Touring a $8,250,000 Futuristic Modern Home on the Spanish Coast!

Touring a $8,250,000 Futuristic Modern Home on the Spanish Coast!

This week we are in Marbella, Spain touring Villa Shiro, a newly constructed modern home. More tours from Marbella coming soon. Follow us on Instagram @EnesYilmazer , @AyersWorld !

Modern Home
(calm music)
– What’s up everybody.
It’s Enes here,
and welcome to another video from Marbella.
On today’s tour, we’re checking out
this newly constructive modern estate, right behind me,
that features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms,
665 square meter built.
Located on a 1,322 square meter lot,
with an asking price of 7.5 million euros,
which also includes all the furnishings
within the sale price.
Now, this property is exclusively listed with Solvilla,
so I wanna give a big thanks to them
for allowing us to tour their amazing listing,
and share it with all of you.
And now, let’s begin our tour.
(bright upbeat music)
We’re gonna start our tour on the exterior.
Off of the street level,
we have this gate opening up to the entry,
nice fingerprint scanner.
And as you walk in,
we have this floating bridge
taking us to the front door.
Down below us, we have this water feature
that sounds incredible, peaceful and tranquil,
and it sets the mood as you walk into the house.
Beautiful modern structure,
stucco finish on the exterior,
and we have this gorgeous pivot door that welcomes you in.
This one also has a fingerprint scanner.
And as soon as you walk in,
you see this incredible spiral staircase
that is located right in the center of the home.
Massive picture windows on the back, facing your backyard.
And I just love the design here with the open riser,
curvature and the contrast between the white walls
and the black trim details.
You have the LED lighting
nicely recessed into the staircase.
I mean, this looks amazing.
Now also off of the entry,
we have this section here with the padded wall,
few hangers, built in closets on this side,
and now your entry takes you
to your formal living room area.
Lots of natural light coming in,
sliding glass doors open up straight to your backyard.
And I just love the space here.
It’s open with an L-shaped couch,
custom furniture, coffee table right in the center.
And on the back,
we have these built-ins with the darker wood tones
and travertine to create a nice warm contrast
to the space.
We have higher ceiling heights here,
and additional glass sections above the sliding glass doors
to bring in even more natural light.
Of course you have your automatic shades, curtains,
all those details.
Now coming here,
I gotta show this detail.
So we have the family room right behind me,
and this massive, sliding, dividing wall.
That way you can create some separation
between your formal living room and your family room.
It’s another warm, cozy space.
We have this unique couch set up here,
custom carpet on the floors.
And over on this section,
you have your TV nicely recessed in,
Sonos soundbar, ethanol fireplace down below,
and the entire fireplace assembly
is clad with this gorgeous natural stone,
which gives a lot of texture to the space.
Open shelving on the left, recess lights,
cove ceiling light details,
everything you need.
– [Mikey] Yeah, I love the lighting in this house.
As you go through,
they have all this kind of concealed LED lighting.
All the ceilings are dropped just a little bit
so the corners of the room have this kind of glow to them.
I’m sure it’s gonna look really cool at night.
Like we always do, we’ll stick around and see it.
– Absolutely.
They have incredible outdoor lighting as well.
Like you said, we’re gonna see that later.
Now come into this section, I really like this corner here.
We have a desk set up, picture windows on the inside
bringing natural light.
And as you sit down here,
you just have a nice view to look at
since they have placed these Balsa trees
on each side behind these windows.
Some open shelving, great seating area.
Now I wanna take everybody this way,
sliding glass doors opening up to the outdoors.
We have additional here off of the formal living room.
And now we’re back at the entry.
Right on the other side,
we have the dining area and the kitchen.
It is really open, just like the seating areas
and every bit of surface
is clad with exquisite materials here.
You got this gorgeous dining area right in the center,
but first Mikey let’s take everybody this way, ready?
Behind this panel wall,
you have your elevator, nicely tucked in.
– [Mikey] I didn’t even know that was there.
– There you go.
And on this side, this may look like another panel,
but it opens up to your gorgeous powder room
with an offset sink, Chrome fixture, mirror wall,
stone texture on the left.
Even the powder room is so decked out.
Now, coming back here, let’s cover the dining area.
We have this solid wood table attached
to your kitchen island,
with this brass detail that runs right in the center
and connects to your leg below.
Chandeliers above, and to elevate the lighting here,
they even have this LED light box design above
with the same lines that we’re gonna see
throughout these paneled walls.
And the rest of the kitchen looks gorgeous.
Something about this dining room set up with the angle
and the live edge that I personally really like.
Because if you look at the kitchen, it’s very symmetrical.
And then you have this table set up here
on a different angle,
which kind of breaks the symmetry
and creates a nice contrast.
Now, coming here, we have the wall cabinets,
oversized handles, some open shelving,
and this is your full-size wine cooler.
And of course you have your fridge and freezer on this side,
additional pantry space.
This is a Boffi kitchen with flat panel cabinetry.
And you have your sink design here with the fabrication
and your drying rack.
Upper cabinets here with nice darker wood tones inside,
which again gives some warmth to this all white kitchen.
You have your Miele induction cooktop,
popup vent, pendant lights above,
and your kitchen continues here
with the built-ins, microwave,
all that good stuff, gorgeous kitchen.
And of course we have sliding glass doors here,
seamlessly taking you to the outdoors.
I say seamless because we have the same tiles on the floors
going straight to the outside.
Outside has this non-slip texture.
And I just love that even the tracks
have the ceramic tiles built in.
That way you have this seamless look.
Now off of the kitchen,
we have the outdoor dining area
with this gorgeous custom table right in the center,
sits eight people.
And we have the chandelier right in the center
and these wood beam ceilings
that actually follows to this section right here,
where we have the outdoor barbecue area.
I love the texture on the cabinets.
Mikey, can we get a close up?
This is such a sleek barbecue set up here
with a Teppanyaki grill right in the center.
Look at these knobs and details.
Looks absolutely gorgeous.
Of course, you have a sink here, I believe.
Let’s see, you even have…
Oh, there you go.
A small dishwasher.
That way, you don’t need to carry your dirty dishes
into your kitchen.
You can just kind of clean them here.
Open shelving on this side.
Beautiful, beautiful, small, but to the point,
outdoor barbecue area.
Now let’s take everybody here.
Before we check out the backyard,
I actually wanna show everybody this staircase,
because it takes you to this awesome Zen garden,
which is located on the lower level.
And if you follow the walkway here,
it takes you to the water feature,
off on the entry of this home.
I love the aesthetics here with the Japanese influence.
You have a water feature right in the center.
It’s a great space.
I wanna show that to everyone.
Now, coming back, again we have the outdoor dining area
on our left and right in the center of this backyard,
we have this gorgeous 16 meter, zero edge pool,
that looks stunning.
It looks so inviting.
We are here for almost two weeks
and I feel like after this shoot, we should just jump in.
It looks so inviting.
– [Mikey] Yeah, it looks great.
We actually have a pool at our place, but it’s not heated.
This one probably is, right?
– Absolutely, looks incredible.
And I just love the application here,
where they took the same style tiles that we have
throughout the property,
and they clad it inside of the pool with it as well.
That way you just have this incredibly uniform look
throughout the backyard and look how blue that pool looks.
Again, looks awesome.
– [Mikey] Yeah.
– Now you also have some grass sections
on each side of the pool,
beautifully landscape backyard, nicely hedged.
And right on the other side,
we have this pool cabana with a retractable top.
Nice seating set up here.
I wanna talk about something.
In Spain people name their houses.
This one is Villa Shiro.
That’s why they had the logo and branding right there.
It’s another cozy spot.
In fact, Mikey, can we turn around and show everybody
how incredible this house looks from this angle.
The architectural lines, the symmetry,
the center tower design with a spiral staircase,
thin profile sliding glass doors,
all opening up to the outdoors.
Wood beam ceiling details on the right,
wrapping into the patio.
And the architectural lines, the stucco finish, the proportions.
Everything about this house.
I think this is one of the most beautiful angles
this house has to offer.
Now, before we leave this section,
pool cabana also has a good sized bathroom
with a water closet.
This pool also has a built-in pool cover.
So I wanted to mention that.
Push of a button, you can just cover the entire thing.
And going around, again,
landscaping, attention to detail in this house.
Every corner, every surface is clad
with some sort of material.
Every space has a purpose.
Every product that you see is branded.
I love stuff like this.
Mikey knows as well too.
You have Shiro logos throughout the towels,
finishes, these accessories.
I love it.
In fact, I’m gonna fix the angle and continue our tour.
Now we’re on the other side of the patio space.
Right in front of us, we have the formal living room area,
another great outdoor seating space.
This one has open top,
and this is where we have the central tower space
where we have the spiral staircase
exposed through these picture windows.
And right here, they have a beautiful champagne color,
aluminum cladding which again creates a really,
really nice contrast on the exterior facade
facing the backyard.
Now, right next door, another small seating area,
and again, indoor outdoor flow.
Now we’re back in the formal living room area.
Now that wraps our tour on the first floor.
Now I wanna take the stairs,
go to the lower level and continue our tour.
(downbeat music)
And the spiral staircase brings you to the lower level landing.
I just love the details here with the curvature
open riser,
that massive picture window off of the main floor entry,
even floods the space with natural light.
And off of the landing, you got this gorgeous wine wall
with a wallpaper on the back.
This piano finished cabinetry, angles, back lighting.
It looks stunning.
Now following the hallway,
we have the elevator access for this level here
and this door opens up to the laundry room.
As expected, we have some storage here, open shelving,
racks, hangers, your sink, washers and dryers.
And on top of that, Mikey, let’s get a close up.
You have the storage area
because let’s say you’re doing your laundry, right?
– [Mikey] Yes. – And you need
to take your clothes.
– [Mikey] That’s a unique detail.
That’s well thought out.
– I love it.
Another detail I’m applying in my future house.
– [Mikey] Also just elevated washers and dryers in general.
– General, yes.
– [Mikey] We don’t see enough elevated washers and dryers
and we don’t see enough elevated dishwashers.
– And me and Mikey suffer a little bit of back pain
so it comes in handy. – [Mikey] Have we ever seen
an elevated dishwasher?
– Yes we did.
In that house in Colorado, not Colorado, Utah, that’s right.
All right, ready?
We have this door opening up to the first guest suite,
on this level.
King size bed, padded back wall with the unique angles,
great room, cove ceiling light details,
ceiling mount light fixture,
and you have of course your TV and built-ins on this side.
It definitely has a great vibe.
In fact, Mikey, can we get a closeup
on these awning windows
because I’m gonna show you a detail.
Why don’t you go forward?
– [Mikey] Okay, awning windows.
– [Enes] Yes, so these windows are obviously
not easy to reach, right?
– [Mikey] They have little screens on too, that’s cool.
– They are motorized.
They have screens as well.
That way you can open close them
and benefit from natural light coming in and fresh air.
That’s a sleek detail.
I have to point it out. – [Mikey] I like that.
– I love it.
All right, Mikey, let’s quickly show this.
Of course, we have a walk-in closet here.
Cabinetry goes all the way to the ceiling.
Space is well utilized.
And around the corner,
we have extra cabinetry and the door takes us
to the bathroom for this room,
floating vanity designed with Corian countertops,
two sinks, chrome fixtures.
And I really like the pattern on the cabinetry here.
You have your water closet on this side
and they have followed the lines of the mirror,
and they brought the lines all the way into walk-in shower
with the same LED lighting, rain head above
another motorized casement window,
stone clad throughout, gorgeous bathroom.
Now going back to the hallway,
let’s go check out the bedroom right next door.
Again, these hallways are very spacious.
On our left, we have built-in cabinetry
and this door right here opens up
to the second guest suite on this level.
Another king size bed.
I like the wallpaper behind the bed setup,
cove lighting detail to tie in the warmth of the space,
ceiling mount light fixture, casement window above.
And we have the desk set up, TV, built-ins.
And something about these lower level bedrooms,
they feel very cozy and they feel very inviting.
– [Mikey] And they smell great.
– They also smell great.
I think the interior designer here, Pedro Pena,
he did a great job with accessories, details, finishes,
custom furniture throughout.
I mean, everything looks gorgeous.
Now we are in the bathroom for this room
and this one also has a floating vanity
with dual sinks, Chrome fixtures.
I just love this gloss finish on the cabinetry
with the built-in handles.
You have your walk-in shower at the end.
Gorgeous, gorgeous finishes.
Now let’s take everybody back to the hallway
so we can continue our tour.
At the end of this hallway,
we have a door opening up to a powder room for this level.
Nice textures on the cabinetry,
water closet, mirror finish on the wall
and this door opens up to your spa.
Now it’s amazing to see a full size spa in a home this size,
because although it’s a little bit on the smaller size,
it has literally everything you need.
You have two massage tables here,
nice mirror back wall, open cabinetry.
And you have your vanity design here with a stone sink.
And behind me, you have your steam room.
Then you have your walk-in shower with a handheld.
Then you have your small size sauna.
I know it’s not the biggest spot, but in my opinion,
home this size, it’s perfectly proportionate
and you’ll literally have everything you need here.
– [Mikey] I love the color of the light in here.
It’s very soothing.
– It’s very soothing and relaxing, right?
Perfect, now let’s come back to the hallway way again,
back to the landing on the lower level.
So far, we have covered this wing.
Now I want to take everybody to the other side.
We have the stairs elevating us a little bit.
And on my right hand side,
we have this massive picture window
looking into your lounge.
In fact, let’s go have a look.
Gorgeous hardwood floors,
nice seating area on the left,
and above us on the ceiling,
they got this beautiful cove lighting detail
that really warms the space.
And I feel like this lounge with the bar here,
it feels like a speakeasy bar.
– [Mikey] Yeah, I really like it.
I like the pool table.
I like the little bar area,
and I like that they have kind of
different colored lighting.
It’s kind of yellow in here.
It’s kind of orange in the spa.
It’s really nice.
– It has its own tone.
It has a smaller scale billiards table here,
which I really like.
wall sconce above, some open shelving here
with the gloss finish.
Of course you have your TV, soundbar below
and this bar right here.
It sits three people.
I love this blue glass countertop design here.
And of course you have your sink.
I believe this is a fridge, there you go.
Open shelving.
It’s a great spot.
I feel like if you lived in this house,
you would use this space all the time.
And it’s also below grade,
which means you can be as loud as you want here, no issues.
– [Mikey] You’d probably turn it into an office and just…
– Just work nonstop with the constant lighting.
– [Mikey] You’d ruin the space by turning it into an office.
– I probably would.
All right, we have this door opening up
to another bedroom here.
King size bed, two-tone padded back wall,
casement windows above bringing natural light and fresh air.
You have your TV, split AC unit,
and the hallway right there with the walk-in closet
takes you to a full bathroom dedicated to this bedroom.
Now the last door we have on this level starts right here
and it takes you to the lower level garage.
You can easily park two cars here
and probably one or two motorcycles.
Even the lighting here,
look at this Mikey, with the ceiling detail.
We have a small, full living wall detail in this wall
and your garage door opens up to your driveway.
In fact, let’s take everybody here.
Even the driveway has these recessed in
LED channel lighting.
You can probably park additional two cars on the other side,
where you have some parking space.
And again, your gates open up,
you pull up to your driveway
and it takes you to your garage.
Now that’s it for the lower level.
Let’s go back inside so we can check out the second floor.
(downbeat music)
Here we are on the second floor.
Off of the landing, we have the seating area
with this picture window facing the front of the home.
Again, gorgeous spiral staircase.
And we’re gonna check out this hallway first,
which takes us to a really spacious bedroom.
But first we have sliding glass doors here
opening up to the front of the home.
And what’s so great about this space is the fact that
it serves as the opening tunnel,
basically to bring natural light and fresh air
to this hallway and the bedrooms in this floor.
And since it has a smaller balcony kind of in effect,
they’ve placed these faux trees to create a nice ambiance.
It looks great.
– [Mikey] It’s like a little Zen garden.
– Absolutely, looks gorgeous.
Now at the end of the hallway,
we have this door opening up to the first bedroom suite.
You can think of this bedroom suite
as a junior primary bedroom because it is very spacious.
It can easily qualify as a primary bedroom.
Of course it comes with a king size bed, cove lighting.
I love this light fixture that they have attached
to the ceiling, sliding glass doors open up.
Let’s go check out this balcony.
Now this house is located in Bahia de Marbella neighborhood,
and within the neighborhood,
which is this gated community,
they’re right by Los Monteros beach,
which is one of the best beaches in Marbella.
It is so peaceful and tranquil up here.
This neighborhood is so laid back.
The ambiance here is so great.
Off camera, me and Mikey were talking.
We were literally saying that this would be a great
neighborhood to truly just live in and kind of enjoy life.
– [Mikey] Yeah, Enes and I were calling our accountant,
moving around some funds, seeing what we could do.
– Making moves in Marbella.
– [Mikey] See if we could put a down payment down,
but we couldn’t sadly.
– Yeah, exactly, we need to work.
But it’s a great neighborhood.
We have some sea views here
and this property has an amazing rooftop.
So we’re gonna see even better sea views later in the tour.
Now coming back into the bedroom,
you have your TV on this side.
Just like the seating area or the family room,
on the lower level, we have this section kicking out
with a desk setup right in the center, two picture windows.
So you get great views, great spot to work.
Now around the corner,
we have this door opening up to the bathroom.
Right in the center, we have the Corian countertops
with two sinks, lower shelf design
and cabinetry down below with custom handles,
Chrome fixtures, mirror wall that goes all the way
into this section where we have this tub setup.
And I just love how thin the profile of this tub is,
clad with a stone throughout.
Linear skylight right above us,
walk-in shower on the corner with a rain head.
And Mikey we need a close up.
Even these soaps and all the details,
look how exquisite they look.
Your branded towels.
Gorgeous, I just love attention to detail like this.
I just love it.
– [Mikey] That’s right.
– All right, let’s go back to the landing
so we can check out the primary bedroom suite.
I mean, look at this, Mikey.
We have these cove lighting details,
LED channels throughout, lighting this gorgeous staircase.
Since we’re on the second floor,
this is where you have your elevator landing.
Now opening this door,
we go straight into the primary bedroom
and this primary bedroom is so decked out.
The cabinetry here, the finishes, textures, details,
your custom carpet that fits the room perfectly,
your built-in closets with custom handles.
Every detail is really well thought out.
You have a nice makeup area here
with two ceiling mount light fixtures,
built-in closets off of the entry,
and coming into the room,
we have the king size bed here with this really
unique pattern back wall.
The warmth here with the dressers, side tables,
cove lighting, TV.
This room is so decked out.
I feel like they thought about every little detail.
Now, before we go out to the balcony,
I actually wanna bring everybody this way.
We have a pocket door here, closing off your bathroom,
and it is so bright in here.
These glass walls bring so much natural light.
Look how bright your bathroom is.
I’m gonna put my sunglasses on.
This door opens up to your water closet
with a Toto Japanese toilet.
I really like the pattern on this glass door.
And going through here, this is where we have the bathroom.
Gorgeous, free standing tub,
walls of glass opening up to your balcony
and this open shower design here with stone application,
rain head above, another light box design above us,
just looks gorgeous, everything.
And the property is by the way, spotless.
Now, vanity design here with gloss cabinetry finish,
two built-in towel racks through the cabinetry,
and ceiling mount light fixtures,
storage cabinet right here.
Literally, everything you can need.
Looks great.
Now, Mikey, let’s take everybody outside.
Okay, I gotta show this detail before we go out, so cool.
Sliding glass doors, right?
Mikey, can we get a close up right here?
As you close these doors, once they latch,
(door latches)
they automatically close.
– [Mikey] Oh, that’s cool.
– This is the first time, right?
– [Mikey] Yeah.
– There you go.
Let’s take everybody outside.
We have this balcony dedicated for the primary bedroom
and throughout the balconies and the lower level patios,
they have these floating floors.
That way all the surfaces are perfectly even,
but yet you have your drains tucked nicely underneath it.
It just looks great.
Feels good on feet.
And you have that perfect leveling throughout.
You can see the center tower design from here
with the aluminum cladding,
recessed in wall lighting here, all the details,
the seating area, the views.
This property is really great.
We are honestly really impressed.
And you have your sea views down there, very peaceful.
I feel like I just keep complimenting this house,
but I’m kind of outta words at this point.
And I think that’s it for the second floor.
Now let’s go back to the staircase
so we can check out the hot tub area.
(upbeat music)
Now, before we go up to the rooftop deck,
I wanted to bring everybody here.
Between the rooftop and the second floor,
we have this sliding glass door opening up to this
outdoor patio where we have the hot tub right in the center,
built-in seating on each side.
You even have a mini fridge here, which is super cool.
That way you can come up here, relax, have a cool drink,
enjoy your sea views, great spot.
And me and Mikey love hot tubs.
So I feel like if you live in a house like this,
you would really appreciate an outdoor patio like this too.
Now, coming back here,
we have the staircase taking us to the rooftop deck
and you come up to the landing right here.
Going through this door,
we have two sides of the rooftop deck.
I’m gonna start right here.
This is your first outdoor seating area,
fire pit right in the center, built-in seating,
glass railing throughout.
And on the back, we have the Sierra Blanca mountains
as a backdrop,
which looks gorgeous.
And on the other side,
we have the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.
You have Los Monteros beach down below,
and just peaceful surroundings here.
You have that nice warm breeze coming in.
I’m loving it out here.
I feel like I’m back home.
– [Mikey] Yeah, it’s great.
We’re definitely coming back to Marbella.
– Absolutely, we’re definitely coming back here.
And of course your rooftop has a bar.
You have the ice maker here,
sink with a yacht style faucet, there you go.
– [Mikey] Very nice.
– And refrigerated drawer, everything you need.
Now let’s go check out the other side.
You have additional outdoor seating.
This section has cushions for extra seating.
And honestly, this is where you come at sunset,
lay down, grab your drink, relax,
look at the sky, look at the sunset…
– [Mikey] Read a book, do your thing.
– Do your thing, exactly.
I mean, you guys don’t need explanation for this spot.
It’s awesome, look at this.
Look at our surroundings here.
It’s so peaceful up here.
Beautiful property, amazing location.
I mean, we’re just loving Marbella.
(upbeat music)
All right, everyone,
that’s it for the tour.
I hope you’ll enjoy this video.
I wanna give big thanks to Solvilla
for allowing us to tour another one
of their amazing listings.
And as always, you can find more information about
this property in the description of this video
so make sure to check that out.
Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour,
make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel,
and we’ll see you guys on next week’s video.
(downbeat music)


Property Description:
“Villa Shiro is a brand new architectural masterpiece located in Bahía de Marbella, beachside urbanization only 5 minutes from Marbella City. This South-facing dream home has been recently completed and finished to perfection to offer the greatest beach-style resort living. Villa Shiro boasts cutting-edge architecture, with the most contemporary design elements. The villa welcomes you into an impressive double-height entrance hall with a stunning spiral staircase connecting all four floors of this exceptional home. The entrance leads to an open-plan space connecting living spaces with a dining room and an elegant open-plan kitchen. All living spaces are bright and enjoy plenty of natural light thanks to the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and the perfect South orientation. The villa has been furnished and fully decorated by the prestigious Pedro Peña design firm, offering a chic and modern interior design throughout. Upstairs, we can find the magnificent bedrooms of Villa Shiro, all with an exclusive interior design and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The master bedroom is a true masterpiece, with elegant design elements and a spacious terrace with sea views. The lower level of Villa Shiro has been customized for high-end entertainment and wellness with entertainment space, billiard table, cocktail bar, treatment room, and sauna.”

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