Iggy Azalea Spoofs CLUELESS Perfectly in "Fancy" Music Video- Watch!

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Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea spoofs cult classic movie Clueless, and it’s, like, just perfect. This is ClevverMusic Happy Hump Day! You know Iggy Azalea, right? As If! And now you’re going to love her. Iggy’s brand new music video for “Fancy” featuring UK singer Charli XCX is a music video replica of the 1995 movie Clueless, and this is our favorite part.
I guess a song titled “Fancy” is appropriate to pay homage to one of our favorite 90’s characters: Cher Horowitz. “Fancy” begins with Iggy picking out her outfit for the day with her super-high-tech outfit organizer, but it’s been upgraded to a Revolve app. Then in her high class high school life, Iggy spoofs Cher’s infamous yellow blazer outfit giving her class debate between her and Amber. At the lunch table, Charlie as Cher’s newbie sidekick Ty sings the song’s hook, don’t worry Dionne is there too! They couldn’t forget the gym scene: where we get some sexy Iggy choreographed dancing, and the scary driving scene with D behind the wheel. Props to the director for mimicking some of the exact scenes like Murray’s epic face. Later, the privileged gang hit up a classic red cup Valley house party, with Cher’s butterfly hair clips in full effect. In class the next day, Cher does some flirting with the new boy and struts her stuff down the hallway catwalk. Iggy took Cher’s sexiness up a couple notches, don’t ya think? Do you think Iggy did the movie and Alicia Silverstone justice? We’re like totally buggin. Now feast your eyes on more 90’s goodness: DJ Tanner from Full House AKA Candace Cameron Bure will hit up Dancing with The Stars! I’m Misty Kingma, like totally, have a fab day.

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