"HEY" – Awarded Animated Music Video by Eatliz [HQ]

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“Hey” won the Spike Lee award for Best Animation in Bablegum 2nd International competition.

Sci-Fi Fantasy journey of a little girl with a special pet friend, a huge toad. Once the girl loses her pet ,which drifts in the sky in a form of a balloon, she is going thought different adventurous scenarios by chasing it. This is a full 3D animation music video for the song ‘Hey’ by Eatliz band, taken from Eatliz’s debut album “Violently Delicate”.

Hey official site: http://www.eatliz.com/hey
In this special site you can also download wallpapers from the clip.

Get Eatliz debut album “Violently Delicate” for free! at http://www.eatliz.com/?p=1

Fifteen people were involved in the process of making the video, all of them top professionals in animation, art and 3D design in Israel. The production pipeline was set up following the principles and workflow of major animation studios. No step was skipped in the process, from script writing to design, modeling and character development, followed by a painstaking animation process. All of the above was completed under the direction of Guy Ben Shetrit by Art directors (Eithan Weinshtock, Sherban), Model artists (Paul “Jones” Wolf, Sherban, Rafi Ben Aharon, Daniel Shneor and Ben Shetrit), Animators (Talia Tsur, Tom Dor, Ron Golan and Ben Shetrit) and Technical direction and Rigging (Matan Halberstadt, David Gidali, Yuval Nathan and Ben Shetrit). The final stages of shading, texturing, lighting, look & feel, rendering, VFX and compositing were done by Aiko Studio.
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