There is a ‘deafening media silence’ on global protests

There is a ‘deafening media silence’ on global protests
There is a “deafening” media silence on protests around the world protesting against the elites, according to Webster University Assistant Professor Ralph Schellhammer.

“They are significant protests – we’re talking about 30,000 people in The Netherlands,” Prof Schoellhammer said.

Prof Schoellhammer said the media and political campaign across the west against “disinformation” is part of a broader attempt to “undermine” organized protests against the agenda of the elites.

“That the best way to prevent the pushback from large numbers of people is if they don’t know that anything is going on,” he said.

“Think about the situation of the truckers in Canada when they pulled their bank accounts … so this is undermining the possibility of those people to organize.

“It’s what interest groups, what these players do – they see there is something coming that could be a threat to their power so they try to do something to undermine it.”

We spoke just last week to a Dutch
farmer about the unrealistic emissions
of targets that the government had set
and how they will decimate the
the agricultural industry in the Netherlands
which is the world’s second-largest
agricultural exporter
the reality is this is not an isolated
incident and while the Ambitions of the
global Elites pushing radical
environmental and economic agendas has
grown in recent years happily so too has
the pushback we’ve seen it in growing
protests over the past weeks from
Farmers across Europe the overthrow of
the Sri Lankan government which remember
wanted to turn the whole island into an
organic paradise and this even as far
back as a surprise vote at least for the
Elites in favor of Brexit and for Donald
Trump in 2016. now
this guest I’m so excited that he’s come
to join us tonight Ralph schulhaver is
an assistant professor in economics and
political science at Webster University
in Vienna and he has written a fantastic
piece on the working class revolt and he
joins us now Professor scholar Hammer
thank you so much for joining us today
well thank you so much for having me and
they do say that flattery is the highest
power of intimidation so consider me
thoroughly intimidated
fantastic now you’ve written this great
piece in Newsweek and one of the things
that you talk about here is that there
is a malaise in the west currently and
you say that ideological goals of the
elites are being pursued at the expense
of the lower middle class and working
classes and you see truckers in Canada
rebelling against this farmers in the
Netherlands um you see people rebelling
against the United States in different
um you see what’s happening in Germany
where they’ve shut off the nuclear
plants for whatever reason and now are
going to go into a very cold winter in
just a few months
um they’re gratifying the elite you
right while in misrating the working
class tell us what is happening here
tell us why the elites are doing this
but also what is the pushback that’s
I mean I think this is a larger Trend
you already mentioned uh you know brexit
and the election of Donald Trump and
those were already symptoms of that
pushback but the situation we find
ourselves in I would say it consists of
four different groups right one group is
the activist I mean those are the people
who really believe that the end of the
world is around the corner and they’re
overrepresented in media in Academia and
in the cultural sphere
then you have uh the the governments and
politicians that what they do is they
like to Virtue signal to those people
because they believe right most of them
on Twitter they’re very active on
Twitter they believe that they represent
a huge chunk of the population and then
you have companies who want to make a
profit off of it right for example I
don’t believe that Unilever cares
particularly about the environment but
it’s something they have to say because
they wanted to Pander to a specific
clientele so you have a kind of a
Bermuda Triangle of ideology that
consists of those three groups and the
quote unquote but I mean you know the
the working class or the middle class
you could also call them the people who
just pay their taxes and want to live
their lives like people who don’t spend
a lot of time on social media they’re
trapped in this because it’s more and
more encroaching on their daily lives I
mean you just mentioned it right in
um to to leave nuclear energy behind was
it purely political ideological position
and the people were told oh don’t worry
don’t worry we’re gonna replace it with
wind we’re gonna replace it with solar
no it turns out that’s not going to work
and they will get poorer and I think

this is part of this they realize that
that they accepted the you know
eccentric ideas of their Elites uh to
the to the extent that they did not
believe that it will have a negative
effect on their life but now they see
this negative effect and this is what I
tried to put together in my piece right
it’s school policy in Virginia it is you
know agricultural policy in uh in the
Netherlands it is you know gas prices in
France it’s nuclear energy in Germany so
these things are driven by the same
thing that the people say wait a moment
we are supposed to be democracies when
we constantly vote for governments that
in the end pursue goals that are
interesting do you know those five
percent of people who are very active
like you’re very much in the public eye
but the other 95 are completely ignored
and I think this is the moment now and
I’m very curious how this is going to
play out I mean the future would be
something that you just mentioned like a
social conservative working-class party
like a little bit you guys mentioned
this in the previous segment you see
this with Hispanics and working-class
blacks in the United States they shift
GOP because they say wait a moment
they’re like the progressives they are
in some areas like they’re insane this
is no longer common sense they just want
to switch to a common sense party and I
think this is exactly what we see at the
moment Rita but you mentioned the people
who pay their taxes and just want to
leave their lives and be left alone
they are always going to lose to those
who want to win people who want to be
left alone are always going to look how
can we how can that population become
more activated and become more
politically aware we’ve seen the farmers
because they were directly impacted
we’ve seen people who uh whose
livelihoods are threatened and they rise
up but the ordinary mum and dad out in
the suburbs who pays their taxes and
looks upon what’s happening and goes oh
this is crazy but doesn’t really get
engaged beyond that do you think that
will shift or is that going to remain as
it has
it depends right it depends also a
little bit if you allow me to say this
on on individuals and people like you I
mean what I found most surprising is and
you mentioned this also before there is
a deafening media silence on on these
protests right maybe I wouldn’t call
them yet uprisings but they’re
significant protests we’re talking about
you know 30 000 people in the
Netherlands now you know there people
say no it’s not 30 000 it’s 25 000. well
that’s still pretty significant so so
and this was also the pushback I got it
was a well Ralph you inflated the
numbers you know it’s 29 000 they’re not
30 000. but you see something else
happening and that’s part of the story I
mean if You observe it in the United
States in Europe but all of a sudden
there’s all this worry again
particularly in the in the political and
media class about this information right
to say oh we need to control this
information we have to be careful about
the information gets out there and this
I think is part of this that that the
best way to to prevent the pushback from
from large numbers of people is if they
don’t know that anything is going on so
if you have people say wait we won’t
organize we want to push back against it
and you have this think about the
situation about the trackers in Canada
right when they pulled their their bank
accounts when they they made sure that
you know when GoFundMe put their their
funding efforts so this is undermining
precisely what you’re saying right the
possibility of those people to organize
so this is it’s not a conspiracy right I
mean it’s it’s what interest groups what
what you know these players do they see
there is something coming they could be
a threat to their power so they try to
do something to undermine it what
bothers me is yes God please but but the
media is never going to be on the side
of anybody other than that left us Elite
and we know that we’ve seen that with
the truckers in Canada with the farmers
now and the Netherlands they’re being
either ignored or misrepresented as
extremists as dangerous uh Fringe
dwellers so if the media isn’t going to
be a vehicle for informing people about
what’s what’s happening how how can you
have that uh you know silent majority uh
have their voices heard
I mean I’m not so sure if that is entire
I think you’re right but I think there
are some good signs that look at the
there is the the former citizens party
in the Netherlands right they currently
have one seat in Parliament if there
would be elections tomorrow they would
get to 20 seats uh the leading Dutch
government party would lose 14 out of 34
seats so there is something going on so
I think there is and you guys mentioned
it before right we have brexit we had
Donald Trump elected um so again what
everyone thinks about Donald Trump but
it seems I think that people have a much
better grasp on what’s going on I think
they sometimes have a hard time to
formulate this which is why it’s very
often unfortunately happens that you
know kind of the most extremist parts of
these movements are the ones to get most
of the media attention which is also
wanted because then you can discredit
the rest of these movements exactly but
I still think this is happening and what
I would always argue is I think we also
have to kind of tell the people this is
a a much larger phenomenon and this is I
think particularly true in Europe right
Europe is still riddled by significant
historic guilt and I have a feeling so
one part of this story is it’s the
attempt to kind of atone for a past
through sacrificing the future right and
you see this a little bit you know it’s
it’s this idea that if we can just go
back to a more pristine world I mean
it’s very true for Germany right there’s
a certain hostility towards technology a
hostility towards Innovation so there is
a also a historical Dimension I think we
should not underestimate I mean I think
you a couple of weeks ago had Douglas
Murray on on your show and when he talks
about the war on the west I think this
is but this is part of that story right
I don’t think that these things are
necessarily uh different from each other
daisy look um it’s interesting you know
the global Elite particularly the left
the double speak they continually claim
they’re for the working class but you
know of course they’re not it’s very
obvious they’re not but I think
particularly when you consider the
reaction to the truckers protest for
instance that we discussed instantly um
the one in the Netherlands it has
morphed into if it wasn’t already an
outright disdain and hatred for or the
middle and working classes don’t you
think which is which is quite
yes I think you’re right and this has
always by the way been a problem for the
Left Right the left always felt
particularly which happened in the 60s
and the 70s right once the left kind of
was taken over let’s say by the academic
life that is precisely what you said
right and they claimed that they speak
for the working class they got
frustrated because it turns out that the
Working Class People most of them are
not interested in the great Revolution
right they will they want affordable
energy they want affordable food they
want good Public Schools they want
limited immigration right they want to
maintain their cultural and national
identity so they wanted to maintain all
those things that the left always told
them that they shouldn’t right you’re
right we speak for you because allowed
me to say it a little provocatively
because apparently you’re too dumb to
speak for yourselves and I think that
this thing that you described they start
to realize it I mean you had this before
I think that Hispanics in the United
States had a perfect example for this
right they realized they say wait a
moment they said they speak for us but
actually they don’t and I think so I
think we’re at the beginning hopefully
right of a shift there I mean maybe just
as a concluding americanist this is
important because we are hampering
ourselves also geopolitically I mean it
is absurd China builds you know the belt
and Road initiative and the G7 want to
do something similar and the first thing
they say they’re gonna do is take care
of climate and and gender equality
how how
you die I mean the the visit of Biden in
Saudi Arabia showed it I mean they
treated him they really killed him
basically right I mean they they sent
him packing without anything concrete
and this is yeah come on sorry I was
gonna say but you know it’s really
interesting you talk about the
geopolitics because you look at where
this same Elite mindset has led to
geopolitically you know what have we got
well we’ve gotten the Arab Spring you
know which was supposed to be about
democracy and you wind up with the
Wagner group running half of the Middle
East and Libya turning into a slave
um you look at the way the rest of the
world which doesn’t share Western
liberal values looks at the values that
are trying to be exported to them by the
west and they say no and now you look at
the conflict in Ukraine where the
opposition leader here in Australia was
just on this network before saying this
is going to be a long War which of
course will drive up Energy prices even
more how does the elite still get to
even be referred to as an elite when
they keep making so many wrong calls
well I think the reason is because they
still are on the levels of power right I
mean just I think a few days ago there
was a I know this is a small thing but I
think it’s part of the story
um a dance school in New York that you
know they banned now ballet because
ballet is white and privileged so we are
in in the Russians like failure too yeah
no but that’s there we’re constant war
against ourselves and I think this has
created something you know I’m in behind
us why I can allow my inner Sigmund
Freud to to speak so to say it’s it’s
it’s a Neurosis where you have a
situation because you mentioned Ukraine
people that would never ever put an
Australian or Austrian or American flag
in any of the social media profile right
they now have Ukrainian Flags in there
and this is again one of these things
right so it’s it’s like it’s almost as
if you can be nationalistic for Ukraine
but you can never have a dare to be
nationalistic for your own country and I
think this is something that people
start to feel more and more right they
say why is it right why can’t I be a
patriot right why can’t that be a
nationalist can we can we can quibble
about these terms but the point is why
do I constantly feel that I have to
sacrifice things that are very important
to me in my daily life daily life for
some higher cost that probably never
comes to friction anyways I mean let’s
be completely honest here we talk about
countries that have a hard time
controlling migration that have a hard
time controlling inflation like all what
we would say that we talked about crime
look at Great Britain there’s serious
crime problems so all of these things
they cannot address but changing the
world’s climate right controlling it
controlling the weather professor
all right we’re going to have to leave
it there we’re out of time but thank you
so much for joining us here on the show
today it’s been an absolute pleasure and
an education we will definitely have you
back so look forward to having you back
on Outsiders again

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