want the
whiny noise it already looks like
cinebench is going to complete in a very
similar time frame in any situation
where you’re not racing to sleep the M2
air is going to be just as fast as the
M2 Pro I don’t understand why this
exists yeah I’m looking at the pricing
here for the base model MacBook Pro 13.
it’s a little more expensive than the
base model MacBook Air but you do get
that 10 core GPU and you get a fan and
the touch bar if you care about that
which are the only real upgrades you’re
getting over the MacBook Air for the
upgraded MacBook Air you’re looking at
14.99 and to get the same upgrade you’re
looking at 14.99 for the MacBook Pro
why so for the pro you’re getting
a fan the touch bar at the expense of
the function keys which are full height
this time instead of these half height
things on the old errors and you’re
getting a slightly better battery I like
the air a lot better than I like the pro
and if you’re already looking at buying
a Macbook I would say buying MacBook Air
instead of the MacBook Pro at least for
the 13 inch model with that being said I
guess now we take it apart
maybe I’ll end up breaking it wouldn’t
that be great I’ve got a body count
going you know
oh this is always really annoying
getting this to move okay so I think it
pulls this way
there we go
four screws battery a force touch track
pad okay there’s our speakers
those speakers are actually larger than
I expected they would be it’s not as
held down as I would expect for an Apple
device I think this is all mostly
heatsink to be honest
with graphite tape yeah one thing that
I’ve always really liked about Apple’s
designs is that they’ve always gone out
of their way to make the internal look
nice even though they don’t expect or
want anybody to ever look at it neat
well I’m not going to take the battery
out or the cooler off because we’re
gonna have to test The Thermals and
everything on this later I’ve seen
people ask me like oh well you opened it
up you disturbed The Thermals
engage those clips
I tore a big strip off my thumb
well if you liked this uh injurious uh
short circuit uh hit like and get
subscribed make sure you check out some
more of them there are plenty of them
not all of them contain Grievous bodily
harm but hey sometimes they have


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