Jonathan Swift’s Quotes which are better known in youth to not to Regret in Old Age

Jonathan Swift’s Quotes which are better known in youth to not to Regret in Old Age
Jonathan Swift was an Anglo-Irish satirist, author, essayist. Jonathan Swift is remembered for works such as A Tale of a Tub (1704), Gulliver’s Travels (1726), and A Modest Proposal (1729).

He was a bold man
that first ate an oyster
laws are like cobwebs
which may catch small flies
but let wasps and hornets break through
to be angry
is to take revenge on oneself
for the mistakes of others
a wife should always be a reasonable and
agreeable companion
because she cannot always be young
the lie flies
and the truth limps after it
live every day as your last
because one of these days
it will be
it is a miserable thing to live in
it is the life of the spider
when a great genius appears in the world
you may know him by this sign
that the dunces are all in confederacy
against him
words are the clothing of our thoughts
one enemy can do more hurt
than ten friends can do good
there’s no one so blind as they that
won’t see
good manners is the art of making people
whoever makes the fewest people
has the best manners
entertainment is the happiness of those
who cannot think
the best doctors in the world
are dr diet
dr quiet
and dr merriman
no wise man ever wished to be younger
books are the children of the brain
vision is the art of seeing things
elephants are always depicted smaller
than life-size
and a flea is always depicted more
poor nations are hungry
and rich nations are proud
and pride and hunger
will never be at variance
god grant you live all the days of your
a tavern is a place where madness is
sold in bottles
the reason there are so few happy
is because young women spend their time
making nets
not making cages
proper words in proper places make the
true definition of style
there is nothing permanent in this world
except impermanence
we are happy when our wit is laughed at
but not our stupidity
there is no such absurdity that some or
other philosophers would not defend as
there are few
very few
that will own themselves
in a mistake
it is useless to attempt to reason a man
out of a thing he was never reasoned
an argument is a conversation of the
worst sort
the stoical scheme of supplying our
wants by
whopping off our desires
is like cutting off our feet
when we watch shoes
i never wonder to see men wicked
but i often wonder to see them not
laws are best explained interpreted and
applied by those whose interests and
abilities lie in perverting
and eluding them
every man desires to live long
but no man wishes to be old
the biggest and most sincere part of our
are complaints
a soldier is a yahoo hired to kill in
cold blood as many of his own species
who have never offended him
as possibly he can
in disputes like in war
the weak side kindles fires and makes a
lot of noise so that the enemy thinks
that it is stronger than it really is
as blushing will sometimes make a
pass for a virtuous woman
so modesty may make a fool seem a man of
puning is a talent which no man affects
to despise
but he that is without it
women look at men like a cat looks at a
power is no blessing in itself
except when it is used to protect the
we have just enough religion to make us
but not enough to make us love one
honesty has no defense against superior
happiness is the perpetual possession of
being well deceived
the cottagers and laborers
keep their children at home their
business being only to fill and
cultivate the earth
and therefore their education is of
little consequence to the public
falsehood flies
and truth comes limping after it
so that when men come to be undeceived
it is too late
for by the beauty of your dreams
you will take your place in the future
philosophers are in the right when they
tell us that
nothing is great or little otherwise
then by comparison
there is no absolute success in the
only constant progress
you should never be ashamed to admit you
have been wrong
it only proves
you are wiser today
than yesterday
the favorite pastime of men children and
other animals
is a brawl
very few people live for today
most are preparing to live later
what they do in paradise
we do not know
but we know exactly what they don’t do
there they don’t get married
satire is a sort of glass wherein
beholders do generally discover
everybody’s face but their own
which is the chief reason for that kind
reception it meets within the world
and that so very few are offended with
for in reason
all government without the consent of
the governed is the very definition of
no person can disobey reason
without giving up his claim to be a
rational creature
coffee makes us severe and grave and
forget hurt
but never forget kindness
men are never so serious thoughtful and
as when they are at stool
whoever makes ill returns to his
must be a common enemy to the rest of
from where he has received no
obligations and therefore
such man is not fit to live
no one is as prone to envy
as self-abased people
the latter part of a wise person’s life
is occupied with curing the follies
and false opinions they contracted
two rules for any courtier
always keep your cool
and never keep your word
the tiny lily beauticians surmise that
gulliver’s watch
may be his god
because it is that which he admits
he seldom does without consulting
if for someone you have become bad
then you have done a lot of good for him
some men under the notion of weeding out
eradicate virtue honesty and religion
how vain an attempt it is for a man to
endeavor to do himself honor among those
who are out of all degree of equality or
comparison with him
truth shines the brighter clad in verse
modesty brings nothing
except good
as love without esteem is capricious and
volatile esteem without love
is languid and cold
of so little weight are the greatest
services to princes
when put into the balance with a refusal
to gratify their passions
in men desire begets love and in women
love begets desire
books like their authors
have no more than one way of coming into
the world
but there are ten thousand to go out of
and return no more


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