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Taiwan is holding its largest ever military drills to prepare for a possible Chinese invasion. The exercises require civilians to seek shelter for the first time in 45 years as authorities aim to prepare their residents in the event of an attack. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked a discussion in Taiwan about its military competency.

Taiwan is conducting its largest ever
military drills which simulate the
repulsion of an invading force it’s a
scenario based on the increased military
threat from china in recent years
beijing sees taiwan as part of its
territory and hasn’t ruled out the use
of force to reunify it with the mainland
that and the ongoing war in ukraine has
forced taipei to actively consider how
it would defend itself against a
possible Chinese attack dw correspondent
Zachary lee reports on how that concern
is playing out in the military drills
the roads are all empty only the south
of the warning sirens can be heard
please instruct everyone to seek shelter
cities across taiwan shut down for 30
minutes for these nationwide military
the military exercises this year are the
largest in taiwan’s history as you can
see behind me all cars have been forced
to pour over to the side of the road and
everyone needs to seek shelter during
these air raid drills taiwanese people
are taking the exercise seriously in
light of the world in ukraine that has
served as a wake-up call for taiwan over
the threat from china
i think the drills are necessary
we should be prepared beforehand
through the exercise we know what
instructions to follow in case of a war
i think if the government held drills
more frequently people would know how to
react in an emergency situation
because of the war in ukraine we want to
know where we can go and hide when we
get attacked
for example where are the shelters in
ambulances and fire trucks play an
important role in these trios
the rescue workers practice putting out
a fire after supposed missile attack
the taiwanese government wants to make
it as real as possible to raise public
awareness of emergency warnings
the purpose of this year’s exercise is
to test how we would react in a real war
and we will do a review after the
exercises and see how we can improve
the trios and a five-day military
exercise were conducted at the same time
and this war game has ukraine in mind
reservists dig long chances under the
others focus on practicing urban warfare
and on the open sea several warships
carry out maneuvers
taiwan’s president taingwen oversold
and a navy destroyer
this excellent drill demonstrated the
ability and determination of the
soldiers of the republic of china to
defend the country let’s continue to
work hard and guard our homeland
together china’s threat prompted taiwan
to state up preparation for a chinese
but as far as beijing is concerned
any attempts by taiwan to confront its
military will be doomed to fail
i’m joined now from taipei by lochi
chang he’s a legislator of the ruling
democratic progressive party and
co-chair of parliament’s foreign affairs
and national defense committee dr law on
the subject of a chinese invasion of
taiwan cia director bill burns said a
few days back it was more a question of
how and when they would do it as opposed
to whether does your government concur
with this assessment
well first of all the military imbalance
in the taiwan australia is becoming
wider and their concerns about the
military imbalance in the region will
beijing to take more rigorous action
against taiwan so uh we have to prepare
for the worst case scenario but we are
not uh i will announce indulge the idea
that it’s about when
uh that china will invade time one our
priority is to make sure that china will
never you’re supposed to against taiwan
but surely that must factor into your
thinking do you think an invasion of
taiwan is imminent
there’s a
possibility that china will
from the uh lessons of uh russian
invasion of ukraine that uh china can
take a short walk they can have a short
walk in the taiwan’s trade so we have to
make sure that uh taiwan
will prepare ourselves for the worst
case scenario but more importantly we’ll
make sure that china will think twice
before they move on uh to the
these kind of military actions against
taiwan and i’m considering that the
largest ever military drills that taiwan
is currently conducting conducting is
all about this but when the chinese
foreign ministry spokesman jiao li jian
was asked about them he said and i quote
taiwan’s attempt to confront china
militarily is akin to a mantis trying to
obstruct a chariot in the end it is
doomed to fail i mean if you cast the
hyperbola aside jiao lujian isn’t wrong
is he
i think he’s wrong because taiwan is
militarily capable of defending
ourselves but more importantly uh every
year we have this kind of annual
military drill uh prepare ourselves for
any possible invasion in any forms
against taiwan but more importantly uh
we are developing the so-called
symmetry welfare to deter china from
taking military action against taiwan so
china is uh developing its music power
uh significantly in the past few years
but taiwan is also preparing ourselves
uh in a similar way to defend ourselves
but can taiwan defend itself from a
potential chinese invasion without
direct us military support
well deterrence is the key it’s very
difficult difficult to defend time one
but it’s possible and it’s very likely
that taiwan can successfully deter china
from taking any any minute to action
against taiwan so we have to make sure
that we have credible robust deterrence
does that involve a guarantee of u.s
support and u.s intervention militarily
i think that’s very important not just
militarily i think the case of they are
the best case in point is ukraine
economic station against russia and the
political coalition among the
like-minded countries are also very
important so in addition to military
deterrence uh economic and political
cooperation among democracies are also
very important in deterring china or any
aggressors from taking reckless actions
now china has warned of court resolute
and strong measures if u.s house speaker
nancy pelosi goes ahead with her
proposed visit to taiwan
should she reconsider her trip
well first of all china opposes
any visit by any foreign political
leaders to taiwan that happens all the
time and we should not allow we cannot
allow china to detect
which leader can visit taiwan or not so
you know we are hopeful that uh speaker
um pelosi can come visit taiwan and i
think the leader of the free democracy
countries so we are hoping that she can
visit taiwan but again we should not
allow china to detect who can come to
taiwan that’s what you say but then when
president joe biden says that the u.s
military’s assessment is that the trip
is caught not a good idea right now is
president biden being over cautious
well i don’t know why uh the president
president biden said that but obviously
uh they have concerns about any unwanted
you know events
happening before the buy then xi jinping
uh telephone calls so that’s probably
one of the reasons why uh the
administration takes a more conservative
uh attitude towards that kind of visit
are you at all concerned about any
potential costs to taiwan if nancy
pelosi visits the island
well china has always used this kind of
escalation attention in the tower state
to prevent uh or to avoid
any uh uh you know improvement of ties
between taiwan and other countries and
to deter other foreign leaders to come
visit taiwan that’s their skill and
that’s their strategy but i don’t think
that that is an effective strategy
because we continue to see
a lot of leaders come visit taiwan
we’ll leave it there for the timing but
thank you so much for joining us today
lochi chang from the ruling dpp thank
you so much sir
thank you very much



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