The Ultimate Stoic Quotes Collection to Gain Resilience and Confidence

The Ultimate Stoic Quotes Collection to Gain Resilience and Confidence
Stoicism is a school of philosophy that hails from ancient Greece and Rome. Stoicism is a philosophy of life that maximizes positive emotions, reduces negative emotions and helps individuals to hone their virtues of character.

everything should be different
but our outward face
should conform with the crowd
anyone who can make you angry
becomes your master
the first rule is to keep
an untroubled spirit
the second is to look things in the face
and know them for what they are
when you arise in the morning
think of what a privilege it is to be
to think
to enjoy
to love
you have power over your mind
not outside events
realize this
and you will find strength
he suffers more than necessary who
suffers before it is necessary
be like the cliff against which the
waves continually break
but it stands firm and tames the fury of
the water around it
nature hath given men one tongue but two
that we may hear from others twice as
much as we speak
people are frugal in guarding their
personal property but as soon as it
comes to squandering time they are most
wasteful of one thing
in which it is right to be stingy
begin it wants to live and count each
separate day as a separate life
if you really want to escape the things
that harass you
what you’re needing is not to be in a
different place
to be a different person
until we have begun to go without them
we fail to realize how unnecessary many
things are
we’ve been using them not because we
needed them
but because we had them
if a man knows not which port he sails
no wind is favorable
we all love ourselves more than other
but care more about their opinion than
our own
is a rule to remember in future
when anything tempts you to feel bitter
this is misfortune but to bear this
is good fortune
man conquers the world by conquering
waste no more time arguing what a good
man should be
be one
the things you think about determine the
quality of your mind
if it is not right
do not do it
if it is not true
do not say it
it’s not what happens to you
but how you react to it that matters
everything we hear is an opinion not a
everything we see is a perspective
not the truth
luck is what happens when preparation
meets opportunity
it is not the man who has too little
but the man who craves more that is poor
knowing yourself is the beginning of all
difficulty shows what men are
to be everywhere
is to be nowhere
death smiles at us all
all we can do
is smile back
the more we value things outside our
the less control we have
nothing endures but
change a person’s worth is measured by
the worth
of what he values
if you want to improve
be content to be thought foolish and
anger if not restrained
is frequently more hurtful to us than
the injury that provokes it
no man was ever wise by chance
he who is brave
is free
your sense of injury
and the injury itself disappears
the willing are led by fate
the reluctant dragged
what we do now echoes in eternity
while we wait for life
life passes
the one who puts the finishing touches
on their life each day
is never short of time
it’s time you realize that you have
something in you more powerful and
than the things that affect you
and make you dance like a puppet
wealth consists not in having great
but in having few wants
be silent for the most part or
if you speak
say only what is necessary in a few
all cruelty springs from weakness
it is a rough road that leads to the
heights of greatness
do every act of your life
as though it were the very last act of
your life
whatever can happen at any time
can happen today
don’t explain your philosophy
embody it
because a thing seems difficult for you
do not think it impossible for anyone to
freedom is secured not by the fulfilling
of men’s desires
but by the removal of desire
circumstances don’t make the man
they only reveal him to himself
it is not death that a man should fear
but he should fear never beginning to
the key is to keep company only with
people who uplift you
whose presence
calls forth your best
humans have come into being for the sake
of each other
so either teach them
or learn to bear them
it can ruin your life only if it ruins
your character
otherwise it cannot harm you
inside or out
the happiness of your life depends upon
the quality of your thoughts
mastery of reading and writing requires
a master
still more so life
life is very short and anxious for those
who forget the past neglect the present
and fear the future
be tolerant with others
and strict with yourself
your days are numbered
use them to throw open the windows of
your soul
to the sun
if you do not
the sun will soon set
and you with it
the best revenge
is to be unlike him who performed the
sometimes even to live is an act of
it’s not that we have little time
but more that we waste a good deal of it
whatever happens at all happens as it
you will find this true
if you watch narrowly
our life is what our thoughts make it
how much more grievous are the
consequences of anger
than the causes of it
he who fears death
will never do anything worthy of a man
who is alive
we live only now
everything else is either past or is
progress is not achieved by luck or
but by working on yourself daily
in banquets remember that you entertain
two guests
body and soul
and whatever you shall have given to the
body you soon
eject but what you shall have given to
the soul
you keep always
no person has the power to have
everything they want
it is in their power not to want what
they don’t have
and to cheerfully put to good use
what they do have
if what you have seems insufficient to
then though you possess the world
you will yet be miserable
he is the most powerful
who has power over himself
difficulties strengthen the mind
as labor does the body
as is a tale so is life
not how long it is but how good it is is
what matters
life if well lived is long enough
the best answer to anger is silence
but nature set a limit on that
as it did on eating and drinking
nowhere can man find a quieter or more
untroubled retreat
than in his own soul
he who has injured thee
was either stronger or weaker than thee
if weaker
spare him
if stronger
spare thyself
the impediment to action advances action
what stands in the way becomes the way
to wish to be well is a part of becoming
receive without conceit
release without struggle
no great thing is created suddenly
any more than a bunch of grapes or fig
if you tell me that you desire a fig i
answer that there must be time
let it first blossom
then bear fruit
then ripen
we suffer more often in imagination than
in reality
no man can escape his destiny
the next inquiry being how he may best
live the time that he has to live
the whole future lies in uncertainty
live immediately
every new beginning comes from some
other beginning’s end
but life is very short and anxious for
those who forget the past
neglect the present
and fear the future
we suffer not from the events in our
but from our judgment about them
it is our attitude toward events not
events themselves which we can control
nothing is by its own nature calamitous
even death is terrible only if we fear
if evil be said of thee
and if it be true
correct thyself
if it is a lie
laugh at it
attach yourself to what is spiritually
superior regardless of what other people
think or do
hold to your true aspirations no matter
what is going on around you
confine yourself to the present
no man is free who is not a master of
very little is needed to make a happy
it is all within yourself in your way of
if you live in harmony with nature
you will never be poor
if you live according to what others
you will never be rich
learn to be indifferent to what makes no
the greatest blessings of mankind are
within us and within our reach
a wise man is content with his lot
whatever it may be
without wishing for what he has not
man is not worried by real problems
so much as by his imagined anxieties
about real problems
small-minded people blame others
average people blame themselves
the wise see all blame as foolishness
respect the past be open to the future
the life we receive is not short but we
make it so
we are not ill provided but use what we
have wastefully
stay calm and serene
regardless of what life throws at you


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