Miss Krystle – RELEVANT (Official Music Video)

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Watch female pop artist transform into an extraterrestrial. Check out the official music video for Miss Krystle’s “Relevant” single off her new Inevitable EP. Stay current on all new releases and shows by subscribing to the Miss Krystle newsletter at https://misskrystle.com/

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Director: Jeremy Tremp, Cineforge Media
Director: Scott Conditt, Cineforge Media
Executive Producer: Miss Krystle
Creative Director: That Orko
Director of Photography: Jeremy Tremp
VFX: Paul Denigris, Foxtrot X-Ray, LLC
Makeup & Hair: Cosmiix Artistry
Special Thanks: Ruben Nino
Special Thanks: Sun Studios

Written by: Miss Krystle & That Orko
Produced by: That Orko
Mixed by: Jason Goldstein
Mastered by: Reuben Cohen

**Special Thank you to Arizona Sandwich Company. They make AMAZING sandwiches! Be sure to check them out.

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Shed your skin and come back again
A piece from whole
From saint to sin
Letting go of where you began
And be reborn in the wake of it

Peel the clothes from your naked skin
Feel at home in the place you’re in
Never mind the storm
Your dreams will keep you warm

In our struggle to become relevant
We constantly test our innocence
May our broken halos serve as evidence
Pieces of our souls for percentages
Pieces of our souls for percentages

Holding on just to take it in
Finding that comfort in strangers’ grins
Wake up in places I’ve never been
Calling home no one’s answering

How I remember when I was young
My only worry was having fun
I’ll go back someday mother I’m on my way

We all wanna be somebody
All we really need is somebody
Down to make us feel good
Down to make us feel we’re relevant now
All I really need is somebody
Forever kind of love somebody
Down to make me feel good
Down to make me feel I’m relevant now

I’m holding on to me

© Krystle Delgado, Anthony Kirksey
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Miss Krystle

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