Congo’s wooden taxis ‘Chukudu’ still a favoured means of transport

Congo’s wooden taxis ‘Chukudu’ still a favoured means of transport
Times lie ahead
yesterday igor member of states uh sat
there and agreed that drought and
farming is one of the things that they
will be handling we hope that the entire
africa region gets their support and the
help that they need
before the advent of cars planes and
bikes as means of transport the ancient
people had their means some could use
houses and donkeys while others cuts to
ferry goods and people to and from
destinations the ktm news reporter louis
musuma visited the eastern democratic
republic of congo just to understand how
the 19th
century traditional wooden bike known
locally as chukuru is still a favored
means of transport in the city of goma
a bustling city
one of its nickname is the city that
never sleeps
so before the advent of vehicles
motorbikes aeroplanes there were means
of movement in that case we were talking
about the locomotives in africa we had
our own ways and in this case in drc we
had a wooden scooter what you call the
chukudu by history it’s believed that
chukudu was discovered by apaches
national schools pedro
and what else you could do is 18 news
until to date in this 21st century
here is the story
in this city there are familiar sites
handmade wood and buying schools made in
the locals call it
they have no engine no pedals all you
need to do is simply roll down the hill
in goma this is more than wooden bike it
is a way of life achokudu is a means of
transport for people and goods
a dolphin ismail do not have enough
money to buy a buying school resorting
to making his own scooter
and now the scooter has changed his life
every morning he heads to the market and
starts delivering goods for people to
various destinations
on a good day he makes a hundred dollars
which he says helps him to pay school
fees for his children and meet basic
needs back home
in other words he is self-reliant
no one can ever believe such a wooden
bike can be productive
during the 10th economic times under
mabutu circle tukudu became the mode of
transport since then it has remained
most preferred means of transporting
cargo in the city
generally has an angular frame two
smaller wheels often wood sometimes
wrapped with rubber handlebars and a pad
for the operator to place their knee on
while propelling the vehicle with their
sometimes a shock absorber spring may be
take one to three days to build and can
last up to two to three years
that the skills and craftsmanship is
passed down generations and in eastern
congo only the wakumu tribe have
odiem and i hit the road to get to
understand how important is to do in
gomer’s transport sector
it not only transports people but
staggering loads



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