The Wildfires Projekt – Headlights (Official Music Video)

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Headlights explores the relationship between two people who are balancing their own self issues, their love for one another, and the impact of those two dynamics on each other. I really wanted to dive deep with this song, and felt that this issue was something not often touched upon. The narrator of the story is highly depressed and on the edge of suicide, literally moments away from going through with it, when he starts thinking of the person he loves. How would this affect that person, and who would be there for them if the narrator followed through with it. Ultimately, he stays alive to be there for the one he loves and save them from the trouble they are going through. In my heart I believe this is an issue to be talked about as it is something that happens too often, and lots of times ends in a worse way. While a depressing subject of course, I’d like to think of this as a happy song of two people saving each other – one not even knowing they did.

Release Date: August 27th, 2021
Written By: Johnny Zirkel and John Espy
Produced and Mixed By:
Mastered By: Chris Athens
Video By: Sean Sweetman
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