Weka Wega – Kwame Rĩgĩi (Official Music Video) – Sms Skiza 9049374 to 811

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Weka Wega is an introspection. A wonderful piece of art that questions all people who dare to be moved by it. The song plainly asks, what kind of person are you? Do you take responsibility over your actions and do you have the understanding that these actions affect those closely associated with you?

Written by Kwame Rĩgĩi
NedokaH Music • Tũrĩ A Mũmbi

Produced by Moses Njoroge

Script by Mũciri wa Waihenya
Founder, Strong Spine Foundation

Video shot by Barbz

Edited by Nine Lives Films


Email: nedokahmusicltd@gmail.com

All Rights reserved.
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Kwame Rĩgĩi

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