Alan King Project – My Love It Always Knows (Official Music Video)

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We are honored to have Marc Hamill, video producer and editor from Screen Promos in the UK, best known for his work with MTV UK, has created 2 videos for the “King of Flames” concept album. This is his 2nd video in the series for “My Love It Always Knows”. His talent is showcased by his incredible set of visuals, unmatched by other video creators. This is the 5th track in the story, presenting the struggle within each of us questioning love for the first time. Marc’s first video for “I Found An Angel” will be premiered shortly after this video, as the 2 tracks are tied together.

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, producer, and Goth/Rock artist Alan King created an experience with the contributions of these exceptional artists including Kevin Kerwin on the piano, Jeremy Ehrig on the drums, Jody Kermoade and Danny Korb with the guitar tracks, Chuck Tostenson for the Bass, and Olga Smola as the violinist to tie it all together.

Alan King Project narrates an exhilarating and dynamic fantasy storyline with its new release from the ground breaking album ‘King of Flames’. Striking symphonies with a mesmerizing contrast of metal and hard bass, all tied together into a world of mystery, evil, love, and hate. @Alan King
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