Scientists New Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Changes Everything!

Scientists New Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Changes Everything!
If you’ve been following the news lately, you might be wondering what all the
fuss about Nuclear fusion is.
The possibilities of nuclear fusion are far beyond your wildest dreams. Stars
could be powered by it. Nuclear fusion is a near-limitless source of energy
that emits no greenhouse gases.
And fortunately for us, European scientists have achieved a significant
milestone in their quest to create a workable nuclear fusion technology.
What is this most recent significant development, and what does it portend
for how we might produce electricity in the future?
Join us as we explore the revolutionary new nuclear fusion breakthrough!
First off, what exactly is nuclear fusion, and how does it work in terms of
producing electricity?

If you’ve been following news lately you
might be wondering what all the fuss
about nuclear fusion is the
possibilities of nuclear fusion are far
beyond your wildest dreams stars are
powered by it nuclear fusion is a near
limitless source of energy that emits no
greenhouse gases unfortunately for us
european scientists have achieved a
significant milestone in their quest to
create a workable nuclear fusion
technology what is this most recent
significant development and what does it
portend for how we might produce
electricity in the future join us as we
explore the revolutionary new nuclear
fusion breakthrough
first off what exactly is nuclear fusion
and how does it work in terms of
producing electricity you’ve probably
heard of nuclear power plants which
operate on the nuclear fission principle
nuclei the dense centres of atoms made
of the particles protons and neutrons
are modified in both fission and fusion
fission is the process of splitting a
large nucleus into smaller nuclei which
releases a significant amount of energy
that can be used to produce electricity
uranium which can be split into elements
with smaller nuclei like krypton and
barium is an example of an element with
a larger nucleus this generates a lot of
radioactive waste that needs to be
properly and safely disposed of the
opposite of nuclear fission nuclear
fusion involves joining too much smaller
nuclei to create a larger one once more
releasing energy in the process the sun
utilizes fusion to produce energy it
burns through 620 million tons of
hydrogen every second to create helium
which sustains life on earth
theoretically repeating this process
should be able to unleash vast amounts
of energy that might be used to fuel our
life but in practice things are a little
more tricky than that both fission and
fusion require energy to start thus you
must get more energy out than you put in
in order to justify investing money to
cause a reaction however as you may
recall from your high school physics
classes this claim is illogical on its
own because you cannot create energy
rather you can only transfer it from one
form to another so what’s going on there
the concept of mass energy equivalence
which essentially holds that every item
with a mass also possesses intrinsic
energy can be used to explain this this
is described by einstein’s famous
equation e equals m c squared where e
stands for energy m for mass and c
squared for the square of the speed of
light energy is therefore always
conserved whether dealing with fission
or fusion it just so happens that in
fusion some atomic mass is converted to
energy and released which is what can be
used to power electricity generators the
ideal energy source would be nuclear
fusion it is clean because unlike
fission it does not directly produce
radioactive waste although some
radioactive waste does come from
reaction products reacting with the
materials of the reactor itself even
though fission is currently the most
effective method of producing
electricity the amount of energy
released in fusion can be up to four
times greater according to estimates a
few grams of raw materials could produce
enough energy to support one person in a
developed nation for more than 60 years
fusion is also much safer than fission
all of this sounds great so why hasn’t
fusion begun yet one of the reasons that
fusion processes are challenging to
carry out on earth is because fission
reactions need much less harsh
circumstances than fusion reactions need
comparatively simple to fusion which
requires forcing to positively charge
nuclei close enough to fuse fission
entails dividing a big nucleus the sun
is able to do this because of its size
which creates an environment where
fusion can take place because of its own
gravity and already high temperature
since a tiny nuclear reactor on earth
cannot produce so much gravitational
force fusion requires enormous pressures
and temperatures to take place the
tokamak steps in at this point the most
popular design for fusion reactors is a
tokamak which uses strong magnets to
confine plasma fuel for fusion the
largest and most sophisticated tokamak
in the world the joint european taurus
jet is headquartered in oxfordshire the
tokamak operates at extreme temperatures
of about 150 million degrees celsius the
temperature of our sun which reaches its
highest point at about 15 million
degrees celsius pales in comparison to
this and it’s also hotter than anywhere
else in the entire solar system since
there aren’t many materials that can
withstand such high temperatures the
tocomax magnets keep the scolding hot
plasma away from the walls recently jet
has made headlines for more than
doubling the amount of fusion energy
produced in comparison to their own
record from 1997 by combining two
different forms of hydrogen the uk based
jet laboratory broke its own record for
the amount of energy it can extract over
five seconds the experiments generated
59 megajoules of energy 11 megawatts of
power only enough energy is produced to
fill about 60 kettles with water so it
is not a significant amount however its
significance lies in the fact that it
supports design decisions made for a
larger fusion reactor currently being
built in france the jet experiments put
us a step closer to fusion power said dr
joe milnes the head of operations the
reactor lab we’ve demonstrated that we
can create a mini star inside of our
machine and hold it there for five
seconds and get high performance which
really takes us into a new realm at some
point the procedure would be applied to
power steam turbines a coalition of
international governments including
those from eu member states the u.s
china and russia are supporting the eta
facility in southern france it is
anticipated at the last stage in
establishing nuclear fusion’s viability
as a constant source of energy in the
second half of this century fusion-based
power plants in the future would operate
with very little short-lived radioactive
waste and no greenhouse gases these
experiments we’ve just completed had to
work said jet ceo professor ian chapman
if they hadn’t then we’d have real
concerns about whether eta could meet
its goals this was high stakes the fact
that we achieved what we did was down to
the brilliance of people and their trust
in the scientific endeavor he told bbc
news according to the fusion theory
energy can be released by compacting
atomic nuclei together rather than
dividing them as in the fission
reactions that fuel existing nuclear
power plants this is possible at
temperatures of about 10 million degrees
celsius in the sun’s core because of the
intense gravitational pressures there
the temperatures required to generate
fusion must be significantly higher
above 100 million degrees celsius at the
much lower pressures that are feasible
on earth there are no materials that can
stand up to direct touch with such heat
scientists therefore developed a method
in which a superheated gas or plasma is
maintained inside a donut shaped
magnetic field in order to produce
fusion in a laboratory for almost 40
years the joint european taurus jet has
been at the forefront of this fusion
method additionally it has been built to
mimic the projected eta set up for the
last 10 years
jet used carbon for its world-beating
experiments in 1997
but carbon absorbs radioactive tritium
thus beryllium and tungsten metals were
used to build new vessel walls for the
most recent testing they are 10 times
less absorbent after that the jet
science team had to adjust their plasma
to function well in this novel setting
the star builders nuclear fusion and the
race to power the planet author dr
arthur turrell said this is a stunning
result because they managed to
demonstrate the greatest amount of
energy output from the fusion reactions
of any device in history it’s a landmark
because they demonstrated stability of
the plasma over five seconds that
doesn’t sound very long but on a nuclear
time scale it’s a very very long time
indeed and it’s very easy then to go
from five seconds to five minutes or
five hours or even longer jets copper
electromagnets overheat to the point
where they cannot continue to operate
but superconducting magnets that are
internally cooled will be used for eta
it is a well-known fact that fusion
processes in the lab require more energy
to start than they can produce the
trials are done on two 500 megawatt
flywheels at jet however as the plasmas
are scaled up there is a strong
indication that this disadvantage can be
overcome in the future if the same
conditions and guidelines followed for
eta as they have been for jet it’s
predicted that not only will break even
be possible but we may also reach a
stage where 10 times the energy input in
the form of electricity may be released
which would be revolutionary for the
future of electricity production after
2023 jet is likely to be retired while
eta will start plasma studies in 2025 or
shortly thereafter despite the highly
promising development in the realm of
nuclear fusion commercial fusion
reactors are still many decades away
clean fusion power cannot come soon
enough given the current state of the
climate emergency and the need for
sustainable energy in the not far off
future if research is fruitful nuclear
fusion becomes widely accepted we might
inhabit a greener world with an almost
infinite supply of electricity let us
know what you think of this nuclear
fusion breakthrough in the comments
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