Tokyo’s Hidden Water Roads

Tokyo’s Hidden Water Roads : 
Last year got a boat captain’s license
here in japan i studied for it with my
friend mitch originally got it for a
project but instead started renting
boats and exploring the rivers of tokyo
since it’s not something that everyone
can do and it’s kind of awesome tokyo
has a lot of waterways by the way like
way more than i could possibly put into
one video so today we’re doing part two
and we are out on the water again it is
a very hot summer day in tokyo but i
promise mitch that i’m gonna show him
the waterways of tokyo he’s convinced it
can’t possibly be as good as the bay of
kagoshima well i don’t know it’s easy
there’s a lot to see there’s a lot you
know let’s just let’s just get going
we’re gonna have to pass through some of
this later in order to get down to
haneda airport we’re going to haneda
airport you don’t want to go to hanada
airport uh
is that okay we can go to haunted air
where we can watch the planes come in
wow okay let’s do that that’s odaiba
isn’t it that yeah yeah that’s odaiba
down there
the airport’s just down there okay
before we hit up the airport though
why don’t we jump into some of the back
canals and like go through like
akihabara and all that stuff awesome
area we’re gonna go in is right behind
us okay but once we get in there we’ve
really got to reduce speed and we’ve got
to watch on the side of the boat it’s
not super super narrow but it’s narrow
enough that if you get too far to the
side on low tide you can do damage okay
a few months ago i did a video on the
waterways of tokyo yeah i’ll link it at
the end as well but that gives you kind
of a peek of just how vast the tokyo
water it was amazing
it is an absolute maze it is and you’ve
memorized it i don’t know memorized i’m
getting used to it i’m still getting
used to it’s a work in progress it’s
definitely a work in progress but i
chose this area because there’s a ton of
bridges and we’re under shade for a very
good portion of all the shade would be
much appreciated
look at the
but we got like the big bridges up here
and whatnot
it’s crazy seeing everything from the
river you know
like i mean driving over the river like
that’s something we’re all used to like
going under it on the river
that’s just it’s it’s kind of like i i
don’t think anybody’s really experienced
anything like this you know my favorite
part about this is though what
this hour hour and a half road that
we’re about to do
i haven’t done it yet uh-oh i’ve never
done this why are you owing it’s
exciting i’ve never gotten to see this
before you’re the exciting goes out and
hangs out with bears tokyo lens norm i’m
like the uh-oh guy
so we’ve got a little guard ship here
for the construction and they wave us
through and let us know what to watch
out for and whatnot right now we’re in
the really wide area of this so it’s not
bad at all but when we get into like the
super narrow areas we’ve got to be
really careful because it gets really
shallow on the sides underwater there
like we could hit that if we’re not
careful oh yeah that’s what we’ve got to
watch out for the tide is kind of high
right now so it’s just covering and it’s
stone okay that’s kind of that’s
look how low these bridges are
honestly this is i don’t need the
sunglasses right now this is exactly
as awesome as i thought it would be
getting to come through here like i am
loving this space mitch’s first question
when we got in here was these these
boats have insurance right
yeah i asked him i was like is this boat
that i think that part behind us is the
most difficult part with all the the
polls and never mind
it doesn’t look easier
i’m actually really glad that i brought
you along on this one mitch just because
if i do run into something if i if i do
run aground at least i won’t be alone
i thought you’re gonna say something
nice like you help you’re helping me or
something i’m always really tempted to
go into those you can’t don’t don’t i
don’t don’t go into those
but they look really cool and i feel
like they would lead to the worst
adventure ever
like look at this here
how cool is that
it’s like tokyo underground
this is nuts
it’s like we’re in some like
it’s like we’re in some like hidden
world we are in a hidden world
so are you starting to feel like tokyo
might have a slight edge over kinko bay
you can’t compare them they’re different
they’re different things okay
like we don’t have the obstacle course
in kiko
look behind you
oh wow
okay this is
this is unique this is very unique
people walking up there living their
lives and here we are on the river here
we are on the river it kind of it’s like
a subterranean like river you know what
i mean because it has a giant overpass
so it’s almost like a river in a cave
everyone’s looking down like wait like
what you can go through there on a boat
yeah like what are you going to do
yeah you can
what is the secret staircase for they’re
warped too
spots like this
the light just kind of cutting through
i was noticing that as we were like as
we were like riding around looking up at
the bridges the reflection of the water
was really cool
i’m also loving that you brought me
a bottle of water
because i had a bottle of water and
you’re like that’s not going to be
enough it was not even it was not enough
at all but at least we were just able to
stay out of the sun for like hours for
hours now i mean
i mean it’s it’s kind of high noon right
now so it’s a little hot but it’s still
it’s all right
i mean because like is it still noon i
feel like it’s way later than noon we’re
like it’s low it’s 2 p.m
no way
it is 2 p.m okay
i just never get over the excitement of
boating through akihabara
like we’re in occupant right now i mean
like walking through here is enough
boating through here different level
so this spot here we’ve got to go to
dead slow make no wake otherwise we can
obviously damage the other boats but
this is one of my favorite spots to go
and since we’re getting closer to
evening a lot of the owners are coming
in and starting to prep their boats for
the night
no they seriously it’s like i just keep
thinking fifth element every time i look
at these
that is officially mitch’s new favorite
boat it looks like
it’s from 20 000 leaves under the sea or
something like that you know
it’s interesting all the bridges have
such dissimilar
architecture like they’re all super
original you know what i mean every
single bridge is just a little bit
different we’ve stopped because there’s
a ton of traffic there’s like a traffic
jam there was a traffic jam so we’re
just waiting out of the traffic jam
i don’t know about you but i’m getting a
little hungry
dude i’m famished famished famished
okay i have an idea
since you’re not super familiar with
tokyo yeah i’m guessing you don’t know
about the hamadiku gardens nope
they’re nice that’s my whole story okay
a few places in all of tokyo where
you’re a hundred percent cool to just
drop anchor and hang out really
this is
especially during weekends this ends up
being a big boat hangout spot really
you know what big question
do you remember how to do the anchor
let’s see uh
rope is three times the depth yes and
you cast from the front okay
and you’re supposed to point your boat
in the direction of the wind yep i think
that’s all okay feels about right
i put her in neutral yeah we’re pretty
much facing the wind now
so anchor’s in here we’ve got a depth of
about five meters here
but we only really need about one and a
half times that here
here we are
i’m gonna tie this up here yep oh dude i
don’t remember this it’s around
over the park
all right so you just wanna go around
like that and then
i’ll get like that okay there we go good
distance from everything
hey quick break
two have some snacks and give some love
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dude check this out look
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that’s the end of the sponsor segment
we’re just we’re just snacking wow that
melted fast i don’t know right you’re
gonna eat a fat it was like cold when we
took it out and now it’s like melted
melted it’s summer in tokyo bro by the
it is currently 36 degrees here in tokyo
that yacht boat whatever you want to
call it behind you yeah they are in here
all the time
one dude is playing the guitar just now
just just they just chill they just
chill here in the harmony cue gardens
and enjoy their boat
i would too if i had that though that’s
cool it’s a nice boat yeah
let’s see
if we can’t make it closer to the uh
what’s it called airport airport is the
i haven’t gone out there yet either okay
it’s gonna be an adventure
so legend has it if you get the right
winds on the right day in the right
location at haneda airport you can park
the boat and have planes coming right
overhead we’re a little bit outside of
that time zone but i i couldn’t not take
mitch to the airport are you excited
about airport mitch i am
i’ve never actually been on the outside
of haneda airport in the ocean because
you’re leaving one tomorrow yeah
tomorrow i leave the day after tomorrow
we should have just coordinated those
people yeah we probably should have
right there this is actually much closer
than i expected to get to it yeah we’re
like on the landing strip it’s like
right there it is literally right there
like we’ve got planes coming overhead
right like this
wow not too bad at all
what is this
what is this
no you gotta unfold it you gotta fold it
i gotta okay
i have to do an
and unfurling
i’m gonna i’m gonna hold it like this
okay so everyone else is gonna see it
before me is that okay yes all right
all right now i gotta look at it
no wait did you have this like special
made yeah look so it says official
captain and the boat is there
yeah but the the plane hasn’t been
filled in yet work in progress
you have that special maid
that is so cool
that is all right
the the plane might take a while
there’s a lot of stuff to learn it’s
coming though
that is awesome thank you man
did you just wait for us to get out to
the airport so you can while we’re on a
boat so that you can give me a shirt
that like was perfect
the most incredible part of this to me
is you didn’t even know before you got
here today that we’d be coming out to
the airport it just all worked out
everything’s coming up milhouse
okay i’m gonna move this
forward a little bit we’re gonna get out
i’m gonna get out from under this
you know what i should be drinking water
again we’re gonna take some back canals
back to the marina because at some point
we’re actually gonna need to return this
boat yeah we do need to i think we’re
gonna have it back in like 25 minutes
during that video where we did the whole
cherry blossoms thing let me kill that
for a second everyone really enjoyed
emmy because emmy knows everything about
every canal and everyone there’s two
things is like the sailboat from outside
so that’s the way the carving and the
color changes huh there’s just so many
little things that i otherwise wouldn’t
know or notice without emmy and there’s
another plane coming and i’m happy about
the plane
mitch really wanted to get like a boat
and park it
until we found out especially in tokyo
how much it costs yeah how much was that
it was like because in kinko one in in
kawashima it’s like free
like it’s like five dollars a year and
they said for tokyo there are no there’s
basically no spots available to park a
boat anymore and the ones they do have
are bid at as high as 18 000 that’s a
year right a year
to park your boat so
oh my god check this out
welcome back thank you
it was good it was good so
king kowan or tokyo which is more
exciting exciting
here okay
relaxing kiko bay okay fair enough fair
there’s a lot of thing you can fatigue
so i mean next time you absolutely have
to take us out on the water and show us
everything you know how much of tokyo
waterways like what percentage do you
think we saw today
i think a lot but it probably wasn’t
hardly any
because we saw a lot that was probably
just scratching the surface maybe 30 to
40 percent


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