China says its military will “not sit idly by” if US House Speaker Pelosi visits Taiwan

Speculation around a possible trip to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has triggered another warning from Beijing. China has said its military will “not sit idly by” if Ms Pelosi visits the island. Taiwan is not officially mentioned on her itinerary of her Asia trip. Should Ms Pelosi go ahead with her visit, she would be the highest-ranking US official to visit Taiwan since 1997. Last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping had warned his US counterpart Joe Biden not to “play with fire” over the Taiwan issue.

Speculation around a possible trip to
taiwan by u.s house speaker nancy pelosi
has triggered another warning from china
it says its military will not sit idly
by if washington’s number three official
visits the island taiwan is not
officially mentioned on miss pelosi’s
asian itinerary but she has refused to
confirm or deny any plans to travel to
the island which china considers a
renegade province last week chinese
president xi jinping warned u.s
president joe biden not to play with
fire over the taiwan issue
olivia xiong joins us live with more
from beijing uh ollie another stern
warning from china as miss pelosi begins
her asian tour
that’s right we have to note that taiwan
was not on the official agenda for
miss pelosi’s asia 12 which has begun in
singapore the other destinations that
have been listed malaysia south korea
and japan so taiwan was not on the
agenda officially at least but now we
are seeing reports from taiwan and u.s
media saying that it is likely that ms
pelosi may go ahead with her trip to
taiwan some even saying that this would
take place uh by tomorrow night so uh
given that we have seen china come out
strongly its foreign ministry
reiterating that it is firmly opposed
to miss pelosi making a trip to the
self-rule island of taiwan saying that
it is on standby and the chinese
military will not sit idly by if ms
pelosi were to go ahead with this visit
it also said that this would be a gross
interference in china’s internal affairs
and that it would damage china’s uh
territorial integrity and sovereignty
warning of serious consequences now the
context of this is china as we know
considers taiwan part of its territory
and a visit by ms pelosi has said would
be viewed as the u.s going back on its
commitment to adhere to the one china
policy any of these official visits
being seen as stoking pro-independence
forces in taiwan noting also that ms
pelosi is the number three
u.s politician the second to succeed the
presidency the foreign ministry has said
that this visit is even more sensitive
for china and we have to know that ms
pelosi if she does go ahead with this
trip would be
the highest ranking u.s official to make
a visit to what to taiwan since 1997 and
so china really has had some stern words
to say today as well
so what kind of retaliation could be
expected from china
well that really is the big question
mark isn’t it because uh china as we
know has said that it does not rule out
the use of force to bring taiwan under
its control and china has been stepping
up military pressure around taiwan since
news of this potential visit by the u.s
house speaker
had been reported now the people’s
liberation army has said it has
conducted nighttime air combat training
to promote their pilots ability to be
combat ready in the case of abnormal
situations this as experts in chinese
media have been quoted as saying that uh
the army should send warplanes to
intercept miss pelosi’s plane if she
were to land in taiwan now we’ve also
seen over the weekend china china
conducting military drills
live fire military drills in fact near
the taiwan uh office coast near taiwan
and analysts also saying that another
thing china could possibly do is to
these live-firing exercises surrounding
taiwan to prevent
miss pelosi’s plane uh from landing in
the island now in the media as well
we’ve just seen a short while ago
china’s eastern theater command release
a video of its military capabilities
with the caption stand ready and fight
bury any enemy that comes and opposed by
the military on chinese social media
site waypoint over the weekend also
saying preparing for war garnering lots
of attention uh here in china the
question though really is is this just
rhetoric from china and that remains to
be seen if this visit were to go ahead
but we have to note that this comes at a
politically sensitive time especially
for chinese president xi jinping ahead
of a key communist party congress has to
take place in the fall where he is going
after an unprecedented third term in
power so on the one hand he would not
want to appear weak and compromising on
china’s core interests but on the other
hand being also very mindful that any
military confrontation could be could
mean instability in the country and
given the challenges that china is
facing is something that experts say
that uh china would not want to see as
well so we will have to wait and see if
this trip does go ahead how china will
reporting from beijing olivia thank you
well amid these tensions surrounding
nancy pelosi’s tour of asia china’s
military is marking its 95th anniversary
and state broadcaster cctv aired footage
of the chinese navy holding drills at
sea in various locations ahead of the
the chinese navy fleets carried out a
number of exercises in recent days these
included coordination between warships
and fighter planes as well as the
formation of fleets
the state broadcaster also released
footage of the air force’s past drills
and training showing fighter jets taking
off soldiers parachuting and weapons
being fired

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