Wlidfires amid extreme dry conditions across Germany | DW News

Wlidfires amid extreme dry conditions across Germany | DW News

About 450 firefighters are still battling the flames in eastern parts of Germany. Their efforts are made more difficult by harsh conditions and scarce access to the remote areas where the fires are raging.

Firefighting crews in California say they are making good progress in bringing a huge wildfire near Yosemite National Park under control.

Much of Europe is struggling with
drought and extreme heat which of course
wildfires across the continent from
Spain to Norway in germany military
helicopters have been called in to help
hundreds of firefighters battle blazes
wildfires are not unusual in Germany but
global warming has made them more common
and more intense in recent years the
Eastern part of the country near the
border with the Czech republic fires
there are threatening a national park
dw reporter william bluecroft is in bad
shandow close to the german czech border
hi phil yeah i’m standing here in one of
the central coordinating areas a staging
area for firefighters really all around
this region the state of saxony who have
come converged here to try to put out
what a spokesperson told me is one of
the largest fires in this area’s history
we’re right here on the czech german
border in this beautiful pristine
natural wilderness natural national park
that’s a huge draw for tourists of all
kinds who want to come for wellness for
sauna for extreme sports outdoors those
outdoor sports are now off limits as
they’re fighting this fire deep in this
mountainous rugged region of eastern
and what’s being said about the cause of
the fire
well of course it’s still not confirmed
spokesperson said to me that he suspects
it could be a
cause a human activity maybe someone
being careless someone leaving a fire on
someone you know flicking a cigarette
onto very dry ground that’s of course
not confirmed yet we probably won’t know
for a while this fire started on the
czech side of the border which is just
steps away from here
and then strong winds sunday into monday
drove the fire over the border into
germany so both countries are fighting
this fire uh with everything they have
it’s actually worse on the check side
where there’s been evacuations there
have so far been no evacuations here on
the german side that’s because although
the fire is not yet under control it is
contained deep in the wilderness far
away from many of the idyllic villages
villages and towns that dot this
landscape right so what is likely to
happen over the next few days
well again the spokesperson i was
speaking to earlier who’s overseeing the
he told me that it could actually not
just be days but weeks until this fire
is really under control until they
really have a handle on things it
doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going
to spin out of control that people will
have to evacuate it could happen they
say they’re prepared for that but it
does mean that the ground in the in
these woods in this mountainous area is
very dry and also very hot so even once
you put out the fire we’ve been told
that fires can spring up again very
easily so it could take actually weeks
for this fire to come under control
which is something we’ve been seeing all
around europe and yet another summer
that’s been incredibly hot and
incredibly dry all right thank you for
that william william bluecroft on the
german czech border
wildfires also affect the u.s state of
california every summer firefighters are
making progress in containing a giant
blaze in yosemite national park this was
threatening a giant sequoia trees and
endangering animals favorable weather
conditions have slowed its advance but
the blazers already destroyed dozens of
homes and forced thousands of people to
just some of the destruction after fire
ripped through mariposa county
the huge blaze has caused major damage
in many areas
but more moist air moved into the region
on tuesday a huge help for the 3 000
firefighters battling the oak
fire we had a really good day today we
got a lot of work done
this morning
we reported 10 percent containment on
the fire
tonight we’re reporting 16 containment
so you know it’s not a huge number but
it’s a pretty big percentage jump
if you look at it that way
the flames erupted last friday and
quickly got out of control
the ferocious blaze was fed by tinder
dry conditions the region is seeing its
worst drought in decades
thousands of people were forced to
evacuate their homes dozens of which
have been destroyed
these images show the blaze smoldering
from space
not far south west from yosemite
national park
officials were concerned the fire was
heading towards the reserve but now they
believe it won’t reach it
at this point the fire does not appear
to be
an imminent threat to yosemite
california has experienced increasingly
larger and deadlier wildfires in recent
and scientists believe that due to
climate change the situation here will
only get more unpredictable in the


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