Marburg: Ghana confirms first cases of deadly virus – BBC News

Marburg: Ghana confirms first cases of deadly virus – BBC News
Ghana has confirmed its first two cases of the deadly Marburg virus, a highly infectious disease in the same family as the virus that causes Ebola.
It says both patients died recently in hospital in the southern Ashanti region.
Their samples came back positive earlier this month and have now been verified by a laboratory in Senegal.  Health officials in the West African nation say 98 people are now under quarantine as suspected contact cases.

Health officials in ghana say they’ve
confirmed the country’s first two cases
of the marburg virus a highly infectious
disease with similarities to ebola the
world health organization says both
patients died in hospital the virus is
transmitted to people from fruit bats
and it spreads between humans through
the transmission of bodily fluids
for more on that here’s thomas nady in
the ghanaian capital accra
the two cases are a 26 year old
male adult and a 51 year old male adult
they both checked into a hospital in the
ashanti region in southern ghana
on different days and then died shortly
after but they exhibited symptoms of the
virus so further laboratory
investigation was needed at the noguchi
memorial institute for medical research
and they both tested positive
for the virus but in line with standard
procedure it had to be confirmed by a
partner laboratory that is the institute
pasteur in senegal and they confirmed
the earlier results
so where do the authorities think the
virus came from and how does it spread
that’s exactly what they are trying to
find out investigation is still underway
but we do know that
the virus spreads from food baths to
humans and spreads among humans
through the bodily fluids of infected
persons through direct contact with the
body fuels of infected persons and that
include blood and other discharges
and what sense are you getting thomas of
how concerned the authorities are about
this and whether it could spread further
authorities are very much concerned
about this but the late fears health
teams have been deployed to the affected
areas in the ashanti region the who is
also helping in this regard and we know
that 98 contacts have so far been traced
at 13 of them who were randomly
selected tested negative for the virus
which shows that
there’s no the virus hasn’t spread
the community
thomas nadi in accra there


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