World Where Kissing Is The New Currency; 1 Kiss= 1 USD

World Where Kissing Is The New Currency; 1 Kiss= 1 USD

4 short films:
1. Kiss Currency
World where kissing is the new currency. Full=…
2. X
One day, bank employee Hatsuno Motohide (Abe Sadao) discovers an X mark on his own forehead. His family is not even concerned. No one around him appears to be able to see it on his way to work and at his company. Then one day, he sees another man with an X mark on his forehead.
3. World with no lies
This is a world where there are no lies. There are constant fights because everyone is brutally honest about every human activity including the television and commercials. One day, Usami Shotaro realises by chance that he can say unfounded things. He and his friends use this new discovery to test everything.
4. Happiness Glass
One day, ‘wearable life supporter’ which is a pair of glasses with a special function is delivered to bachelor Murakami Ryota who has no girlfriend. He only has to wear these glasses and he will be able to get necessary information without others realising. He first uses the glasses in order to get a girlfriend, but…


The story begins on a normal afternoon when a girl, walking down a path, notices a pretzel
stall nearby. The seller gladly hands her a pretzel but asks for three kisses in return.
The girl seems shocked at first but she happily kisses him on the lips and walks away.
It is then revealed that kisses have replaced paper money and have become
the world currency. A realtor is showing a couple around a house they are looking to buy.
After everything is finalized, they are asked to pay two hundred thousand dollars upfront.
The husband simply steps back as the wife and the realtor
start kissing. They go on and on for about an hour but only reach upto a thousand.
Somewhere else, a street singer is kissed by random passersby as a tip. Similarly,
a group of friends at the restaurant split the bill, taking turns to kiss the waitress.
A boss is distributing paychecks to his employees at the end of the month. But
because checks and banks don’t work in this world, he has to kiss a hundred people in a day.
A more interesting scene can be seen outside in an alleyway where a dealer is exchanging drugs
for kisses. They even get into an argument when the customer tries to cut the last kiss short.
Back to the realtor and the woman, who have lost count of the kisses but are still going on.
The waitress finally gets done being showered with kisses and is given a smooch
as a tip. Back to the pretzel girl who liked the last one so much that she returns to get another.
But this time, their kiss is stolen by a thief, who runs away with it.
Thankfully, a cop gets the man before he escapes and
makes out with him to get the stolen kisses back.
The second story is about a man named Hatsuno who wakes up with an X on his forehead. Initially,
he thinks it is a prank and tries to remove it with water but the mark doesn’t go away.
He asks his wife to remove it but to his surprise, she doesn’t see the mark. He hides his forehead
with a handkerchief and makes his way to work. At one point, his assistant inquires if he has
a headache and is told about the mark. But like Hatsuno’s wife, she also doesn’t see anything.
This makes him register that only he sees the mark which means he doesn’t need to worry
about people judging him. Still, he remains worried about the sudden abnormal appearance.
Hatsuno’s wife notices he is stressed about something and asks him to visit the doctor.
Hatsuno takes the advice but even the doctor doesn’t see anything wrong with him.
He assumes the man is stressed and prescribes a bunch of medicines. On his way back, Hatsuno is
still worried but then, he comes across another guy with an identical mark on his forehead.
They jump in excitement, having finally discovered that they are not alone.
A while later, they are at a roadside restaurant talking about their experiences with the mark.
The man’s name is Kira and he got the mark two months ago. He knows a bit more about
it because his father also had the mark appear on his forehead right before his death. Kira
thinks that the mark means they are about to die in a few days but Hatsuno doesn’t believe him.
They exchange numbers and decide to keep in touch in case they find out more about the marks. One
day, Hatsuno is watching TV when he sees the news about a dead person. In his last speech,
he has an X mark on his forehead that only Hatsuno can see.
Shocked, he gives Kira a call only to find out that he died a few days ago.
In the next scene, Hatsuno goes to his funeral and sees that the mark has disappeared. It is
clear that Kira’s prediction was true which means Hatsuno is about to die soon. He knows
that he cannot prevent it so he decides to live the little time he has to the fullest.
That day at work, he meets a client desperately in need of a loan. Hatsuno grants him the push and is
happy to have made an impact in his life. The deed provides him a bit of satisfaction, making
him feel his death is not so bad after all. It is his wife’s birthday, so on his way back home, he
gets her a present. But on the train, he notices everyone around him has a mark on their foreheads.
Realizing that it is about to crash, he gets off at the next station but
the horror follows him behind when he sees that everyone at the station has the mark.
Hatsuno runs outside but the mark follows him everywhere, even to his home.
The news on TV reveals that a virus with a hundred percent mortality rate is spreading all around
Asia. In the last scene, a Japanese politician tells the people to rest assured, declaring the
virus is not dangerous at all. However, Hatsuno, who knows the truth, screams in frustration.
The third story sets around a world where the concept of lying hasn’t been discovered.
People always tell the truth no matter what it results in. The episode begins at a wedding where
a pretty woman is marrying a conventionally unattractive man. Their best friend delivers
a speech for the newlyweds and reveals that the woman is only marrying the man for money.
Moreover, she has already been in a relationship with their other friend
Shotaro who is also at the wedding. An enraged groom attacks Shotaro causing
a big mess. These kinds of conflicts are common in the world with no lies.
All advertisements, thieves, and even politicians always tell the truth. A day after the wedding,
Shotaro is laid off from his work. He argues with his boss that their
product sucks but it doesn’t get him the job back. After the eventful day,
he goes out with his girlfriend but she, too, breaks up with him. It turns out that her senior
at work is approaching her and she wants to give him a chance because of his status.
Tired of his bad luck, Shotaro makes his way home.
Suddenly, he sees a purse on the ground and picks it up but is caught by a policeman while
doing so. He tries explaining that he was about to hand over the purse to its owner
but the policeman doesn’t listen. He assumes Shotaro is a burglar and points a gun at him.
Shotaro’s life flashes in front of his life, and in a moment of panic,
he says the purse belongs to him. The cop doesn’t ask him further questions
and leaves. Shotaro doesn’t realize what he just did and returns home in exhaustion.
He lives with his father who has found out that his son is unemployed.
Embarrassed about his life, Shotaro claims he got a good corporate job just today.
His father believes him which leaves him in shock.
In the next scene, he meets friends and tells them about the new discovery.
Initially, they don’t understand the concept of lying but Shotaro teaches them using examples.
By the end of an hour, they start lying for fun, just because they can.
They go to restaurants and eat for free, claiming that they have already paid. Similarly,
after having fun for a few more days, Shotaro suggests they use their talent to make money.
He picks up two water bottles and declares that the water gives people happiness.
The friends start a company of happy water and people buy into the attractive slogan,
thinking that the water will make them happy. In only a month, the trio turns into millionaires.
Shotaro buys a mansion for his father but on the day of the move, he gets a call from his friends.
Their headquarter is raided by their customers complaining that their water didn’t bring them
happiness. To get out of trouble, Shotaro claims that the effects of the water are seen in 3-5
years. The crowd disperses but a little girl named Yuki doesn’t move. Her mother suffered
from a terminal disease and died and she blames Shotaro for it because his water gave them hope.
He feels awful for the little girl but she runs away before he gets to her.
Following that, the friends sit down and decide to stop producing the fake water.
Then, we see Shotaro visit Yuki’s home where her grandmother reveals
how much hurt the little girl has been through because of the fake water.
Shotaro finds Yuki and lies to her for the last time. He tells her that
her mother called him before her death and said she loved her daughter to the
moon and back. Even when she dies, she will watch over her from afar.
Yuki feels her heart calm down and thanks him for informing her of the message. Then,
Shotaro turns himself in, telling the police about his discovery. The world
changes because of him and advertisements are no longer true. The politicians and thieves
get away with anything but fights and conflicts also decrease drastically. In the last scene,
Shotaro gets out of prison and reunites with his friends, hoping to start a new life.
The last story surrounds a Japanese man named Ryota, who has never had a girlfriend or any
admirable success in life. One morning he wakes up to a box at his front door.
He doesn’t remember ordering anything which makes him curious about the contents
of the box. He opens it carefully but is underwhelmed by a pair of glasses inside.
The scene cuts to a day earlier. Ryota was going through a mental
spiral because of his non-existent love life and lousy job. Last night,
he drank several cans of alcohol before matching with a beautiful girl named Misa on a dating site.
Today is the day they are supposed to meet and Ryota decides to elevate his
style with the glasses. But upon wearing it, he instantly realizes they are not
a usual pair. The box assures any customer who wears them will be shown a path to happiness.
They turn out to be smart glasses that scan people and situations for Ryota and tell him exactly what
he should say or do. Ryota is skeptical but he decides to give it a try nonetheless. At first,
he takes some time to get accustomed to them but he soon finds them useful.
The glasses count calories and stamina and tell him when he should eat.
They also tell him what path is the shortest route to his destination
and at what speed he should walk. But they come the handiest when he finally meets his date Misa.
As the couple greets each other, the glasses scan Misa’s social media and
find out about her interest in art and museums. At the glasses’ advice,
Ryota suggests they go to a museum for a date.
Misa is happy to have found a man with the same interest as her. She excitedly asks him what
he thinks about the art she likes. Ryota freezes because he doesn’t even understand the terminology
and quickly asks the glasses for help. Then, he is shown a book and asked to read a few lines from
it. By the end of the trip, Misa is thoroughly impressed with the knowledge Ryota possesses.
They go to a restaurant for dinner where Ryota follows proper dining manners,
thanks to his new mentor. Then suddenly, a man falls unconscious and stops breathing
because of a respiratory problem. Everyone panics but no one knows how to assist
him. This is when Ryota comes to help and performs CPR with the help of the glasses.
A few minutes later, the man is saved and Misa is moved by Ryota’s kindness and courage.
On their way back home, she asks him out on a second date.
Starting that day, Ryota doesn’t take off the glasses for a second of his life.
He becomes completely dependent on it from buying clothes to choosing what he wants to eat that day.
He also does significantly great at work as the glasses tell him just the thing he must say
to impress the boss. Ultimately, Ryota is promoted to the manager of his branch.
After only a month of owning the glasses, Ryota’s life has turned upside down. One afternoon,
he brings Misa to his house, looking to propose to her. The glasses even provide him with the
script that will impress her enough for her to say yes. But just when he starts reading it,
the glasses run out of power and he has to make up an excuse to put them on charge.
He goes out to buy a cake for both of them but in his absence, Misa finds out about the device and
reads the entire proposal script. Ryota returns a while later and tries to continue the date. Misa
stops him from embarrassing himself further, disclosing that she knows about the glasses.
Ryota explains that he is bad at relationships which is why he took help but Misa doesn’t
want to listen to any explanations. She feels awful for falling for his charade
and claims that she wants to be in love with him, not his glasses.
Ryota takes them off, promising to be himself with her from now onwards. The following day,
Misa is at work when Ryota approaches her to apologize again.
He doesn’t have the glasses on and has kept to the promise he made yesterday,
He tells Misa how much he loves her and proposes to her with a ring. When
Misa agrees to marry him, we find out he is wearing a lens replacement for his glasses.
A flashback from last night reveals that the promise and him throwing
his precious belonging away was also a suggestion from the device.
Unaware of all this, Misa is happy to be engaged to the love of her life.
Somewhere else, the couple is being broadcasted live in a meeting. The
manufacturers of the glasses used Ryota as a test subject to prove its efficiency.
The episode ends when they make a deal with an investor to make the glasses commercial.
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