Gravitas: Sri Lankan presidential palace stormed | Will India pull Sri Lanka out of its nightmare?

[Music] some news stories have a long life cycle
one in which shocking details turn into standard practice the adjectives become redundant after a point where headlines
read the same day after day week after week sri lanka had become that story fuel crisis economy in distress people
against the government lanka running out of petrol for the past few months we’ve been telling you all of this
and every day it sounded like more of the same but this weekend the story shifted dramatically the people of the
country took matters in their own hands they stormed the presidential palace they set the prime minister’s house on
fire i’ve been to some of these places and i can tell you that the security here is very very tight everything is checked
and double checked so the scenes we saw on saturday looked surreal a sea of people in and around the
president’s house the man himself has fled nobody knows where he is the prime minister is talking about stepping down
what happens next in the sri lanka story what can the world and india do to help
on gravitas tonight we’ll discuss
that was sri lanka this weekend i’m sure you’ve seen some of those pictures on saturday the presidential palace was overrun the protesters took control of
it the president got rajapaksa was forced to leave tonight as we focus on the state of affairs in the country
let’s sum up the situation in five videos video number one you could call it the
defining moment this happened on saturday a massive crowd stormed sri lanka’s presidential palace and the
secretariat this is what it looked like [Applause]
and let me remind you this is the official residence of the sri lankan president the most secure building in
the country tens of thousands of protesters just forced their way in who are these protesters the citizens of
sri lanka on saturday thousands of them travel to colombo from all over the country reports say some of them even
commandeered trains to get there in colombo they swarmed the government district
then began a march to the presidential palace the security officials anticipated this they barricaded the
roads but the numbers were simply overwhelming the police tried to contain the protest
they fired shots in the air they used tear gas none of it worked the protesters soon broke through the
barricades and stormed into the presidential palace where was president gotta by rajapaksa
at this point he’d been evacuated the previous day we don’t know where he is right now earlier
today the speaker of the sri lankan parliament said gotabaya has fled the country
but soon he retracted the statement so where is gotabaya rajapaksa some theories are doing the rounds which
brings us to video number two look carefully this is the port of colombo the ship you see belongs to the sri
lankan navy some men are loading a lot of luggage in a hurry
this happened when the protesters had surrounded the presidential palace was go to by rajapaksa
inside the ship at the time did he use the sri lankan navy to flee where was the ship going who was on
board we do not know but the lankan press has been talking about it according to one report two ships of the
sri lankan navy were mobilized a group of elites boarded these ships at the port of colombo a line of luxury
vehicles had entered the port the luggage was moved from those cars into the ship
again we do not know who is on the ship the ship’s manifest has not been made public
but it looks like someone important was inside later in the day the situation got out of hand let me show you video
number three this was the home of sri lankan prime minister ranil vikramasinghe
protesters set it on fire [Applause]
is facing the wrath of protesters he took over as prime minister just a few weeks back he also got the charge of the
finance ministry of sri lanka he took the mantle from mahinda rajapaksa who was forced to resign for the economic
crisis now vikram singh had a tough task at hand bringing the economy back on track
he did not have a magic wand he was the one talking to the imf for a bailout
but he was also the prime minister chosen by the rajapaksas and that went against him protesters
lost patience with him first they overran his official residence the temple trees then they set his private
home on fire and all of this happened after vikrama singh announced his resignation so he too will step down
earlier today he spoke out he said he has lost the only house he ever owned and with it one of his most valued
treasures the only house i ever owned is now completely burned down my biggest wealth
and treasure were the 2500 books in my library they have been destroyed
video number four and this is what happened after the protesters entered the presidential palace a pool party
that’s what happened it did not stop here they entered different bedrooms they went through the drawers of the
bathrooms they celebrated in banquet halls
what did they achieve with all of this the protesters say they wanted to make a point they wanted to show how politicians still live
a life of luxury even when their country is bankrupt now they refuse to leave
video number five this is from today the protesters are still at the presidential palace
[Music] the protesters have a new demand they want rajapaksa and vikram singh to step
down immediately they’ve made their point they’ve humbled sri lanka’s political class and a day after storming
the presidential palace they’ve also shown how you can be civil in the middle of a crisis some of them returned to tidy up
to clean up the mess
i guess sri lanka seasons are moving in reverse first the summer of protests and now the colombo spring
the pictures we showed you symbolize two things one an absolute rejection of the establishment not just the rajapaksas
but the entire political class and two a dangerous political situation because
this could play out in two ways it can either lead to a peaceful transition or it could descend into chaos
what does history say in asia these scenes have happened once before in the philippines back in the late 1980s
ferdinand marcos had been deposed as president as he fled protesters barged
into his mansion and guess what they saw closets full of french perfumes thousands of shoes belonging to the
first lady expensive chandeliers the best crockery all of this while the ordinary people lived in poverty
so they destroyed everything the tables the beds the portraits nothing was spared by the protesters in the
philippines 40 years later the philippines is a democracy they have their drawbacks but
on paper it’s a free country in west asia that was not the case i’m talking about the arab spring of 2011 those
protests ended in violence in bloodshed if sri lanka is not careful there could
be a repeat which is why the next steps are crucial where does sri lanka go from here
first things first they need a government gotabaya rajapaksa will resign on wednesday ranil vikram singh is expected
to follow soon so they need replacements reports say the parliament speaker could be the next president mahinda
vardhana if so the parliament has one month to elect him
will not get a fresh term he will have to finish gotabaya’s remaining tenure that’s until 2024.
and what about the prime minister vikrama singhi says an all-party government will take over
there is agreement in principle but the details will have to be ironed out
we are not going to work outside the constitution you can’t pressure parliament from outside to do things i
am here to protect the constitution to listen to people’s views while protecting the constitution what we need
today is an all-party government and i will work towards achieving it
now i know all of this sounds easy go to out about the in all party government takes charge and everything goes back to
normal but things are not so simple rajapaksa’s party still holds majority
in parliament without their help a new president cannot take over also will the protesters accept the new leader
will they allow rajapaksa’s party to keep calling the shots these are all unknown variables and
remember the economic situation is not getting any better sri lanka needs a bailout from the imf but for that they
need a government the imf cannot hold talks with protest leaders they need a functioning government to deal with
same for international donors so if there is no government who will distribute aid who will secure credit
lines sri lanka’s number one priority is a peaceful transition to prevent a power
vacuum if not the scenes could change right now the protesters are more curious than lethal
this is not a bloodthirsty mob like in libya or egypt this is a disgruntled population
there is still time to address their grievances and a lot depends on the international community without their
help sri lanka cannot function they cannot provide basic supplies so far the global reaction has been
tentative the united states for instance they asked the parliament to find quick and long-term solutions
also to not support one political party china meanwhile is silent their only
reaction came from the embassy in colombo and guess what they said don’t take part in protests that’s what china
said nothing about the political situation nothing about the economic collapse they want chinese citizens
against joining the protest in sri lanka the european union was more vocal they
called for a peaceful and democratic transition of power what about india
india has a bigger stake than either the u.s or europe it is sri lanka’s closest neighbor so what role should india play
right now new delhi is playing it safe listen to what external affairs minister s j shankar said this is his statement
and i’m quoting india stands with the people of sri lanka they seek to realize their aspirations for prosperity and
progress through democratic means and values established institutions and a constitutional framework
now a couple of things to note here number one india wants a systematic and peaceful transition a violent upheaval is not in india’s
interest and number two the emphasis on people not government the indian statement
talks about standing with the people of sri lanka and those words have been repeated twice
do you see the dilemma here yes india wants to recognize the popular sentiment the anger against the ruling elite at
the same time india does not want instability it wants an orderly change of god
and don’t forget about the problematic history india once got involved in sri lanka’s internal matter and it did not
end well in 1987 indian peacekeepers were sent to sri lanka their mission to disarm the
various militant groups in the country but in the end india got sucked into their war the peacekeepers ended up
fighting with tamil insurgents and those memories are still fresh in sri lanka perhaps a bit too fresh
rumors are circulating about an indian intervention about indian soldiers in sri lanka
the high commission has already dismissed these reports they’re nothing but fake news
and that also tells you how limited india’s options are india cannot encourage mob justice
it cannot denounce the protests neither can can it get involved actively the best option right now is financial
support let sri lanka figure out its political mess until then keep the lights on
but how many countries can india help or even the imf how many countries can the imf help sri
lanka’s economic crisis is not a one-off dozens of developing economies are facing the same problems lower revenue
rising debt falling foreign exchange reserves to put it simply they’re spending more than they earn
and the result is this a massive debt bubble how much money are we talking about
almost a quarter of a trillion dollars 237 billion dollars to be precise now
this is all foreign debt which means it must be repaid in foreign currency
but the problem is sri lanka does not have any foreign currency neither does lebanon or ghana or egypt so what do
these countries do they default so far sri lanka and lebanon have already missed their payments 17 other
countries are at risk of doing that put together these countries are home to some 900 million people that’s almost 12
percent of the world’s population what would happen if this debt bubble bursts
you saw the scenes in sri lanka now imagine something similar in lebanon or tunisia or el salvador these countries
have a history of political instability protests there could be very different from sri lanka
we’ll take a closer look at some of them first el salvador their fiscal deficit is nearly 5.5 percent of the gdp
the ideal level is three percent their debt to gdp ratio is almost 87
and by january 2023 they have to make a bond payment how much almost 800 million dollars credit
agencies doubt whether they can make it number two is zambia their projected fiscal deficit is almost
10 percent debt to gdp ratio is more than 123 zambia needs external financing
to escape this crisis last year they secured a bailout from the imf the money is expected to be
released this year case number three is lebanon projected fiscal deficit is 20 percent
debt to gdp ratio is more than 210 the world bank is calling lebanon a zombie
economy they too are looking for relief from the imf case number four
is pakistan last year their fiscal deficit was more than nine percent the new target is five percent
what about debt to gdp ratio around 74 percent pakistan wants a six billion dollar imf bailout and they wanted asap
but the imf is holding back the money case number five ghana their fiscal
deficit is almost 12 of the gdp debt to gdp ratio is 76 so ghana 2 is
reaching out to the imf they want a 1.5 billion dollar bailout and these are just five countries
most of the developing world is struggling with the same problems argentina egypt nepal tunisia all of
them the question is how did things get so bad because of three major reasons number
one the pandemic era deficit every government had to increase spending during the pandemic years for
hospitals for vaccines and for economic stimulus at the same time their revenue plunged countries like sri lanka
depended on tourism for revenue but that income disappeared during the pandemic the result was this
the deficit widened reason number two is a stronger dollar the federal reserve
has been increasing interest rates to tackle inflation and one side effect of that policy
is the dollar gaining on local currencies you must pay more to service your debt
you must pay more to import goods and this is draining foreign exchange across the world
the same thing happened during the 1970s it was called the great inflation we told you about it
the federal reserve the u.s federal reserve hiked interest rates to cool down prices to control inflation in the
1970s so the dollar went up and emerging economies suffered
in the very next decade the 1980s latin america went into debt
but this time it’s not just latin america it’s everywhere latin america asia africa literally every continent
and finally reason number three poor leadership in sri lanka by rajapaksa made mistake after mistake he banned
chemical fertilizers the agricultural output suffered he slashed taxes the economy suffered none
of these policies made any sense at the time in el salvador the president bet on bitcoin
he made bitcoin legal tender in the country and since then bitcoin has hit rock bottom
it is 48 down in the last six months these are the three major reasons for
the debt bubble other factors are making it worse like russia’s war on ukraine or western sanctions on russia or china’s
zero covered lockdowns it’s almost like a perfect storm the question is is there a way out the
immediate option seems to be an imf bailout most of these countries are asking for one but going forward what
can they do a they can diversify their economy and there’s a reason why india or china or
mexico are not facing a default that’s because their economies are more resilient they do not depend on one
single industry and b is fiscal prudence countries like
china will keep promising big ticket projects but in reality they’re just white elephants
more often than not they saddle countries with debt on paper these measures are easy diversify your economy say no to loan
sharks like china but in reality it’s a long and painful process it will take patience it will take public resilience
but most importantly it will take smart leadership
and there’s a crisis on the other side of the globe too let’s zoom into britain now
and what you’ll see is a game of thrones a leader has stepped down but he has
refused to leave office there’s a long line of prime ministerial hopefuls all trying their best to move into 10
downing street we’ll start with the video or what’s former chancellor rishi sunak’s pitch
for prime ministership our country faces huge challenges
the most serious for a generation and the decisions we make today
will decide whether the next generation of british people will also have the chance of a better future
do we confront this moment with honesty seriousness and determination
or do we tell ourselves comforting fairy tales that might make us feel better in
the moment but will leave our children worse off tomorrow someone has to grip this moment and make
the right decisions that’s why i’m standing to be the next leader of the conservative party and
your prime minister rishi sunak is aiming for the big office
he has launched a campaign it’s called hashtag ready for rishi sonak is promising britain a better
future right decisions and the right direction but are there takers
several actually so knox twitter handle tells the story several lawmakers have already put their weight behind him one
mp says only rishi sunak can get britain through this rough period another says
sunak is the only one capable of bringing british conservatives back together
who divided the conservatives prime minister boris johnson they say in the last couple of months some tories
have tried to get him out of office others supported johnson through the party gate the pincher scandal and
everything else in between it was rishi sunak’s resignation that began a chain reaction that finally got
boris johnson to resign so can tsunak be credited with making the impossible happen
perhaps three years ago rishi sunak was making headlines globally for taking oath on the bhagavad-gita come september
he’s hoping to once again take the oath of office this time not as a legislator
but as a british prime minister what are the chances that he would be the chosen one pretty good and i’ll give
you two reasons for that number one is ben wallace he is the british defense secretary he was pegged to be the
favorite in the race to replace johnson but wallace announced he is not running for office this was on saturday a day
after rishi sunat launched his very public campaign reason number two is the economy what the uk needs right now
is to get its economy back on track more than anything else inflation has hit a forty year high food prices have gone up
nine percent conservatives need a leader who can stabilize the economy and lead the country into victory in the 2024
election enter rishi sunak he was serving as a finance minister until he resigned in
protest of johnson’s leadership in the last few months sunak issued a series of measures to address inflation
and unemployment the people of the united kingdom remember these moves
but it’s not the people who choose johnson’s replacement it’s members of his party the
conservative party they will hold elimination rounds and when there are just two candidates left conservative
members will be called in to vote for the next party leader that’s how the system works
how long will this process take well it totally depends on how many candidates are running for office when david
cameron resigned in 2016 it took three weeks to find his replacement in theresa
may this time the contest may be a little more complicated there are at least 11
hopefuls the list includes attorney general zwella braverman
former foreign secretary jeremy hunt foreign secretary the serving one liz trust current finance minister nadeem
zahavi and former health minister sajid javi reports say it could take up to october
to name johnson’s replacement if rishi sunak makes the cut he will go on to become the first indian origin prime
minister of the united kingdom as of now the odds are staggered in his favor tsunaki is all a 42 his mother was a
pharmacist his father a general practitioner with the nhs sonar went to oxford in stanford he was first elected
to office in 2015. in 2020 he was named the chancellor of the exchequer
rishi sunak is married to akshata murthy who is the daughter of infrastructure founder narayan murthy it explains why
sunaku was criticized when russia invaded ukraine infosys was not among the first companies to exit russia
critics put pressure on sunak so much so that he had to issue a statement in his defense
this weekend again sonak was caught in bad press after he announced his run for office a 20-year-old tv clip resurfaced
in it rishi sunak is heard saying that he has no working class friends the clip has now reportedly triggered a campaign
against sunak in his own party this weekend was not easy on akshita murthy either twitter trolled her for
serving tea to journalists in expensive tea cups murthy was called tone deaf how
much did the cups cost 38 pounds or 3 600 rupees
was controversy for controversy sick well depends on who you ask honestly britain has bigger things to
worry about at the moment than akshata murthy’s crockery collection but this attack on her is not surprising
because let’s face it rishi sanak may be england born but he’s not white he is british but not blonde an indian
origin leader leading a country that not too long ago ruled india may be something a lot of people in britain
are not prepared for when sonak launched his campaign the queen’s council
joe moam responded with a question do you think the members of your party are
ready to select a brown man rishi only a matter of time before we know
what the uk has decided to prioritize rising prices or race politics
our next story is from japan three days since shinzo abe’s assassination his party has achieved a landslide victory
it has secured 76 seats in japan’s upper house the victory is impressive but it’s
been overshadowed by abe’s assassination now certain revelations have been made
by his killer his name is tetsuya yamagami a 41 year
old former navy man he claims his actions were not politically motivated but were driven by personal reasons he
says he killed abby because of his secret links to a religious cult that made his mother go bankrupt which cult
is he talking about what is this story here’s a report
this is tetsua yamagami the killer of shinzo abi
[Music] on the 8th of july this 41 year old
former navy man murdered japan’s former leader he then attempted to flee the scene but
was detained by security officials three days on he is still being twisted
on what motivated him so far yamagami has denied any political motives he says he did not hold a grudge
towards abe neither did he disagree with his style of politics
why then did he kill him apparently because of abe’s links to a religious cult
a cult called the unification church [Music]
this is a religious movement from south korea it was founded in 1954 by sun mung
moon a preacher who claimed to be a masiha this church has branches globally they
serve an array of purposes but in japan it was famous for providing a voter base
to the country’s conservative ruling party that is shinzo abe’s liberal democratic party
so what does this have to do with aby’s killer yamagami says this cult ruined
his mother’s life he says his mother was a member of the unification church and
apparently made huge donations to the group the donations reportedly made her
go bankrupt this disintegrated the killer’s family and led him to kill
shinzo abe this version is yet to be verified but the church’s japan head has confirmed
that the killer’s mother was indeed one of their followers at the same time the church refused to
comment on her donations his mother is a member of our church and has been attending church events about
once a month regarding tetsuya yamagami’s motivation for his crime and the reported issue of
donations by his mother we will refrain from commenting on this due to the ongoing police investigation
was shinzo abe linked to this church his party officials say he wasn’t
japanese media reports claim otherwise they say abi often appeared at the
church’s events the last appearance was on the 12th of september 2021
the church also had ties with abi’s father japan’s former prime minister shintaro
abi he apparently depended on the church for his election campaigns
that’s not all the church was linked to abi’s grandfather to japan’s former
prime minister nobusuke kishi reports say the church’s first headquarters in japan was set up on land
owned by kishi shinzo abe inherited these diets from his family [Music]
that said none of this justifies arby’s killing he was a pre-eminent statesman deeply
dedicated to his country did his personal association to a religious group lead to his killing
the investigation is still on bureau report we on world is one
let’s shift our attention to china massive scandal has shaken up the communist party there yesterday a big protest broke out chinese officials
ordered a violent crackdown we’re about to show you some pictures they’re disturbing we advise viewer
like i told you it was violent these pictures are from the hinan province some estimates say more than 1 000
people were there they were protesting against the local government so they were beaten up and dragged away we hope
they’re safe it’s rare to see so many people protesting in china perhaps these these people have no choice their life
savings are at risk this crisis began in the month of april it started with four small banks they began running out of
cash they were bank runs so these banks stopped all withdrawals all bank
accounts were frozen even if you had the money in the bank you could not take it out and since then the depositors have
been running from pillar to post they have one ask they want their own money back
but they’ve not had much success we told you about this last month since then the story has become bigger so much
so that this could be one of china’s biggest bank scams how much money are we talking about tens
of billions of yuan according to one claim this is what the depositors have said
and as always china is silent about the specifics so we don’t really know how deep the rot is but we do have some idea
as to who is behind it a private investment firm the name of this company is henan shin kaifu group
the firm has takes in all these four banks and it could have lost the money of its depositors
this firm colluded with bank employees it took deposits from customers online high
interest rates were offered to attract them once the deposits were made the money was given to
other borrowers and that’s standard practice for any bank they take deposits from you then
using that money they give out loans to other people but in this case the money was done to risky borrowers
reports say these debts failed so the banks may have lost the money they took from depositors and that’s one version
of what happened the depositors don’t agree with it though they say a more sinister plot is at play they say
chinese government officials are involved in this and they point to the people’s bank of china that’s china’s
central bank so they say that the chinese central bank is involved in this camp their
local officials in hinan are being accused of corruption these allegations were made during yesterday’s protest
do you know where these protesters had gathered this building you see it belongs to china’s central bank
this is their local branch in zheng zhu zheng zhu is a city in henan the
protesters were carrying some banners one of them was in english it said no deposits no human rights there was
another banner it said against the corruption and violence of the henan government the protesters said chinese officials
are working with quote unquote the mafia to suppress protests they could be referring to these men
seen with the local police in plain clothes and they played an active role in the crackdown
this is one of the largest protests that china has seen since the pandemic it wasn’t the first one though these
depositors have protested twice before each time they faced a state crackdown so the protesters tried a different
strategy this time reports say most of them arrived at the protest site
as early as 4 00 am why did they turn up so early to avoid
being intercepted by local authorities and they had some success too but then
they faced a crackdown some ended up with injuries many were left taken to makeshift detention sites now
chinese officials clearly want to make an example out of these people but what happens to their deposits
on that they have no answers chinese regulators still don’t have a plan to deal with this mess
in fact i have their statement with me let me tell you what what they’re saying
authorities are coming up with a plan to deal with the issue which will be announced in the near future
that’s all they have that’s as vague as it gets the focus right now is to end the protest for the
people who face the prospect of losing all their savings say they will not back down
you haven’t heard the end of this and crackdowns we know are china’s favorite strategy they their trump card
against any problem does vladimir putin have something similar in ukraine a trump card to win the war well he does
but it’s not a crackdown it’s a commodity it’s called natural gas russia supplies 40 of europe’s gas you
know that by now if putin turns off that tap europe goes dark and today he’s done
exactly that russia has closed one of the biggest gas pipelines to europe
north stream won first some quick facts this project was mooted way back in 1997 it was
inaugurated 14 years later in 2011 the same year it began transporting gas from russia to europe
now take a look at the route it begins in northwest russia passes through the baltic sea and
empties into germany total distance is almost 1 22 kilometers
it is the longest subsea pipeline in the world how much gas does it transport almost 55
billion cubic meters every year 55 billion cubic meters simply put this pipeline keeps europe
running especially germany so this shutdown has spoke the german government
they fear the lights could go off now technically this is routine stuff every year russia closes the pipeline for
maintenance work according to the kremlin this year is no different they say the pipeline will open again
by july 21st but germany is not convinced they fear this maintenance work is just an excuse that russia will
not reopen the pipeline this time and if so how will berlin be affected
for starters their energy bills will go up higher bills power cuts and rationing and in
the long run even a recession
next week already we will inform our clients about the current situation and tell them that significant price
increases are to be expected in isolated cases we will not be able to rule out supply cuts as part of our existing
contracts the current situation leaves us with no other options
how is russia responding with firm denials the kremlin says it will guarantee energy security to europe
listen to this we totally reject any suggestions or
statements that the russian side is using oil and gas to exert political pressure this is not so russia
consistently fulfills all its obligations and russia is still able to guarantee full energy security to europe
the fact is you can’t be sure perhaps russia is bluffing perhaps they’re not so europe is going all out
in preparation their first order of business is violating their own sanctions this is very interesting let
me explain russia needs a specific turbine to repair the north stream pipeline but that turbine is not in
russia it was sent to canada for repairs now if canada returns it it would
violate western sanctions if not russia could drag out this shutdown so what does canada do
return it anyway the canadian government has announced a temporary exemption for russia
ukraine pleaded against this waiver but canada ignored it they will send this turbine back to russia and guess who is supporting the
decision the united states listen to their statement this is the
u.s in the short term the turbine will allow germany and other european countries to replenish their gas reserves increasing their energy
security and resiliency and countering russia’s efforts to weaponize energy
let’s rewind a bit here the western plan is to achieve energy security
and their chosen method violating their own sanctions on russia talk about double standards when india buys
unsanctioned russian oil they give lectures now that same west is openly flouting them
and the reason is clear money if north stream is permanently shut germany’s economy will be hit the loss could be
195 billion dollars in the second half of 2022 plus a lot of consumer pain
gas prices are up 400 percent compared to last year if nord stream is shut they will increase even more
so what does germany do they flout sanctions to keep the gas flowing
putin is capitalizing on this weakness he knows europe cannot survive without russian gas and that is his trump card
he’s not so secret weapon last month russia received a windfall from gas sales almost 6.4 billion
dollars extra in july they’re expecting another three billion dollars is there any way for europe to sidestep
this russian trap well in the short term no they don’t they don’t have an option germany has a
two-part plan to achieve energy security one is building up reserves right now
german gas storages are 63 full the plan is to hit 90 by november but to do that
russian gas must resume flowing and part two is a green pivot moving away from
russian gas to renewable energy the problem is part one is on hold and
part two is going to take a lot of time so it’s going to be a tough 10 days for europe a lot of anxiety a lot of
economic pain until d-day on july 21st
and speaking of pain and anxiety twitter is experiencing both pain because elon musk has called off his 44 billion
dollar buyout and anxiety because of the legal battle that is set to follow twitter plans to sue musk
for cancelling the deal it has hired a new york based law firm it will file a lawsuit in delaware next
week elon musk is not holding back either he says he’s ready to go to court our next report has all the details
the twitter soap oprah is getting more intense after months of will he want he elon
musk has finally made it clear he’s no longer buying the social media giant
a letter sent by his team to twitter bosses reads as father described below mr musk is terminating the major
agreement because twitter is in material breach of multiple provisions of that
agreement what provisions are they talking about
the ones related to bots on twitter musk claimed twitter was ridden with
boards he said bought made up 20 of twitter’s user base
he also sought internal data to see for himself twitter complied musk got the data
but he’s still not satisfied he says the company is hiding figures and has decided to annul the buyout
the story should have ended there but it hasn’t twitter is now mileing lego action it
plans to sue elon musk for terminating the deal this is what the company’s chairman
posted on saturday the twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the prize and
terms agreed upon with mr musk and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the
major agreement so what happens next a legal fight in
all probability twitter will file a lawsuit next week it has already hired a
new york-based law firm musk too isn’t holding back he too has roped in a
california-based law fair the stage is set for a court battle
an online battle has already begun musk is taking swipes at twitter on
twitter this is what he posted on monday a sequential meme mocking the entire
fiasco it lays out the series of events in frames each frame shows musk laughing
harder this was followed by another one an image of chuck norris playing chess the
caption read chuck mate trijarati aren’t too impressed with his antiques this time
they are roasting him for pulling out the deal some are accusing him of a hit job
others are calling him a quitter to the best of our knowledge none of the trolls appear to be bots
bureau report we are wild is one
that it’s leaving you with gravitas images thanks for watching
[Applause] [Music]
new power
all right
and liftoff of the falcon 9 and starlink
stage one chamber pressure smell
this is the moment of maximum dynamic pressure the vehicle will feel during flight



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