Gravitas: At 40 degrees, record heat melts UK

Gravitas: At 40 degrees, record heat melts UK
UK has reported its hottest day on record. It is 40 degrees in London, runways have melted, people have rushed to the nearest waterbody. Almost 97% of homes in UK don’t have ACs. Palki Sharma brings you a report.

It’s not like europe is having a
great summer even before the frost lands
the heat is scorching european countries
the uk is battling record heat there are
wildfires in france portugal and spain
people are dying properties are being
burnt to ashes even airports are melting
our next report takes you through what’s
been called a climate apocalypse
it is almost 40 degrees celsius in the
united kingdom may not be unusual where
you live but in the uk it means national
these signs have sprung up across
newspapers can’t keep calm
children are being sprayed with a hoe
and ambulances are on standby
the heat has melted the uk’s transport
some quite literally like london’s luton
airport it is the hub for budget
ryanair easyjet and the likes their
services were interrupted when luton’s
runway lifted
the british royal air force too found
itself fighting an unexpected enemy the
heat melted the bryce norton air base’s
those taking the london tube are not
happy either
children are running for the fans
and adults are appalled
air conditioning not working and it
works in the winter i can’t believe that
people across the uk have run to their
nearest water bodies
many are also running to the markets
britain’s number two supermarket group
sainsbury has seen an eighteen hundred
percent rise in the sale of fans the
sale of acs is up two thousand four
hundred percent
paddling pools eight hundred fourteen
online too fans have become the most
sold item ice trays are selling like
and ice cream shelves are wiped out
did you know only three percent of uk
homes have acs
there’s never been the need for one
in london for example summers are
between 21 to 23 degrees celsius
it’s 40 now
and the uk is caught off guard
some who have seen more summers than
most say i told you so
as i’ve tried to indicate for quite some
the climate crisis really is a genuine
40 degrees is unimaginable for most
britons they have never experienced such
temperatures before
and they don’t know how to deal with it
there are also some who can’t understand
what the fuss is all about
i think it’s fine i mean we all go and
holiday to places with temperatures like
this and we deal with it so it’s no
problem it’s
for us we’ve been able to continue our
what we’ve been doing what we had
the record heat has set forests on fire
this is what’s happening outside london
and this is across the english channel
wildfires are scorching france over 3
700 people have had to leave their homes
this campsite was caught in the wildfire
it has now been reduced to ashes
in spain a man has been burned by
wildfire he was trying to save his town
in belgium pandas and polar bears are
being fed icy treats
people in brussels say they are battling
exceptional heat
sometimes they say that the elderly
always say that things were better in
the past but it’s true there’s nothing
left everything is getting way too hot
nothing is right anymore
when will this heat wave end the world
meteorological organization says the
heat wave could spill into next week
they also expect climate deaths
spain and portugal have reported more
than eleven hundred deaths in the last
this is climate sos
rion is now available in your country
download the app now and get all the
news on the move

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