How to Make Money Online Without Investment [2022]

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How to Make Money Online Without Investment [2022]

How to make money online without investment. This is what I’ve been doing for the last decade.
In fact, I was a digital nomad before the term became a cliche. And while I was working online
and traveling over the last ten years I made a lot of friends with other expats who also worked
online. Trust me, I have a lot of tricks up here for anyone looking to make a few dollars online.
So today I’ll be going over not just what I’ve done to be successful working online,
but also what some of my friends have done so you have a variety of ideas to work with. Because
of that, each way to make money online I’ll be covering is a bit different, so watch until the
end so you can decide which one is the best fit. Now, I first want you to check out this online
freelancer Alexandra Fasulo. I haven’t personally met her, but she was recently on CNBC’s Make It,
when she was making next to $400,000 a year as a content writer. And to just go
over some of her numbers, her first year as a freelance content writer she made $63,000
and the following year it jumped all the way to $273,000. You need to think she went from nothing,
having no experience in selling gigs online, and still made $63,000 her first
year using only one freelancer platform. And then her following year she made over four times that.
Now, for years I’ve been recommending friends who want to start making money online
to start with freelance writing, especially if they don’t know where to get started,
or know how to apply their skill sets. And there are a couple reasons why I often recommend this
to friends. For one, if English is your first language and you have a basic ability to write,
you generally can do a better job than ninety percent of your competition. While you might see a
huge sea of freelance writers out there, you have to keep in mind that most freelance writers have
English as a second language. Also, any writing you do for other websites or blogs
will help prepare you to start your own website someday. Writing for a variety of websites can
really help you understand how these website owners market affiliate products or sell
online services. It also allows you to immerse yourself in a variety of industries and niches
that you may not have ever thought of. Now, to find online writing gigs you’ll want to sign up to
several freelancer websites. So, the question is where can you find these freelancer writing gigs?
Well, two of the biggest freelancer websites in the industry are Upwork and Fiverr,
especially for writers. In Upwork you can build a profile and then bid on writing gigs
that are posted by people looking for the service. Keep in mind though, since you’ll be new, you’ll
need to set a competitive price per word until you build up some good reviews. Once you have a
half dozen good reviews then you can increase your prices. Now, what is a competitive price per word?
Well, remember these first few gigs are just so you get the job and get some good reviews. With
that in mind, you may want to set your price per word around 3 to 5 cents per word until you have
a little bit of work history, and then you can dramatically increase your prices from there.
Let me show you this. I posted a gig on Upwork for a 1,000 word article and set $50 as my max budget.
Here is an example of people who applied to write for this gig. You can see most of them
are not US based and most of them do not have English as a first language. You’ll also notice
many of them do not have many reviews. But here’s an example of a writer from the USA
that is doing exactly what I’m talking about here. She recently built her profile here on
Upwork and is looking to secure her first few writing gigs. Now, what I like about
her profile is that she explains where she got her education and a little of her work history.
This is a believable profile. There are people who will use a VPN or forward a US based phone
number to change their country location to the United States. So it can be good to give a little
bit of your backstory in your profile so people know you are who you say you are. So let’s say
you build out your profile on Upwork and you’re looking to get your first writing gig. There is
a secret to landing gigs on Upwork. And the secret is to apply to as many gigs as possible. If you’re
not submitting applications to five to ten gigs a day when first starting out, you’re not doing
it right. It’s all a numbers game. The other big thing is you should have an introductory framework
that can be customized to each gig you apply to. Something as an example would be “Hello, I would
be happy to write your article about “blank.” That’s one of the subjects I specialize in.” Okay,
so now that we went through a quick runthrough of how to build out your profile and get your
first few gigs, let’s talk a bit about the kind of money you can make once you have a half dozen
good reviews. I’ll say too, even if you were to write a 1000 word article that took two hours;
if you were charging $50 per article you’d still be making $25 an hour starting out.
And it’s not uncommon for experienced writers who have English as a first language to charge
ten to twenty cents per word. And if you’re a true specialist in a specific category,
or have credentials behind your name, you could charge all the way up to a dollar per word.
So why do I say to charge so little for the first few articles? Well, if you are brand
new to a platform and have no work history posted with client reviews you’ll be competing against
writers from other countries that have reviews. They might not have English as a first language
but they at least have past clients that have been reasonably happy with their work.
So while English might be your first language, you still need to prove yourself on the platform.
Now, let’s talk about setting yourself up on Fiverr. This is another great place to find
clients when freelancing. On Fiverr, since your reputation is built on client reviews it’s the
same thing here. You will initially want to set really competitive prices compared to the entire
freelancer writer pool, and once you have some good reviews, you can quickly increase your prices
to reflect that English is your first language and your quality writing skills. Now, you’ll also want
to build out your profile and backstory really well on Fiverr so people know you’re from the USA
and have English as your first language. You’ll also want to include a real professional profile
picture and some writing samples so they know that you’re serious about the work you provide through
the platform. And you’ll see writers with strong profiles on Fiverr are charging anywhere between
ten to twenty cents per word, and sometimes more. Especially if they have a Pro Verified profile
with a lot of positive reviews they can charge a higher rate.
Okay, I think I covered that way to make money online well enough for now. I have a ton of ways
to do this so I have to be selective, because I don’t have time to cover all of them in this
video. And just so you have a quick idea. You can be a freelancer for almost any type of service on
Upwork and Fiverr. It doesn’t just have to be blog writing. One other type of service you could offer
is video editing. There is some incredible free video editing software called DaVinci Resolve.
This is the software I was using to edit my own Youtube videos before I hired a full time
video editor. And I learned this software within less than a week, essentially from not having any
real prior experience with video editing before. And I’ll tell you, right now video editors are in
demand. More and more people are moving to video created content, and video editing is one of the
most time consuming parts. While it does require you to develop a small set of technical skills,
it will lower the competition pool a bit. I’ll also say this, if you speak English as your first
language you will have a huge advantage editing video. There are nuances to timing cuts and
transitions in language that are difficult to do correctly if you don’t speak the language well.
Now, I still have a couple ways for you to make money online without investment
that actually work. These next couple methods I had some expat friends do while I was living
in Guadalajara, Mexico, so I know these work. And these are a couple methods I’ve
known lots of people use that works. Okay, one of my friends Jan from Germany
has a very successful adventure related website called Lebegeil. I’m sure I’m
butchering the pronunciation of it, but I’ll have a link to his website in the description.
Jan essentially writes articles about different adventure related activities to do in different
cities around the world. A couple years back when I talked to him about what he found
really helped make his website successful, he told me the importance of having articles
that target very specific long tail keywords. Meaning search terms that include several words
to describe a very specific query. An example would be to not just cover the best bars in
Mexico City, but to write about the best bars in Mexico City when it’s hot outside, for example.
If you write articles for long tail keywords it is usually much easier to rank for those terms in
search engines. Even if these types of article titles don’t receive as many search queries,
by building up a large portfolio of articles you can bring in a lot of readers. Now, this
is a technique I’ve known multiple friends with websites focus on time and time again. And that’s
to create articles that target long tail keywords. From this he really monetizes his website in a few
different ways. First he runs display ads in his articles. This can be surprisingly
lucrative for sites that have a decent amount of visitor traffic. He will also do sponsored
posts on occasion for companies or products that closely relate to his website’s niche.
And he runs a marketing agency for adventure related companies, using his Lebegeil website as
a professional example of the quality of his work. One of the other things I want to mention is, you
probably noticed his website is in German. German is his first language. And although he speaks
incredibly good English and Spanish he has stuck to writing in and targeting a German audience.
I had asked him if he ever thought to do his same content but in English,
and he had mentioned that he had tried it before, but since German was his first language he wanted
to focus on his strengths. And I would say there’s something you can learn from that.
Look to build your online income using strengths and talents that come naturally.
If you’re able to do that, that’s when you can become the best at what you do. And another thing
I really want you to get out of this is you can build a website about a specific hobby or skill
set you have and find ways to monetize it. So just as a recap, we discussed starting with
talking about being a freelance writer online. You can make a serious six figure career and
business out of just doing this. If you find the right clients you can likely work out weekly blog
posts for their website and then charge them a recurring monthly fee. And we also talked
about starting your own blog or website focused around a specific niche. And the importance of
targeting long tail keywords for very specific search queries. The tool myself and I’d say most
experts use to help us find niche specific long tail keywords with low competition is Ahrefs.
I’m not an affiliate for Ahrefs, I just know it to be one of the best tools out there
for people wanting niche and keyword insights. If you’re not against hitting that like button,
go ahead and give it a tap. Also, I have more stories of people who have
successfully learned to make money online so click subscribe. And you guys have a great day.



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