Most Satisfying Machines and Ingenious Tools Ever Made !

Most Satisfying Machines and Ingenious Tools Ever Made !

If you’re worried about machines taking all the jobs away from humans, well… you’re on to something! Today we’re going to show you the Most Satisfying Machines and Ingenious Tools that you didn’t even know existed!

If you’re worried about machines taking
away all the jobs from humans well
you’re on to something today we’re going
to show you the most satisfying machines
and ingenious tools that you didn’t even
know existed but first subscribe to the
channel and click on the bell this robot
can’t do it for you yet are there any
surfers here because you guys will
definitely appreciate this device this
giant australian aquatic machine works
like a piston creating over 2 000 waves
of over 2.4 meter face height every
and with this laser guided gps on your
bike you’ll have no problem finding your
way home after a party
the navigation from your favorite video
games is finally real
this autonomous water truck can spray 4
000 liters of water over 24 hours
yeah i thought it was a transformer too
at first
and this milling machine cuts through
metal like a hot knife through butter
have you ever dreamt of becoming
invisible then this is what you need
the glass of this shield is so thin that
objects behind it become little more
than a blurb
using magic is forbidden outside of
by making such huge holes in the ground
with a 10 ton piece of concrete this
dynamic compaction machine is actually
improving and compacting the soil so no
it’s not a giant stress reliever
a moment of physics this black stuff is
called ferrofluid it interacts with
magnetic fields resulting in bizarre
shapes well or they just messed with
machines come in different shapes and
sizes this manual drill can make a half
meter hole in the ground in just a
second but this one can dig a 96 meter
deep hull
i bet you’ve never seen how springs are
made until this moment
who would have thought it would be so
check out this industrial shredder
grinding down some plywood
but that’s too easy let’s see how it
handles a steel barrel
this ice maker not only freezes ice
instantly but it also immediately
separates it by heating
it turns out that painting gloves is
much more satisfying than using them
while cleaning
100 perfect coverings out of a hundred
this musical road is located in hungary
and starts playing when you drive on it
now you know where to go when your apple
music subscription ends
before you is the world’s largest stone
cutting saw machine which can cut
enormous boulders like cheese on a
grater the only one craving a triple
parmesan pizza after watching this video
this machine can put up to 9 000
chickens per hour into transportation
boxes without harming them in the
now you know what a chicken roller
coaster looks like
like this video if you also didn’t know
that the symbols on your keyboard were
made with a laser not paint
just like the engraving on the fancy
journal your best friend gave you
this man wanted a pony so badly as a
child that when he grew up he built a
giant three-story high robot horse
there are so many bicycles in amsterdam
that they even had to create machines to
retrieve them from the bottom of rivers
what you thought being the cycling
capital of the world was easy
here’s how school buses get broken down
for metal processing
this looks like the greatest job in the
thanks to the surf bench waiting at the
bus stop for your friend who’s always
late won’t be so boring anymore
hopefully they make something similar
for toilets for when you forget your
meanwhile in japan power lines are being
repaired by humanoid robots
while you’re living in 2022 the japanese
are already in 30 22.
admit it now you want to ride this lawn
mower with your friend too
while you’re moving from one house to
another in shanghai the houses move
themselves thanks to 200 high-tech
supporters they can move anything from a
small house to an entire school
this illusionist has figured out how to
free his hands up when it rains and no
it’s not magic he attached an artificial
intelligence drone to the handle of an
umbrella and programmed it to follow him
rivers and swamps are no obstacle to
this machine because it can lay a road
right over them
and the result is so perfect that even a
tank can drive on it
check out the air jackhammer in action
if you thought cucumbers were picked by
hand you’re in for a surprise
that’s enough cucumbers to be my
breakfast lunch and dinner for the rest
of my life
i bet you didn’t know how tires were
now you know a little bit more about
your car
not many think about how nails get
sorted but now you know that they use
this magnetic device
you have to be careful when watching
this futuristic timer because its
fantastic design can actually make you
forget about time all together
here i tried to count the number of
blades on this high speed plow without
pausing the video
if you think you’ve got the answer put
it in the comments
these gargantuan powerful engines are
used in shipbuilding they can reach up
to 109 000 horsepower that’s like 110 of
the latest ferraris
weaving ropes is no easy task but
luckily there’s a special machine for
i’m sure it was invented by a father who
could figure out how to braid his
daughter’s hair
recycling metal waste becomes really fun
when you have a hydraulic magnet that
literally pulls all the metal to it
when you asked your mom for a remote
controlled car as a kid you couldn’t
have imagined that in the future they
would be used to park whole planes
and this pallet jack on steroids is
capable of carrying a 45 ton load
no other trencher in the world can
compare to this steel giant it’s capable
of digging trenches up to 5.5 meters
deep that’s the height of an adult
this excavator mulcher doesn’t cut trees
down it completely destroys them in
even greta thundberg would appreciate
this amphibious excavator because it
perfectly clears all the garbage and
debris out of the water
to make hard ground suitable for sewing
it first has to be broken up and that’s
why dynamic compaction machines were
their loads can even be rocket shaped
these guys can’t even remember what
scissors look like because with this
device it only takes a second to cut
hundreds of sheets of paper
if you’ve ever wondered how manholes
were made well now you have the answer
for this excavator splitting a gigantic
boulder weighing more than 120 tons is
like cracking a nut to us
except cracking nuts is harder and
here’s how satisfying slag pot descaling
can be if you break a red hot skull with
a jackhammer right after
here’s how a true professional paints
what is that the dinosaur egg the
no thanks we have enough problems in
this thing is called an ovascope that
helps identify poor quality eggs in a
and this is a fire pump that works like
a vacuum cleaner it just sucks the fire
right in leaving no chance for the flame
thanks to this device you finally don’t
have to slave over the stove anymore
but the restaurant people aren’t happy
about it
wow yeah this is the tallest demolition
machine in the world its maximum working
height is 65 meters picture a 21 story
building that’s how high this crane can
you’re currently looking at europe’s
largest and most modern pit furnace
system that can harden metal parts up to
five meters in diameter
and using this industrial monster parts
can be shaped while they are still warm
this amphibious excavator is definitely
a better swimmer than me
look at how easily this giant crane
lifts a wooden house
it could definitely handle more
the sound of cleaning rust with a laser
can either be incredibly annoying or
incredibly pleasant
this actually isn’t a machine gun it’s a
laser cutter for nuclear decommissioning
and it’s capable of cutting anything in
the world
that’s enough satisfying processes for
one day we don’t want to get too relaxed
let us know which machines you had no
idea even existed until today oh and
don’t forget to like and subscribe see
you soon


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