Razer vs Alienware Gaming Laptops

Razer vs Alienware Gaming Laptops
Review of the 2022 Alienware X17 X15 and X14 vs Razer Blade 17, Blade 15 and Blade 14

I often get emails from viewers asking
for advice on choosing between a new
alienware laptop or a new razer laptop
the thing is i’ve always thought that
they were quite different from each
other these two companies have devices
that just look quite different from each
other but i can understand the question
because when you look into it they’re
both premium gaming laptop brands
they’re both offering these thin 14 15
and 17 inch devices but the big thing is
price these are both super expensive i
think these are the most expensive
gaming laptops on the market so i can
understand why people want to make the
right decision when it comes to
something like this right okay i’m going
to start off with this conversation with
a more technical discussion like we’re
going to talk about the builds and some
performance differences but then we’re
going to wrap up with some bigger
picture stuff so let’s start off with i
guess the aesthetics both alienware and
razer have a design aesthetic that is
shared through the family it’s like the
x-14 and 15 and 17 they’re just like
bigger versions of each other same thing
with the razer the blade 14 blade 15
blade 17 they just get bigger and bigger
and it’s a cool design aesthetic but no
other gaming laptop does this like this
entirely unique to these two companies
like if you think about msi
asus acer lenovo like literally no one
else does this because
i mean it looks cool but it does
implement some restrictions and
limitations as to what you can do with
the product when they all have to look
like one another the razers have a very
simple kind of macbook like vibe tour
it’s like almost like a black macbook
with the green snake logo up top it’s a
very industrial look uh i’ve always
liked it but it’s a very standard way of
building a laptop right it’s just
there’s nothing super special going on
and if you look at the thermal system
the fans are just pulling air through
the laptop
very traditional way of cooling things
the alienwares so these all have
it’s almost like a extension on the back
of each laptop it’s like this two or
three inch segment at the tail end of
the laptop and they pack a lot of the
thermal components back here like the
heat pipes the heat sinks a lot of it is
in this back segment
and it gives these devices better
thermal performance it’s just a better
way to deal with the heat now you might
be wondering why the x14 has a lower gpu
wattage than the blade 14 but it’s only
because of the chip this is running an
intel chip a much hotter chip higher
wattage chip so it has to compensate for
it but in general having this
trunk this like tail end of the device
gives the device better thermal
but the disadvantage is size these
alienware devices are not normal size
laptops they’re actually quite large in
terms of the footprint so if you look at
this uh alienware x15 it doesn’t look
particularly big until you place
the blade 15 on top of it like this is
the same screen size and they’re both
technically 15 inch laptops but this is
a lot bigger in fact most 16 inch
devices are actually smaller than this
device and this thing doesn’t even fit
into my backpack like my regular
backpack x15 doesn’t fit into it so you
get nice performance gains it just comes
with a lot of size the other thing
that’s kind of unfortunate about the
alienware design is that even with the
larger chassis like this you don’t get
particularly large screens this is still
a standard 16×9 aspect ratio screen
which is so strange right it’s got like
all this real estate to work with but it
still only has room for the small screen
and the other thing if you look closely
at the frame i don’t even think they
could put in one of those larger 16 by
10 aspect ratio screens into this panel
area because there’s just physically no
more room for display so if they had to
change any of that they’d have to
a lot on this device unfortunately but
the good thing that comes with
uh this
rear segment is that you get all the
ports on the back it just keeps your
workspace clear and like you just plug
up all your power usb all in the back
and then you’re just like working in a
nice clean environment now if we take a
look at the internals both the 14-inch
devices have a single stick of storage
and ram that’s not replaceable the
15-inch devices both have two slots of
storage the x-15 however has its ram
baked on so you can’t ever upgrade or
replace that on the blade 15 it’s got
two sticks of replaceable ram so you can
swap that out whenever you’d like now on
the 17-inch devices you can see the quad
fan setup on the alienware we also have
two sticks of ram and two slots of
storage which is the same as the blade
17. now in terms of the displays both
companies use great panels but razer has
more options they have 1080p 1440p 4k
and all the devices
alienware for whatever reason on the x17
you can’t get a 1440p panel on the x15
you can’t get a 4k panel it’s like the
strangest thing
razer has it all and they have this new
thing so this
i was going to dedicated video on this
but i decided to save you time included
in here so this is the world’s first
high refresh oled panel on a laptop it’s
phenomenal like truly phenomenal it has
incredible contrast ratio super rich
colors it looks awesome one millisecond
response time because it’s an oled panel
and 240 hertz like it’s just the dream
screen right this is
everything i’ve ever wanted on a gaming
laptop panel it has fundamentally
changed the way that i look at laptop
screens like this is the screen that i
want on every gaming laptop oled 240
hertz and it maintains its color
accuracy as you adjust brightness it’s
truly something special this i think is
the future or like the near future of
gaming laptop screens a quick note on
the keyboards i really like how both
brands have done their keyboards they’re
both comfortable to type on easy to get
used to even their 14-inch devices
neither company uses number pads
currently alienware though does have a
mechanical option if you’re looking for
one and they also have their very unique
rgb trackpad
okay so that’s the technical stuff i
want to move this conversation over to
uh like i said the bigger picture stuff
so one of the things that i think
kind of veiled in the computer industry
is just how big of a company alien
alienware is compared to razer like
i don’t think they’ve ever announced
their sales figures at least not
publicly but if i had to guess
this is just a guess based on my
understanding of what is going on in
this industry i would say that alienware
sells like maybe five to ten times the
number of laptops as razer does maybe
even more but that’s just a rough
estimate now because of that massive
difference in i guess scale and company
these guys do stuff very differently
from these guys so the first thing is i
guess when you order a device from them
because alienware is so big
these guys build their systems
like as you order it
like you configure your system however
which way you want it and then they’ll
ship it out to you which is cool you get
the configuration that you particularly
want but there’s a huge wait time
sometimes it’s like four five six weeks
right now i think it’s like eight weeks
huge lead times from when you order to
when you get it razer is unlike that you
get it within a week and if you go to
like box stores like best buy amazon
just pick it up because it’s readily
available this is how they have to do
their business being a smaller company
the other thing that comes with massive
scale and size is support and when
you’re small you can’t do the same thing
alienware has
next day
like on-site service like if something’s
wrong if there’s something wrong on your
alienware will send a team out to your
house or your office
they’ll look at it and they’ll try to
fix it
at the comfort of your own home or
office space
razer doesn’t have that if anything goes
wrong here you got to send it back to
the company and they’re very different
from like a user’s perspective from a
consumer’s perspective
this is much more convenient it’s
actually quite difficult to offer this
kind of support alienware can do it it’s
something special now my overall take on
this isn’t like you know brand x or
brand y is better i think this was
supposed to be informative for you guys
if you’re in that privileged position to
be able to purchase something like this
now you know a little bit more
information as to what the different
brands are doing personally
despite the amazing support that you get
with alienware and the cool aesthetics i
love the rgbs i love the whole design
they have going on i just like the size
of razer’s products and i like the
simplicity of everything that’s going on
with their particular laptop okay
that wraps this up

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