Zelenskyy fires top officials for collusion with Russia

Zelenskyy fires top officials for collusion with Russia | DW News
Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has fired two senior officials – the chief of the domestic security agency and the top state prosecutor.
Zelenskyy cited hundreds of criminal proceedings against their office’s employees – including cases of treason and collaboration with Russia. Neither Ivan Bakanov, the now former spy chief, nor Iryna Venediktova, the country’s ex-prosecutor general, have commented. The decision comes as Ukrainian and British military officials claim Russian forces are regrouping and preparing for their next offensive in both eastern and southern Ukraine.

Ukraine’s president vladimir zelinsky
has fired two senior officials the chief
of the domestic security agency and the
top state prosecutor zelinski cited
hundreds of criminal proceedings against
their office’s employees
including cases of treason and
collaboration with russia
neither ivan bakanov the now former spy
chief nor arena venezuela the country’s
ex-prosecutor general have commented the
decision comes as ukrainian and british
military officials claim russian forces
are regrouping
and preparing for their next offensive
in both eastern and southern ukraine
and our correspondent funny fathar is in
kiev there’s talk of treason there funny
how big of a shock is this
a very big shock because we are talking
about top law enforcement officials and
apparently members of their offices uh
hundreds of cases in fact apparently of
possible prison and collaboration russia
so people are asking themselves how is
it possible that the state prosecutor
for example couldn’t avoid this from
happening if it really happened because
we have to see obviously how these
criminal investigations will move on
when it comes to the head of the uh
security office basically
he was already under scrutiny from the
beginning of the invasion so people are
a bit less surprised when it comes to
that figure but when it comes to the
state prosecutor really
that woman is the face of trying to make
sure that justice will be served when it
comes to all these atrocities that have
been committed in many parts of ukraine
especially in butcher she accompanied so
many politicians just in may when i was
here last time she accompanied the
german foreign minister berboch through
a butcher and so many other journalists
showing them look this is what happened
to people here on the ground and we need
your support to make sure the justice
will be served and those held
accountable that stand accused of having
committed these crimes russia namely now
her office and members of office stand
accused of collaborating with russia so
really people are wondering
really is that really true and then
again why now why is it now that
president zielenski made this
announcement five months into the war so
what else is there to come but also what
else is there that ukrainians do not
know yet that may or may have not
happened when it comes to potential
collaboration with russia and funny it
also raises the question what does it
tell us that five months into this war
kiev appears to be struggling with so
many cases of its own officials working
with the russians is the country maybe
not as unified against moscow as many
this situation or this these cases
that that zelensky spoke about of
possible collaboration it certainly
exposes a vulnerability first and
foremost when it comes to the stability
of this country on the security level
how information is shared who has the
power of sharing information and
actually uh basically collaborating with
the enemy so it does expose a level of
weakness where you see it’s not just
about supporting ukraine with weapons
but what about the domestic stability
within the ranks of politicians within
the ranks of law enforcement agencies so
it exposes a weakness there because if
this really was possible that hundreds
of cases
proved to be true in terms of
collaborating with russia it also says
that russia really manages to infiltrate
very important uh offices of ukraine and
of course it comes at a very delicate
time when russia prepares their
offensive in the donbass region
stepping up the operations there but
also in the hockey region and towards
the south whereas ukraine of course is
trying to pull together make sure that
that morale
is boosted somehow still and soldiers
are ready for a counter offensive now
this news is happening right now as
ukraine is preparing for that counter
offensive so really the the question
also is how soldiers on the front lines
are going to react to it
wondering okay who whom do we trust now
if the office of the state prosecutor
for example
is accused of of wrongdoing
funny fachar and kiev thank you
and i’m joined now by military analyst
and former british army officer mike
martin who joins us with the view from
london uh mike what we saw there was
essentially a pr push by russia to show
it’s in control of the donbass and the
course of the war does that reflect the
military reality as you see it
i think the military reality is that
they’re having to do pr pushers and
build hospitals because uh they
destroyed those cities in the first
i think this is fairly normal for
occupying armies to do these sorts of
what i think we should do though is view
your recent reports within the context
of the operational pause that russia has
been on for the last 10 days
so they have been regrouping trying to
get their supplies back together
trying to sort out their depleted
manpower they’ve suffered lots of
casualties um and because of that they
haven’t been doing any military
offensives so this gives them a chance
to do some of the activities that
you showed in your recent reports
the other thing that i think is very
important is over this operational cause
over the last 10 days we’ve started to
the ukrainians use the artillery the
rocket artillery that the west has
donated to it over the last month or so
and that’s starting to have a real
effect and hitting russian supply
and we’ve seen um in the meantime i’d
just like to bring our viewers attention
to the barrage of russian attacks on
civilian targets in recent days some far
away from the front lines
what should we make of that
i think that if you are striking
civilian targets then you are not
military targets and so again i think it
fits into this idea that the russians
have taken 10 days out of the war to
and restock but of course whilst they’re
doing that they want to demonstrate that
they are still relevant and so a fairly
easy way to do that is to throw unguided
missiles into civilian areas but
i think because they’re hitting civilian
targets and not military targets
these attacks will have absolutely no
strategic consequence for the war
so where do you then see the war going
from here especially considering that
neither side has reported huge gains in
recent weeks
where we are now the race is on until
winter we have about three or four
months until uh
the ground starts to freeze it becomes
muddy it becomes very difficult to move
at the same time in europe people are
going to be turning on their heating
because it’s very cold outside and of
course that gives russia a great lever
so both sides are trying to capitalize
on gains or to improve on gains before
the winter and for the russians that
means a further push in the east they
would like to take donetsk which is the
other is the second province in the
donbass region and and the ukrainians
have announced that they will be making
a push in the south in crosson zielinski
said last week he was pulling together a
million man army to retake the south and
so those will be the two senses of
activity over the next few months
mike martin military analyst thank you
so much
thank you
despite ukraine’s outward show of
strength and resilience frontline troops
suffer not only physical wounds but also
psychological ones
dw’s nick spicer visited a treatment
center in the countryside outside of the
capital kiev
that helps them recover from both kinds
of war injuries
rifleman alexis shevchenko worked in
construction before the russian invasion
within weeks he was on the front lines
in the east under constant massive
artillery fire he says he would fall to
the ground for cover take out his phone
and amid the deafening blasts swiped to
a photo of dania his seven-year-old boy
back in the capitol
i looked at my son before going to bed
and understood that if the russian
soldiers were not stopped where i was
they could reach kiev again
i thought of my boy and asked myself
didn’t want to go into details but will
say he suffered a concussion and had a
nervous breakdown he is one of 150
patients at the rehabilitation center
whose location we were asked to keep
secret so it wouldn’t be targeted
some suffer from post-traumatic stress a
psychological problem and others from
traumatic brain injuries damage which
can be caused by the blast waves of
explosions symptoms for both include
suicidal thoughts depression insomnia
and anger
a door slam or firecracker can trigger
the terrifying feeling you are under
fire again
alexei is here for three weeks of
psychotherapy group discussions walks
and massages he says he’ll abide by the
doctor’s decision about whether he
should return to battle
over history soldiers returning from war
have described often feeling a sense of
stigma from society and inability to
understand what they’re going through
and a rejection of what they’re feeling
but that’s not all the case here in
ukraine according to the director of
institute we believe in victory in the
power strength
and experience of our soldiers
every loss will be in the heart of every
i think that helps them the belief that
we are here
standing behind them
there are people who respect them
immensely and are proud of them
it is very important for them to know
about this and we constantly tell them
is an explosives expert and has been
fighting since 2014 when russia annexed
crimea and parts of the east he likes
looking at the murals at the center to
lift his morale he suffers from combat
related stress
here working with psychologists helps a
if a person is whole has arms and legs
it does not mean that everything is
normal with the person
his psyche is disturbed
maxim says he is burdened by many
memories like when his men moved into a
town just occupied by the russians who
had shot
they kept asking us to go from one yard
to another just now it took us three
days to clean all the yards and gardens
in this village
we found a total of five buried bodies
his men call him every day they want him
to come back
he says he knows it will be hard to
return but that he must


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