Gravitas: Russia running out of weapons in Ukraine?

Gravitas: Russia running out of weapons in Ukraine?
According to western intel reports, Russia is looking to secure military assistance from Iran and China. Is the mighty Russian war machine running out of firepower? What does it mean for countries purchasing arms from Russia? Palki Sharma tells you.

Western countries have announced
multiple military packages since the
invasion we hear the numbers all the
time 100 million dollar package 250
million dollar package but what exactly
is in these packages what weapons
are the western countries giving ukraine
broadly speaking there are seven
categories aircraft drones artillery
weapons anti-tank missiles anti-aircraft
missiles small arms and armored vehicles
seven and these are the staples of
modern day
warfare now for the specifics ukraine
has both long-range and short-range
artillery weapons the long-range ones
include the highmars and the m270s
highmars is made by the united states
the m270s are made by britain these are
long range precision weapons they can
hit targets up to 80 kilometers away
and how many of them does ukraine have
around 12 high mars
but the m270 count is not publicly
next the short-range artillery the
howitzer guns ukraine has received more
than 200 heavy artillery units from nato
this includes the m7777 from america the
french caesar and the german
pzh2000 these
are superior to the soviet-era ones
being used by ukraine
but the problem is it’s new technology
so ukrainian soldiers are taking time to
not the case with the next weapon drones
turkey has been sending its behraktar
the us has sent almost 700 switchblade
now these are kamikaze weapons they
carry armor piercing rounds which means
you can take out tanks or armored
next is air defense systems more than
two thousand portable systems have been
sent so far these are hand-held weapons
like the stinger missiles
they can only target aircraft inside a
short radius the long-range systems
include the s-300 missile slovakia
donated theirs to ukraine the u.s has
promised to send two nasim defense
systems while germany is planning to
30 gpad anti-aircraft guns
both weapons are yet to reach the
battlefield next is armored vehicles
ukraine has received 300 soviet-built
tanks from poland and the czech republic
massive armored vehicles from the uk
and bushmaster vehicles from australia
germany was supposed to provide its
leopard tanks but the deal is on hold
now for the most important weapon which
is aircraft air superiority is extremely
important in modern day combat and
that’s where the west is lacking the u.s
and the czech republic are providing me
24 helicopters but guess how many
fighter jets zero
nato has not given a single fighter jet
to ukraine
in march poland had considered letting
ukraine use its mig-29 fleet but the
pentagon rejected that plan earlier this
month slovakia announced a similar
but once again there is no progress so
the western game plan is clear send
weapons to keep russia bleeding
but not deadly ones that can help
ukraine land a decisive blow and
escalate the war
who are the big suppliers in ukraine
america has committed military aid worth
24 billion dollars the uk two and a half
billion poland 1.8 billion germany 1.4
in canada 0.8 billion so the us has
spent more money than the next 10
countries combined
and that’s where ukraine is getting its
weapons from
what about russia
well you could ask
why does russia need assistance they are
a nuclear power after all one of the
leading defense exporters in the world
why do they need help
well war can humble even the mightiest
and russia’s case is something similar
us intelligence reports say the kremlin
wants to buy iranian drones in fact top
officials from moscow have visited iran
just think about what this means
it’s like ghana importing cocoa or
brazil buying coffee the ukraine war has
completely reversed the old equations a
big example of that is china in the
1990s russia was a senior partner they
exported jets helicopters missiles to
the russians exported to china but now
the role has reversed in 2020 china’s
defense budget was three times that of
they’re building their own jets their
own aircraft carriers and their own
missiles a lot of these may be copies
but the fact is the junior partner is
now leading the relationship
china is providing military supplies to
russia like aircraft engines electronic
equipment but nothing lethal so far no
weapons or fighter jets or artillery
but here’s the bigger question
does russia want china’s help
the u.s intelligence suggests they do
they say that russia has requested help
from china but beijing denies that such
a request was made so right now china
support is more political than military
at least on the record having said that
it does put a question mark on russia’s
capabilities its abilities
they make up 20 percent of global arms
they are the second biggest seller on
the defense market so russia’s failures
or setbacks will be closely watched if
their defense industry struggles many
countries will feel the pinch including
india let me give you an example the
indian air force was planning to upgrade
85 sukhoi jets this year the current
model is the su-30 the upgrade is called
what many experts call the super sukhoi
but the plan has been derailed western
sanctions have put off the crucial
weapons upgrade the fact is the
longevity of this war is not a good look
for russian arms
it is also worrying for countries buying
from russia
you have endless western weaponry on one
side and then you have russia alone on
the other it is bound to drain putin’s
arsenal so the politics of this war has
blunted russia’s military edge
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