Gravitas: CIA chief blames Lanka’s ‘dumb bets’ for crisis  

 Gravitas: CIA chief blames Lanka’s ‘dumb bets’ for crisis

 As Ranil Wickremesinghe takes charge as Sri Lanka’s new President, the chief of CIA has blamed Lanka’s ‘dumb bets’ on China for the ongoing economic crisis. Palki Sharma brings you a report.

   Lands overseas as well case in point sri

lanka the chief of the cia says sri

lanka is in a mess because it made dumb

bets on china that’s those are the words

he used dumb bets on china

and it’s suffering because of those bets

back in colombo the country’s leadership

seems to have made another risky bet it

has elected ranil vikrama singh as the

new president

immediately after he took charge there

were protests seeking his ouster

a few miles away thousands of people

lined up outside the country’s

immigration office they said that they

are there to seek passports so that they

could leave the country here’s a report

i am not a friend of the rajapaksa i am

a friend of the people

this is ranal vikramasinghe’s message

the former prime minister of sri lanka

now the country’s new president

on thursday morning he was sworn in at a

low profile ceremony in colombo

immediately after he took charge

anti-runnel posters cropped up in

colombo and the protesters reassembled

with a new message

go home run it

what we want to do is keep

keep on going we won’t give up because

what the country need is a total

system change a lot of different i mean

we want to get rid of these corrupted


so that’s what we are doing

a few blocks away a long queue was

formed thousands of people stood in line

waiting for their turn

what do these people want

passports from the immigration office

they say they want to leave the country

as soon as possible

the immigration office says it is

receiving 3 000 applications every day

with some applicants even waiting


i come from today morning eight o’clock

i won’t take passport because i can’t

find a

very nice job

and too difficult yeah saturdays come

means the columbo

mondays waiting passport not passport

waiting coming to their passport renew

now nine hours ten hour year

so an exodus is underway and the

economic mess is yet to be resolved

the people have run out of food and


the leadership has run out of options

the talks with the imf are yet to

conclude financial aid from china is

bare minimum

it is india that is heeding colombo


since january 2022 indian aid worth 3.5

billion dollars has flowed to sri lanka

in the days ahead india plans to provide

colombo more loans grants and credit

lines in fact on tuesday new delhi held

an all-party meeting to discuss the same

speaking after the meeting india’s

external affairs minister sj shankar

we do not think that a sri lanka-like

situation can arise in india but there

was a logic to what we were trying to do

we were trying to highlight the

importance of fiscal prudence

there are very strong lessons on fiscal

prudence from sri lanka and not having a

culture of freebies

the minister’s response was aimed at

critics who say india could soon end up

like sri lanka

not only is the comparison misinformed

but it also ignores certain realities

like the role china played in this mess

beijing’s death trap diplomacy amplified

the crisis if not trigger it

sri lanka knows this

world bodies have said it

now the chief of the cia has spoken out


at a recent security forum cia chief

bill burns was quoted as saying a place

like sri lanka today heavily indebted to

china which has made some really dumb

bets about their economic future is

suffering pretty catastrophic both

economic and political consequences as a

result this ought to be an object lesson

to a lot of other players not just in

the middle east or south asia but around

the world

last we checked colombo had still not

learned its lesson it is still in

negotiations for a four billion dollar

eight package from china

here’s hoping the aid comes with no

strings attached

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