Gravitas: China threatens the US with “forceful measures”

Gravitas: China threatens the US with “forceful measures”
China has warned that it would take “forceful measures” if US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi travels to Taiwan. Earlier, the US approved an arms sale to Taiwan worth over $100 million. Palki Sharma tells you more.

The world has another emergency to deal
with china’s acts of aggression beijing
is intensifying its crackdown at home
and it is making fresh threats outside
we start with what’s happening in the
taiwan straits china is building
pressure on taiwan a few days back the
pla conducted several drills they
happened around the island of taiwan
these were large scale exercises
designed to train troops for combat a
chinese military spokesperson has issued
a statement he said the drills were
quote unquote
military training for and i’m quoting
again military training for war
the us is taking these threats from
china seriously it is arming taiwan
washington has approved a new arms deal
taiwan will buy more than one million
dollars worth of american weaponry what
exactly are they buying american tanks
and other combat vehicle equipment
the moment the deal was announced
beijing shot of a statement a warning
china wants the u.s to cancel the deal
it says america is playing with fire
and today china issued another warning
this one was over nancy pelosi the us
house speaker now a report says that
nancy pelosi might visit taiwan next
month remember she was supposed to go
there in april but then she tested
positive for the wuhan virus so she had
to postpone her visit now it could
happen in august
and reports also say that she’ll not
travel alone she will come with a
delegation now no american speaker has
traveled to taiwan since 1997 so this
visit will be a big deal
and china is threatening grave
if the house of representative speaker
nancy pelosi visits taiwan it will
seriously violate the one china
principle and the provisions of the
three joint communiques severely
undermine china’s sovereignty and
territorial integrity gravely impact the
foundation of china-u.s relations and
send a seriously wrong signal to the
taiwan independence forces china firmly
opposes this
if the us were to insist on going down
the wrong path china will take resolute
and strong measures to safeguard its
sovereignty and territorial integrity
all the consequences shall be borne by
the u.s
if pelosi travels to taiwan there will
be consequences that is china’s message
but what about the consequences of
china’s own actions earlier this year
the u.n human rights chief traveled to
china the visit was supposed to be an
investigation into china’s abuses in
but it turned out to be a farce we told
you all about it mitchell bachelet ended
up whitewashing china since
she did not meet any of the detained
vigors she did not speak to any family
members throughout her visit she was
with chinese government officials her
turned out to be a guided tour now after
this humiliation she has decided that
she will not seek a second term but the
damage is already done china now has a
license to intensify its repression of
vigorous and the chinese president is
overseeing this operation himself
he visited chinchang this week he met
with chinese officials and he gave them
direct orders
xi jinping spoke about chinese islam
he said islam in china must be chinese
in orientation and that muslims must
adapt to china’s socialist values
this he said will bring islam closer to
the chinese government and to the
communist party
what does this mean it means they want
to intensify the repression or what they
call re-education activities that’s how
china brands its persecution of uighurs
how does xi jinping defend his criminal
listen to it from the horse’s mouth
the chinese nation is multi-ethnic which
is the characteristic of a chinese
nation it is diversified not scattered
or divided but integrated so i
specifically use the pomegranate seed
metaphor to say that the chinese nation
is a shared community according to the
practical results a theory and policy in
terms of ethnic work our approach is
good and effective
good and effective
that is how xi jinping defends his
policies and rigors china is carrying
out the worst genocide since the
holocaust and the world is taking
piecemeal measures to deal with it veon
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