Those creepy moments that make you shudder to remember the beauty queen, the cold night and the noise of the sea…

Those creepy moments that make you shudder to remember the beauty queen, the cold night and the noise of the sea…

Story of Selamawit Teklay: Ethiopia is a country in East Africa. Such a situation was created in front of the beauty queen of Tigre, the struggling area here that she had to leave her country and take refuge in some other country. In his interview to BBC, he recalled his struggle and discussed about his bad times.

The name of the beauty queen of Tigre’s struggling area of ​​Ethiopia is Selmavit Tikle. Selmawit Teklay states that there is a state of civil war in Ethiopia’s northern province of Tigre. The conflict in the region began in November of 2020 when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched an aggressive campaign to oust the ruling party of the province, the TPLF. TPLF fighters captured federal military bases. During this massacre took place and incidents of gang rape took place.

During this, she had reached France last year to save her life, from where she crossed the English Channel to take refuge in Britain. He also traveled in a boat to cross the border. Tekle’s journey was quite a struggle and she now advises other migrants not to cross the English Channel like this.

He told that he had to go through a very difficult and scary journey to reach Britain. During this, he saw his people of Tigre drowning in the sea. Although she escaped from the English Channel and says that she can never forget that month of November, 2021 in her life. According to Tekle, the migrants first spent several nights in France and lived in the bushes in the city of Cali. It was very cold there and there was no food or drink. There was no end to that suffering. In this freezing cold, they were waiting for the arrival of human smugglers. When different smugglers came, there was a conversation with them about money.

These smugglers used to get the migrants across the English Channel, escaping from the police. When some of Tekle’s companions in the first batch went to cross the English Channel, their boat sank. However, lifeguards saved them and despite the fear, people decided to go across the water. During his journey, suddenly the engine of the boat fell into the sea. A man jumped into the sea to get the engine out but he could not bring the engine. Then the people of Tigre also jumped into the water and did not come back again. During this, Tekle and other people on the boat surrendered to the Coast Guard. After 3-4 days they reached Britain. After this, the third batch of passengers was trying to cross the English Channel. But, bad news came from there that all the passengers drowned.

Tekle says that we have seen terrible conditions there. She tells that crossing this sea is extremely dangerous and should not be done. She says that whenever I used to go abroad to participate in beauty pageants or for any other work, I always came back to my home. I had my own business in Macaulay where I used to design traditional and trendy clothes. Before the Civil War, my business in Macaulay was doing very well. But, thousands of lives were destroyed in the civil war that started from November 2020.

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