WAFCON: Raising the profile of women’s soccer in Africa

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WAFCON: Raising the profile of women’s soccer in Africa | DW News

Now let’s talk football the ongoing
women’s africa cup of nations or wafkin
is showing signs that women’s football
is on the rise the organizers the
confederation of african football have
boosted the prize money and increased
the number of teams competing plus they
were sure that nearly a handful of
african nations will be featured in the
next women’s world cup here’s what kaf
hopes to achieve for women’s football
we want to see a women’s football
really develop in africa giving
opportunity for a girl who want to play
how to to to have an opportunity to play
a woman who want to be involved in
football have a chance to come and be
part of women’s football or football in
general also moving forward we want to
see an african team at least reaching
for the women’s final
world cup final and maybe of course
winning it
and why not after all anything is
possible let’s take a look at how
women’s football is getting a boost on
the continent
it’s a work in progress
back in 2020 the african football
confederation set out to grow women’s
football to close the gap to their
counterparts around the world
and the 2022 webcon
africa’s biggest tournament for women’s
football features some changes that are
sure to build intensity on the pitch as
well as garner more support from fans
around the continent
money matters the winning teams this
year will receive 500 000 u.s dollars
that’s more than double the amount that
nigeria the defending champions won back
in 2018
and some associations like south africa
have even promised players a hefty bonus
if they win the title
hopefully others will follow suit
this year’s tournament expanded the
number of teams from 8 to 12.
and as an added bonus the tournament’s
final four
earn automatic qualification for the
women’s world cup in 2023
other african teams will have an
opportunity through intercontinental
there’s hope that huavcon’s changes will
lead to more investments in african
women’s football but plans take time to
be realized
time will tell
if the strategy pays off
let’s talk more about the women’s africa
cup of nations with sports broadcaster
janine anthony she joins me from morocco
where she’s covering the tournament
hello janine so the confederation of
african football is trying to whip up
interest in women’s football is the
strategy working what’s the atmosphere
it definitely is working because i’m so
happy to report that in my lifetime i
mean when i started coming in for a
while ago
and the the level of interest um to a
younger demographic wasn’t like this um
not just only are you seeing more
financial remuneration in that regard
but you know on social media and you
love young people of young uh
footballers and and fans are engaged on
social media doing a lot of challenges
on tech talk getting on the streets
um and you know they can pinpoint from
players who their favorite player is i
also do who’s twitter spaces every other
day after match days and goodness like
just the the the willingness to support
the conversation around the sport that
strategy is working the efforts are
investing money coffee is improving on
its marketing strategy
happy times homeless football on the
continent happy times i like the happy
feeling you’re given it’s very
optimistic about it so talking about
optimism the four teams that have
qualified to the semi-final stage of the
competition are hoping one of them will
be hoping to live the trophy any
surprises would afford qualified yes yes
yes my brother because
nobody thought that zambia will be here
um everyone thought it was cameroon but
then cameroon had to play nigeria
nigeria have won these nine times out of
11. um a zambian team this was zambian
they are three of our best players
didn’t make it due to some engender
testing rules um as well as the fact
that it was the team said he was playing
for zambia for zambia to be here it’s
such a huge fit and again it’s a
testament to how the game is improving
on the continent
i mean as you said nigeria is the most
decorated team when it comes to this
particular competition i mean
are they making it a 10
it will be a tough and a tall order
you’ve got a moroccan team that’s led by
uefa champions league coach a winning
coach rather
playing the best football at the
tournament because south africa that are
absolutely nemesis ninja i’ve got a
zambian team that is driven and you’ve
got nigeria that are that obliterate
their opponents every time on the
continent so it’s a tough order because
the level has just reduced how nigeria
used to play and how everyone’s catching
up but as a personal point of view i
actually want nigeria to when i’m
nigerian and i want them to win a mickey
10. they have a hashtag going for 10.
it’d be nice to actually say that again
hashtag 10. you know i mean i’m ghanaian
our team is not in there so we will
support nigeria the best way we can
let’s wrap it up with what
what makes this competition different uh
at how it’s been so far
it’s the quality of football
that’s the thing a lot when it comes to
men’s football most people say well they
need to show us what they have well if
you don’t invest how do you get return
investment and it’s because there’s been
deliberate intentional strategy and
investment in women’s football the
quality is on display gone are the days
when you’ll be getting six new eight new
droppings well that’s what we are seeing
in the women’s euros now but at the
afghan the most you see is a four goal
three goal score line the quality has
completely improved you’ve got teenagers
playing at the senior women’s
championship and and to show and that
what i have done is not just the quality
has improved the ripple effect of how
young girls want to play this game
that’s why this time is different and
you know it can only get better and it
can only improve further
okay janine anthony sports commentator
and broadcaster thank you

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