I Did Not Eat Food For 30 Days

I Did Not Eat Food For 30 Days

I am not eating any food for the next 30
days wait want to be hungry this is what
i currently look like and i weigh 220
pounds and when i say no food i really
mean it this was the hardest i’ve ever
pushed my body in my entire life
seriously do not try this at home i had
a whole team of doctors watching me
every single day they kept track of all
my vitals like these to ensure i didn’t
have a heart attack or worse thanks
doctors and if i for any reason eat food
in the next 30 days chris you get to
shave my head no
there’s no way he’s going to 30 days
we’re shaving his head the challenge has
officially begun guess you won’t need
you’re right and since i’m not eating
for the next 30 days i might as well get
rid of all the food in my house or are
you eating i’m not or are you i’m not
eating and can you guys help me get rid
of all this food where is he it’s like
legit take all my food i don’t want a
single calorie of food in this house
give me a question if a fly flies into
your mouth because your mouth is open
and you accidentally swallow it does
that count as eating uh probably yeah
we’re that serious enjoy the food i’ll
see you guys later you forgot the
say it to the door all right the
challenge is now getting serious the
boys are gone and my kitchen is
completely empty also chris accidentally
broke my microwave
the microwave were broke thanks a lot
chris i’m laying in bed about to go to
sleep and it feels weird not having a
snack before bed staying strong i’ll see
you guys tomorrow typically when i wake
up the first thing i do is i go eat
breakfast but obviously i can’t do that
now so i guess i just go film videos the
only thing going in my mouth for the
next 28 days is water let’s go see how
much weight i’ve lost to be honest i
probably weigh basically the same
yeah like i said and i’m about to go
start filming a different video so
today’s gonna be a pretty difficult day
and the video we’re filming is we’re
seeing if this man can spend 100 days in
this circle comment what you think is
harder spending 100 days in a circle or
not eating food for 30 days building on
a completely empty stomach is much
harder than it sounds by the end of it i
was drained
that’s probably like four or five hours
of filming and honestly man i need to go
to bed i’m tired now hey chan chan what
you got there oh just some mcdonald’s
i’m blowing the smells your way you are
jimmy you want to eat me it’s the end of
day number two not gonna lie i’m
actually really hungry and uh yeah i’ll
see you guys tomorrow a lot of people
say that days three through six are the
hardest but for the most part i feel
fine i’m just a little sluggish and i
just feel tired taking my first poop
since i started fasting
how much do i weigh so i’m down two and
a half pounds in the last day that’s
actually pretty crazy but it does make
sense because i took a giant poop this
morning we’re about to do a photo shoot
for my snack brand festivals and it
sucks because i can’t eat them and this
is making me hungry
that’s me smiling through the paint you
need me to take a bite of this yes
they want a photo of me taking a bite of
the bar can i have permission i’ll spit
it out i promise yeah you can do that
it’s the picture you can have a shape i
hate you all right i’m hanging up fake
biting chocolate
this morning i was like i’m not that
hungry this isn’t too hard now i’m like
bro i need to eat food the boys told me
they have a surprise for me which is
basically a nice way of them saying
they’re about to torture me we just
rented an ice cream truck because we
want to shave jimmy’s head
oh i’m sorry all right let’s go
i hear music outside
and now they’re screaming my name
oh my gosh hey hey we got ice cream did
you use my credit card for this of
course we did what would we use our own
money of course screw you guys it just
clicked in my head that these goofy
goobers are gonna be trying to tempt me
this entire time
they’re literally throwing ice cream at
my window oh my god
did you guys just break the window jimmy
jimmy watch out for the broken glass and
the ice cream you guys do realize i’m
renting this from a friend hey jimmy cat
did you guys have fun we have one more
little trick oh one more of course let
me guess you ordered pizza
okay get out of here come on oh you guys
go merry christmas happy hanukkah the
boys smashed a window
and it doesn’t seem safe to sleep in a
house with an open window i decided to
just sleep over at a friend’s house
it’s the morning and i woke up with a
headache doc said it should go away
within a day or two it’s pretty normal
so yeah i’m probably not gonna do much
today despite that i managed to drag
myself to the weigh-in set turns out i
lost another half a pound good progress
anyways back to bed for the rest of the
today is day five i’m going to check
with the doctor check on the guy in the
circle film some tick tocks and then
figure out how i buy a private island
for 100 million subscribers all right i
212.2 pounds i lost another three pounds
in the last 24 hours where does it go
bro i don’t know we should find it
currently i’m getting blood work done to
prove to you guys and chris that i
haven’t eaten the main thing i’m going
to be looking for is a hormone called
leptin will tell me whether you’re
eating or not we’re going to take a
couple days to come in we’ll await the
today is day number six and for whatever
reason i’m feeling really good i don’t
want to get cocky because i still have
24 days left but i’m starting to think
this is actually possible you guys know
the deal
210.1 pounds well we’re on 210 exactly
wow this is bitcoin this year
and now it’s time to go check on the guy
we trapped in the circle we’re filming
the 100 and circle video and after
talking really loud for a long time i’m
very tired
so i’m gonna just take a nap probably so
i did take a nap
in this guy’s house and then we finished
filming need anything else yeah i think
i’m good see you in a week a week it’s
currently midnight and the boys asked if
i wanted to hang out they’re all just
nominated i’m not gonna lie in this
moment i am contemplating shaving my
head so i can eat some nachos those look
really good you can
good morning jim how you doing i’m doing
phenomenal because it’s officially been
a week since i ate food and what better
way to celebrate this milestone and then
some ice balls
ah this was a lot funnier in my head
after seven days without food cut me
some slack
this next shot is brought to you from
the side because tariq didn’t hit record
oh my gosh
i’m down almost 12 pounds since we
started in only a week day 7 was really
busy first i did my vital check at the
bad bad
who left these laying around what is so
bad don’t you eat it for me let me just
watch you eat this oreo this is
then i checked out some in-progress sets
from an upcoming video and finally me
and carl filmed with quackity for the
rest of the day well i don’t understand
how this constitutes as a talent mental
toughness is a challenge i haven’t ate
food in seven days this challenge is
definitely starting to wear me down
one of our coming up videos were
thank you truck what i was trying to say
is the chocolate factory set was being
built and i wanted to show you this is a
chocolate fountain and that’s how much
chocolate it requires to fill it bro
being around these candies are making me
so hungry why did we have to film this
during my fast the boys sent me a random
dm saying they’re playing basketball
it’s probably a horrible idea but screw

it i literally airballed my first shot
he’s definitely a lot less energetic
making less shots i didn’t realize how
weak i was from not eating but despite
that i still managed to score a little
so funny story i just pooped and that’s
significant because this was my first
poop in over a week so i did some
googling and apparently this is a normal
thing not gonna lie it feels so weird to
poop again i was recording some videos
for the react channel and it really just
it drained me man it’s almost jimmy
jam’s nap time he gets low on calories
i’m low on the energies i also just
didn’t sleep that well last night when i
can barely keep my eyes open i’m on a
couch in
the studio and i’m literally just
on day 10 i flew out to new york to meet
with mark roberts
on a stage in front of a bunch of very
important people and i’m tired of having
food i didn’t know scientifically
possible to survive that long without
food but back home the boys had their
own plans while jimmy’s in new york
tariq led us into his house and we’ve
been filling it with food all day i’ve
been eating all day stop okay
the talk went great and i’m exhausted
i’m going to bed when jimmy gets back
from new york guys he’s not going to
know what hit him
but it was us he’s definitely going to
eat and then we get to shave his head
team us
hey jim
hey listen i can explain are you in on
this i
filmed it oh it smells so good in here
please tell me it was just down here my
bed bro how badly do they want to shave
my head my face having chandler what is
this you’re hungry yes actually my
stomach pain went away for the most part
but now it’s throbbing did you turn
kevin on the toilet seat
no and because you said that i’m not
going to them i’m in a chocolate factory
watching people eat chocolate it’s been
12 days since i approved 13 12. i don’t
even know what day and the day only got
worse from there i was so nauseous that
i couldn’t film for more than 20 minutes
without sitting down for a break oh my
god i’m gonna throw up at one point i
almost scrapped the chocolate factory
video because i was so low energy
and by the end of the day i felt like i
was gonna pass out so we had to check
with the doctor
i’m getting pretty low in energy so i’m
gonna talk to the doctor and see what we
should do i think we should shave your
head and then you can eat and then
you’ll feel that it is actually kind of
tempting right now i really am hungry
your hormone levels came back and it
shows you are doing good with your fast
i believe you i saw you sleep eight
times today it’s definitely starting to
catch up to me your electrolytes still
look good but i’m a little bit concerned
about your energy level when you start
to feel worse we can always break the
path for your um
yeah we can break the hair off of your
and this is why you need medical
supervision when you do these long fast
i don’t know what i’m doing i’m
listening to him good night man we’ll
see you on chocolate factory tomorrow
i had to fly out on day 13 so i weighed
myself from home that’s 18 pounds under
where i started in just two weeks we’re
heading to vegas to film a quick clip
with gordon ramsay all this flying’s
really starting to catch up to me would
you like some peanuts uh no
i would not like peanuts 50 minutes past
midnight so it’s actually officially day
14. it has been two weeks since i last
stayed food our hotel room had a bunch
of snacks in it and nolan won’t stop
eating them in front of me all i know
how to do is eat chips tomorrow we’re
going to be cooking food for gordon
ramsay or today because it’s 1am i’m
hungry i’m going to bed
while filming with gordon ramsay i was
trying to stay upbeat but i was really
dying on the inside we just filmed with
gordon ramsay from one of our videos he
has informed me he wants to cook me
something for his channel well you can’t
eat yeah yeah it’s for his youtube
channel carl can taste test for me you
know it’s not he’s one of the greatest
chefs to ever live by not eating it i’d
be passing up a golden opportunity
welcome to scramble where i’m cooking my
favorite dish scrambled eggs with some
close friends and today please welcome
mr beast thank you what a great hype man
i have to also say i’m doing a video
where i try not to eat food for 30 days
and if i do have to shave my head i’m
gonna try not to eat what he makes i’m
going to make a sandwich and you telling
me now you’re not going to eat it it
depends unless it looks really good
i’ve pissed ribs yeah just take a little
bite right how do you fast for 30 days
well i’m not a doctor so i don’t want to
tell you how when was the last time you
had a poop uh oh god
that does smell good
you’re gonna make me cry these are so
special holy crap they’re beautiful oh
my gosh breakfast sandwich oh man come
in at least take a bite you’ll be the
first person in my entire career that
i’ve killed something from start to
finish the reason please
just i guess
i’ll take one bite and i have to spit it
out technically because of refeeding
syndrome but i still want to just taste
it so you’re breaking the fat i’m gonna
break it back
it’s supposed to be sloppy
rich delicious
i love it i love it it’s the best thing
i’ve ever tasted
in my life but you can’t just have an
influx of carbs after not eating 14 days
happy with that i am that’s very happy
thank you i feel energized just having
that in me bro after 14 days there you
have it this jerk that’s gonna make me
shave my head let’s go do it a deal is a
deal chris you can shave my head why do
we have so many razors i hate you gordon
i love you gordon thank you you ready go
for it i’m scared i’m gonna mess up but
i literally love them lovely that feels
awfully good drinks just behind the
camera like
here just get it over with i’m gonna
leave you a little unicorn
oh my god that was so much hate okay
okay just let me see that side real
quick look how thin the side of my head
is all right you know what i’m ending
the video here didn’t trust chris with
the razor anymore so this is my barber
finishing up and this is the only time
you’re gonna see me like this for the
next five months i’m gonna be wearing a
hat goodbye
you won’t be needing these anymore
these are good places

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