Sony A95K QD-OLED | Best TV of 2022?

Sony A95K QD-OLED | Best TV of 2022?
It’s no secret that the Sony A95K QD-OLED is an amazing TV, but just how good is it? Could it be the best TV or 2022? Here’s why we think it is, even if it isn’t perfect.

So i’m out playing golf with this guy
i’ve never met trying to explain to him
what i do for a living and of course we
start talking about tvs and then the
next thing you know i’m talking about
fine wines now i know what you’re
thinking caleb what do wines and tv have
in common well we’re about to find out
welcome back everyone i’m caleb dennison
and this is my review 2.0 or maybe we
just call it a deep dive on the sony
a95k qd oled tv . Welcome to it so what do
tvs and wines have in common well
nothing outside of my on the spot need
for a relatable metaphor while golfing
with some guy who
well he owns a vineyard and he digs wine
and it just made sense at the time to
try and help this guy distinguish among
several high-end tvs and the more i
thought about it the more i realized
that the sony a95k really benefits from
this metaphor so by the end of this
video we’ll be talking about wine again
but before we do that let’s take a step
back and give the a95k another look with
the benefit of the last five months now
being in the rear view mirror and before
i get on nostalgic for five months ago
you know the deal i need your help and i
appreciate it tremendously so click some
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faster okay thanks let’s dive in
so for those of you who didn’t know or
maybe just forgot i first evaluated the
sony a95k in late february 2022 in san
diego i was at sony headquarters one day
and then we set up a pop-up studio in
downtown san diego and shot some pretty
b-roll in one room while i worked on
another tv in the other room now to be
clear i’ve not seen the a95 case since
then and i mentioned this because i saw
some videos out there thinking it was
odd that i’ve had the a95k in my studio
for so long and haven’t come out with
the full review yet i think there may be
some confusion about our production
process or something but the a95k here
the one you’re seeing in this video
right now didn’t show up until just over
a week before i shot this video anyway a
lot has happened in those five months
since then the samsung s95b has come out
the competing qd oled tv and then you’ve
got the lg g2 oled which has been
gathering some great reviews including
for myself and also samsung’s qn 900b
mini led tv also making some waves so
we’ve had a bit to chew on i mean i
certainly have since i got my first look
at the a95k now it’s time to take a look
at the a95k through a new lens a little
less starry-eyed about cutie oled in
general a little more aware of how the
competition is looking and also since
i’ve been able to live with this tv for
a while we can get into a bunch of
factors that you just can’t touch when
you’ve got limited time for an
evaluation now a few things haven’t
changed for instance this tv measured
almost exactly the same as the unit i
measured a few months back it’s out of
box color performance is impeccable to
the point that a proper calibration
requires very little adjustment and
yields only marginal improvements its
peak white brightness doesn’t break any
records like the lg g2 or even the
samsung s95b though if you throw color
accuracy out the window and juice the
right settings it can certainly throw
out some big numbers but as i said
before the perceived brightness of this
tv punches right up there with the best
of them because its color brightness
abilities are simply next level which
i’ll touch on in a moment stepping away
from the measurements the monolithic
design you see here remains unique and
in my opinion is attractive with an
extremely heavy stand that you can place
in the back or in the front as you
choose now if you put it in the back
you’ll get a little lean back on the tv
but not too much oh and it’s stable
there are two hdmi 2.1 inputs one of
which is the e-arc input the tv also
supports atsc 3.0 as you can see here
speaking of support it does hdr 10 and
dolby vision and supports dolby at most
by the way as far as the sound goes the
speakers are built into the tv panel
itself plus there are two subwoofers
around the back to enhance space and
since there are speaker terminals on
this tv it can also take the center
channel feed from an av receiver if you
want the tv itself to be the center
speaker the remote control is slimmed
down backlit for easier use at night and
you can even get it to chime in case you
misplace it it also supports voice
control if you don’t want the tv always
listening for awake word but the tv will
do that if you ask it too finally the tv
does ship with this bravia cam which can
act as a webcam for video meetings
automatically adjust the picture and
sound settings depending on where you’re
seated warn you not to sit too close to
the tv just like your mom used to do and
apparently can support gesture control
as well however i’ve never seen that
work well on any tv before unfortunately
i’ve not been able to test any of those
things because as far as i know the
bravia cam features are not yet
activated you know what though this is
totally a fun or gimmicky feature and in
my opinion not really a selling point
so that’s the quick recap no big changes
or surprises now at this point i have to
tell you that i have at least in my mind
rewritten what i’m about to say about
this tv more times than i can count
there’s just so much going on here it’s
really easy to get mired in tiny little
details and in the process lose sight of
the big picture so i’m going to keep
this as straightforward as i possibly
can we’ll dig into some of the
nitty-gritty on this tv when we compare
it to the lg g2 for instance but right
now i just want to tell you what you
need to know about this tv here’s what
it comes down to the a95k is in my
opinion the finest tv sony has ever made
and it’s easily in contention to take
the crown as the best tv in 2022 in fact
if it weren’t for the strong competition
out there the a95k super premium price
tag and the fact that this tv is only
available in 55 and 65 inch sizes then
this would be the most slam dunkist win
for sony like ever the picture quality
is just so freaking good
color brightness color accuracy overall
contrast motion resolution all of those
factors are extremely impressive on
their own but when you combine them all
together in this one tv the net effect
is striking perhaps the best endorsement
i can give this tv is the story about
how i’m seeing content i’ve watched
literally hundreds of times in a
completely new light there are colors
here that i’ve not seen before the
vibrancy and depth is absolutely next
level i love love love love this tv and
i wish everyone could have one but the
fact of the matter is this tv is not for
everyone and that may be a hard pill to
swallow but it’s true so let me explain
why the first reason and probably the
most obvious is price the a95k is
expensive so while it may technically
have the best overall picture quality
i’ve ever seen on a tv the margin of
improvement over competing tvs like the
samsung s95b and the lg g2 for example
it’s small enough that the jump in price
might not be worth it for some folks the
second reason is size pure and simple
this tv is only available in 55 and 65
inches so if you want something bigger
you need to consider something else like
the g2 oled and the final reason the
a95k may not be the right tv for you is
if you frequently watch tv during the
day in a very bright room where some of
the picture quality advantages this tv
offers might be lost a little to ambient
brightness in your room and that’s it
from where i sit those are the three
instances in which the sony a95k is not
the best tv choice otherwise this tv has
got it going on in just about every
meaningful way
it is a remarkable achievement it’s
amazing for watching movies again you’ll
see movies in a new way it’s amazing for
just general everyday tv watching i mean
even lackluster cable and satellite
broadcast look as good as they’ve ever
looked on this tv and also and i know
i’m going to catch a little heat saying
this but i can take it it’s also great
for playing video games like i’ll stop
short of saying it’s the ultimate tv for
gaming but the person who is shopping
for the ultimate gaming tv isn’t looking
for the sony a95k anyway but for those
of you out there for whom picture
quality is the most important thing and
a great gaming experience is a very
close second the a95k has just about
everything most folks need maybe it
doesn’t do full 444 chroma at 4k 120
that’s okay if you actually need that
you can look elsewhere it only has two
hdmi 2.1 ports and one of them is an er
that’s okay too look if you have the
xbox series x the playstation 5 and a
high-end gaming pc with a next level gpu
and you want to connect them all to the
a95k then get a kick-ass avery receiver
to do your switching for you because you
clearly have the resources to do so and
you deserve killer sound to go with all
of your other toys look it all comes
down to this the sony a95k is like a
really expensive very fine wine it’s
refined loaded with character and offers
nuances that might only be detected by
the most discerning of viewers and
you’ll pay for the privilege of enjoying
it there may be 10 other bottles on the
shelf that offer 95 of the experience at
75 of the price but the discerning
connoisseur doesn’t care about that they
want the finest vintage no matter the
cost and that my friends is the sony
a95k qd oled tv thanks as always for
watching everyone what do you think will
the sony a95k walk away with the tv
shootout award this year let me know
down in the comments don’t forget to
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