Cicero’s Quotes which are better known in youth to not to Regret in Old Age

Cicero’s Quotes which are better known in youth to not to Regret in Old Age
Cicero was a Roman statesman and philosopher who tried to uphold optimate principles during the political crises that led to the establishment of the Roman Empire. Cicero is considered one of Rome’s greatest orators and prose stylists. Cicero’s influence on the Latin language was immense. He wrote more than three-quarters of extant Latin literature that is known to have existed in his lifetime, and it has been said that subsequent prose was either a reaction against or a return to his style, not only in Latin but in European languages up to the 19th century.

It is foolish to tear one’s hair in
as though sorrow would be made less by

boastful speeches
are the first sign of
weakness and those who are capable of
great things
keep their mouths shut

the life of the dead is set in the
memory of the living
if you have no confidence in self
you are twice defeated in the race of

with confidence
you have won even before you have

your enemies can kill you
but only your friends can hurt you
if we are not ashamed to think about it
we should not be ashamed to say it
any man can make mistakes
but only an idiot persists in his error
the shifts of fortune test the
reliability of friends
i prefer the most unfair piece to the
most righteous war
in times of war
the law falls silent
kindness is stronger than fear
the authority of those who teach
is often an obstacle to those who want
to learn
while there’s life
there’s hope
endless money forms the sinews of war
the greatest victory is victory over
a friend
is a second self
i am never as busy as during my leisure
silence is one of the great arts of
the causes of events are ever more
interesting than the events themselves
we must not say every mistake
is a foolish one
law applied to its extreme
is the greatest injustice
our unfailing companions
spice up your speech with humor
a man of faith is also full of courage
the life given us by nature
is short but the memory of a well-spent
is eternal
freedom is participation in power
the reward of friendship is friendship
you can’t love either the one you’re
afraid of
or the one who’s afraid of you
diseases of the soul are more dangerous
and more numerous
than those of the body
impunity is the greatest encouragement
of crime
in the world there is nothing better and
more pleasant than friendship
to exclude friendship from life
is the same as to deprive the world of
though silence is not necessarily an
it is not a denial either
the function of wisdom
is to discriminate between good and evil
nothing stands out so conspicuously or
remains so firmly fixed in the memory
as something which you have blundered
we are bound by the law
so that we may be free
he who has money
cannot be punished
order is most helpful for clear
in all matters before beginning
diligent preparation should be made
every man can tell how many goats or
sheep he possesses
but not how many friends
it is our own evil thoughts
which make us
freedom will bite back more fiercely
when suspended
than when she remains undisturbed
to study philosophy
is nothing but to prepare oneself to die
a happy life
consists in tranquility of mind
old age
the crown of life
our plays last
act no one can give you better advice
than yourself
good and evil cannot be treated the same
love is the attempt to form a friendship
inspired by beauty
ability without honor is useless
to teach is a necessity
to please his sweetness
to persuade is a victory
even those philosophers who wrote
treaties against fame
did not forget to put their name in the
title of their book
wisdom is the only thing
which can banish sorrow from the breast
it is a great thing
to know your vices
is an important source of wealth
nature herself has imprinted on the
minds of all the ideas of god
it is the peculiar quality of a fool to
perceive the faults of others
and to forget his own
he only employs his passion
who can make no use of his reason
happiness should be asked from god
wisdom should be acquired by yourself
what then is freedom
the power to live as one wishes
stupidity tends to see other people’s
and forget about their own
we need to eat and drink enough
so that our strength is restored
and not suppressed
a mental stain can neither be blotted
out by the passage of time
nor washed away by any waters
to be content with what we possess
is the greatest and most secure of
if you have a garden and a library
you have everything you need
true law is right reason in agreement
with nature
it is of universal application
unchanging and everlasting
it summons to duty by its commands and
diverts from wrongdoing by its
rather than seen
friendship improves happiness and
debates misery
by doubling our joys
and dividing our grief
the one to whom the service is rendered
should remember about it
and the one who rendered it
should not remember about it
in fears and danger
we are more inclined to believe in
the wise are instructed by reason
average minds by experience
the stupid by necessity and the brute by
the face is a picture of the mind
with the eyes as its interpreter
a mind without instruction can no more
bear fruit than can a field
however fertile
without cultivation
a room without books
is like a body without a soul
knowledge which is divorced from justice
may be called cunning rather than wisdom
gratitude is not only the greatest of
but the parent of all others
the love you give in life keeps people
alive beyond their time
anyone who was given love will always
live on in another’s heart
not being greedy
is already wealth
not being wasteful
is income
history is the witness that testifies to
the passing of time
it illumines reality
vitalizes memory
provides guidance in daily life
and brings us tidings of antiquities
for books are more than books
they are the life the very heart and
core of ages past
the reason why men worked and died
the essence and quintessence of their
the greatest virtue of a speaker is not
only to say what is necessary
but also not to say what is not
read at every wait
read at all hours
read within leisure
read in times of labor
read as one goes in
read as one goes out
the task of the educated mind is simply
read to lead
if fate does not give you something
it means that it protects you from
there are no snares more dangerous than
those which lurk under the guise of duty
or the name of a relationship
natural ability without education
has more often raised a man to glory and
than education without natural ability
the more honest men are
the less he suspects others of
a low soul always presupposes
the lowest motives
for noble deeds
to be ignorant of what occurred before
you were born
is to always remain a child
for what is the worth of human life
unless it is woven into the life of our
ancestors by the records of the history


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