Prisana: An IOM X Music Video

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Check out ASEAN’s hottest awareness raising music video featuring Slot Machine, Mario Maurer, Mai Davika Hoorne and produced by Ananda Everingham.

MINI-MOVIE: Check out the entire mini-movie here

IOM X launched the music video Prisana: An IOM X Drama. It is a celebrity-packed campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking in the fishing industry.

Prisana tells the story of exploitative practices in the Asia Pacific fishing industry through an emotional love-story between actors Mario Maurer and Mai Davika Hoorne. This is the couple’s first on-screen reunion since the hit movie Pee Mak. To learn more about human trafficking and see what the stars have to say about the issue visit where you can join the movement and take action.

See what the stars of Prisana have to say about human trafficking in the fishing industry.


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