HARE KRISHNA | FAKIRA | Full Album Official Music Video | Bengali Folk (2022)

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Our second album HARE KRISHNA is released now, and the making of HARE KRISHNA album has been a terrific journey for all of us.

We have always pledged to record and mix master our albums HARE KRISHNA in our best possible way and render the same before the audience, since audience is our only resource and we always try to serve them the best which they deserve. This time also there has not been any exception.

We wanted to record our new album in the best place of the country so we waited for the opportunity to do so. Our new album ‘Harekrishna’ has been fully recorded in Yash Raj Studio at Mumbai and it has been our absolute luck to get a chance to work with Shri Vijay Dayal Ji, who is not only the greatest Sound Engineer of India but also is a very established name throughout the world in this field. He was present in the whole recording session and we were delighted to get a chance to learn from him a lot.

This decision of us was not only to render the best audio experience to the audience but we also wanted to verify ourselves. Once the album gets released we are eagerly waiting for the audience to judge how much we have been able to do justice to the same.

One thing about this album we must say, its music video made with the album itself and all eight songs have been used in making this music video. Audience will feel the essence when they see the video.

Dolby Atmos Stereo Mix master of the album has also been done at Mumbai by Subhadeep Mitra at Openreels Studio.

Like our first album ‘Itorpona’, our second album ‘Harekrishna’ also has eight songs, some of which are quite known and some are not so well known among people. Bengali Kawali has been our uniqueness since we rendered the song ‘Delhi te Nijamuddin Auliya Elo’ and it was hugely accepted by the audience. In our second album also, there are some Bengali Kawali songs. We hope they will be widely accepted and liked by the audience.

The fruit of our long hardship is released now, just before the Durga Puja. With whole heart we are waiting for you to listen to the album and share your valuable opinion about it with us.

0:29 Raai
06:03 Dil Doriya
12:20 Anondo Bajar
19:47 Asheq Gon
24:53 Hare Krishna
32:07 Rasul
37:54 Sahoj Manush
43:50 Banka
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