Monkeypox attacked for the first time in 68 countries, 98% of the cases were found here, WHO Chief said – its danger was not noticed for years

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday declared monkeypox a global public health emergency. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that it is spreading at the global and regional levels. It is most at risk in European regions. A month ago there were 3040 cases of monkeypox in 47 countries. It has the highest outbreak in five countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency regarding monkeypox. WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the outbreak of monkeypox is of international concern. An emergency is being imposed regarding public health.

A month ago there were 3040 cases of monkeypox in 47 countries. Its outbreak has spread the most in five countries. Spain has the highest number of 3125 people in its grip. After this, 2890 cases have been reported in America, 2268 in Germany, 2208 in Britain and 1567 in France.

So far 16,836 cases have been received

According to the US health agency Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website (as of July 22), the outbreak of monkeypox has now increased to 74 countries. The number of cases has also increased to 16,836. At the same time, five people have also lost their lives due to its grip.

More than 100 cases in these 11 countries too 

According to the CDC, 712 in the Netherlands, 681 in Canada, 592 in Brazil, 588 in Portugal, 407 in Italy, 311 in Belgium, 216 in Switzerland, 143 in Peru, 107 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 105 in Israel and 101 in Nigeria. Monkeypox has come to the fore. Although in India, only three cases have been reported in Kerala.

Monkeypox has history in 6 out of 74 countries

According to the CDC, so far 16,836 cases have been reported worldwide. Of these, 16,593 cases were reported in countries where there had never been any cases of monkeypox before. Only 243 cases were reported in countries where there was a history of monkeypox.

These cases have come to the fore in 74 countries so far. Of these, there are 68 countries in which cases of monkeypox have been found for the first time, while there are only six countries where cases of monkeypox have been found in the past.

Vaccine will be installed in America soon

According to a CNN report, two doses of Jynneos vaccine will be given to protect people in America from monkeypox.

According to the CDC, 1.5 million people are eligible for this vaccine. Although the government has reached more than 3 lakh monkeypox vaccines to the people. Soon this vaccine will be administered to the people.

Ignored the dangers of monkeypox

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros said in a press briefing that the Emergency Committee acknowledged that many aspects of the monkeypox outbreak are ‘unusual’. Its dangers have not been noticed for years. He told that the monkeypox virus has spread rapidly in many countries, which have not seen it before. 

monkeypox does not spread like corona

Dr Rajeev Jayadevan, a medical specialist from Kerala associated with the India Medical Task Force, said that unlike corona, monkeypox is not a rapidly spreading disease. 

Monkeypox is spread by direct contact with the blood, sweat or any other fluid of an infected animal or its wounds. 

There has also been evidence of squirrels and rats being infected with monkeypox in Africa. Consumption of undercooked meat or other animal products of an infected animal also increases the risk of infection. 

Very few cases of human-to-human transmission of the virus have been reported so far. However, the infection can be spread by touching or coming in contact with an infected person. Not only this, through placenta can also be transmitted from mother to fetus i.e. congenital monkeypox. 


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