Heat causes ‘National Emergency’ in the UK as it may see 40-degree Celsius heat for the first time

the uk for the first time ever has
declared a red alert heat warning now it
was declared a national emergency by the
country’s meteorological department.
temperatures are expected to shoot up to
40 degrees celsius in various parts of
the country including london the high
temperatures are expected to last at
least until tuesday, now the red alert
has been declared for an area that
covers london manchester and york this
morning, means that there is a risk to
life even among fit and healthy people
an amber alert has been declared for
most parts of england and wales where
health services have been put on alert,
but in areas where there is a raid alert
british people may have to abide by some
now there are plans for a sand to be
spread on the roads to prevent them from
melting trains will move at a slow speed
to avoid stress on railway lines some
trains may be cancelled rail authorities
have urged people and londoners to avoid
non-essential travel
now the london metro and rail services
may also be affected by the heat schools
may be shut early and non-essential
hospital visits may be cancelled
experts have also suggested that some
other ways to protect oneself from the
so it’s harder to cope with these types
of temperatures in the uk because we’re
just not used to them so our bodies are
not acclimatized to these types of
things we also don’t know what to do in
the heat so um i really encourage people
to close their curtains during the
middle of the day when it’s hottest and
because the windows keep the heat out
because it’s not obvious because in the
uk we’re used to trying to keep our
houses warm and and and so we use
curtains in a different way
downing street has said it is treating
the heat wave as a national emergency
warnings have also been coming from
across agencies in the uk britain’s
national health services said there
could be an increased demand for
ambulances they warned that patients
waiting outside hospitals could be at
risk they requested ambulances not to
wait more than 30 minutes to offload
patients motorists have also been warned
that more vehicle breakdowns are likely
the uk has been breaking temperature
records in recent years the highest
recorded temperature so far 38.7 degrees
celsius took place in 2019.
seven of the top 10 hottest days in the
uk have been recorded since
the present heat wave looks set to break
the records once more



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