Gravitas: Pope arrives in Canada on ‘pilgrimage of penance’

Gravitas: Pope arrives in Canada on ‘pilgrimage of penance’

Pope Francis is in Canada on a ‘pilgrimage of penance’. He’s going to seek apologies from Canada’s indigenous communities which the church tormented for 2 centuries. What crimes did the Church commit? Palki Sharma reports.

Our next story is from Canada over the
weekend it received a special guest pope
Francis the head of the catholic church
he’s in Canada on a quote-unquote
pilgrimage of penance
a tour to apologize for the church’s
crimes in Canada what crimes torturing
thousands of indigenous children at
residential schools subjecting them to
starvation and sexual abuse and burying
them in unmarked graves
those crimes unfolded between 1881
and 1996 but they were revealed in 2015.
seven years on the pope is visiting
canada to say sorry
but are there any takers here’s a report
pope francis is on a pilgrimage of
a six-day tour of atonement to canada
what is the purpose
to seek forgiveness from canada’s
indigenous people whom the church had
between 1881 and 1996
the roman catholic church tormented over
150 000 indigenous children
it separated these children from their
families at residential schools
many of these children were staffed
beaten and sexually abused
some were even buried in unmarked graves
across canada
canadian leaders knew about the church’s
crimes since 1907
but they did not act until 2015.
that year a landmark report was released
it blew the lid off the church’s crimes
the pope is now in canada to apologize
for this
also to atone for the church’s sins in
the country
he plans to visit indigenous communities
and seek their forgiveness
the question is will he get it
indigenous leaders are already
dissatisfied with the pope’s tour
they say his visit is less about them
and more about the church
and that’s a part of the problem we’ve
had with the church is that they have
not been really including us
in the proper planning of this process
it’s been very unilateral
and we don’t feel that it has been about
survivors it has been more about the
church i think this visit is kind of
long overdue
maybe it’s something that should have
happened many many years ago
maybe the start of reconciliation would
have started again
the penance tour will go ahead
it will include stops in alberta quebec
nona wood and british columbia
over the years several unmarked graves
have been discovered in british columbia
confirming the church’s cultural
genocide in canada
in 2018 the vatican was asked for a
formal apology
but the request was rejected by pope
francis himself
he was worried that an apology may
invite potential damages too
four years on he has had a change of
he is saying sorry for the past
but the indigenous people want more than
they want reparations from the church
in 2013 the church promised to pay 25
million canadian dollars in damages
has the promise been fulfilled
last we checked only 1.2 million of that
amount had been paid
the itinerary and agenda for the pope’s
pen and store does not mention anything
about paying the remaining amount
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